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June Papergang

I was really impressed with last month's Papergang box! All of the items included in the box featured illustrations from the awesome, super talented artist Gemma Correll so I was sure that I was going to love the majority of items inside. I definitely wasn't disappointed. So, here's what I got in the June Papergang subscription box. Enjoy!

June Papergang

June Papergang
I was instantly so happy with the red, white and black theme of this box; it even came in a red box and with the items wrapped in red tissue paper. Everything is just so cute, too! The items in the June Papergang box: A5 lined notebook, Greeting Card, x3 Washi Tapes, Dancing Pug Pen and a sheet of giftwrap. Altogether, the items in this box have a RRP value of just over £26, which is fantastic when you are paying around £10 for your subscription box :) 

June Papergang, Papergang Box, The Papergang, Ohh Deer,

June Papergang

I love that they included a set of 3 washi tapes, I would have been happy with just one! I like how each of the washi tapes has a different design and my favourite is the stripy red & white one. It reminds me a little of the design of airmail envelopes. Each of the washi tapes is also 5 metres in length,which is a great amount. I can't wait to use them for snailmail and scrapbooking. I'm not a huge fan of pugs (please don't hate me!). I think they are cute, but they are definitely not one of my favourite breeds. The design of the pen is still really nice though, and any dancing dog is adorable! It's such a great quality pen and it looks like it will be awesome to write with so I'm really happy to add this pen to my stationary collection. 

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How nice is this wrapping paper!? The print is just so so cute with all of the animals wearing party hats. It would be perfect for any of my animal lover friends, but I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to bring myself to use it. It's just too nice. It's another very good quality item; Ohh Deer really make the loveliest products! My favourite thing about this print has got to be the tiny hamster wearing a party hat. Oh my gosh, it's really adorable! 

June Papergang Box

June Papergang, The Papergang, June Papergang Box, Gemma Correll,

I absolutely love this card. This 'Nope' illustration is actually one of my favourite designs by Gemma Correll. It honesty perfectly describes my feelings on a daily basis. Some  days, it can be really difficult to get through the day without procasinating about everything when you are a spoonie. On the days when I'm not powering through the pain and fatigue, this is definitely me. Another thing I love about this design is how neat and simple it is, it's just a fabulous drawing, it's good enough to frame. I really like the red & white striped border on the envelope too. 

This is the best item in the entire June Papergang box, in my opinion. I love love love notebooks and this one has an incredibly cute design. Chinchilla's are gorgeous animals and I love the clever play on words that gives this illustration it's theme, 'Chinchillin' out'. It's awesome! The notebook is a wonderful quality, I love the feel of the front cover (I literally stroke it a couple of times everytime I get it out of the box for a look!), it's so smooth. Who else really admires a great texture? Or am I just weird? The lines on the paper inside are red which I think is a nice touch. I've been thinking about setting up a self-care journal to encourage and remind me to look after myself, and I think this would be the perfect book for that.

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As always, the back of the box contains a cut-out origami style animal. This time, it's a little pug to match with the contents of the box. I always say this in my reviews of the Papergang box, but I really think this is a fantastic use of the box! It's such a unique addition to the Papergang box and I love it. Overall, I really loved June's box and I'm hoping that July's box is the same quality. For me, it will be hard to beat this box! 

 Thankyou for reading!


What is your favourite item in this month's box? 
Also, what's everyone's favourite dog breed?

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  1. This box is so cute! I was so excited when I saw that little pug illustration! I have a little pug and they are my all time favourite dog breed! I love the pug patterned pen and tape! Great post! X


    1. Awww, it's the perfect box for you then! :) Thanks x

  2. Awww, I love Gemma Correll's artwork, it always makes me smile and cheers me up! Love the chinchillin' out print! - Tasha

    1. It's awesome, isn't it!? :) I feel the same. It's quirky and fun, and always puts a smile on my face x


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