Saturday, 7 May 2016

I'm going to Sweden!

Hej alla! I mentioned on Tuesday's post that I'm going to Sweden soon! In fact, I will be there this time next week! One of my goals for 2016 was to go on holiday with a friend & this goal can be ticked off my list as of next Friday, because me & one of my amazing friends are heading to Sweden for a few days :) I wanted to share a post with you all to tell you what we have planned for our trip. I hope you enjoy reading!

My friend & I are visiting the capital city, Stockholm and whilst there, we are going to watch the Eurovision Song Contest! I am so so excited! It has been a dream of mine for a long time to go to the Eurovision and with so many fantastic songs and incredible vocalists this year, it seems like it's the perfect time to go. Anyone else love the Eurovision? I love the passion of the performers in the Eurovision and have always been fascinated by songs sung in foreign languages. It's going to be an epic experience and such a great way to spend my first time travelling with a friend!

The Eurovision is being held in the Ericsson Globe Arena, which looks absolutely awesome both inside and out, and can hold 16,000 people. The atmosphere in there is going to be amazing! I can't wait! As much as I like England's entry this year from the lovely Joe & Jake, I've never been very patriotic and I'm really lovin' Bulgaria's song! 12 points from me to Bulgaria!

We've managed to get tickets to the afterparty show, 'Eurovision The Party'. Yay! It's being held in the massive Tele2 Arena next door to the Globe, which has a capacity of approximately 30,000! The party will run until around 4am and there may be a chance for us to meet some of the performers! My friend will definitely be doing some extreme fangirling if he gets to meet Mans Zelmerlow, the winner of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest! haha

We are going to spend the late afternoon/evening on Friday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon sight-seeing around Stockholm so I'll have lots of photos to share with you all when I'm back home :) 

 I love shopping for holidays; it's such fun to make lists of what to buy and what to pack in my suitcase and hand luggage! How cute is this travel wallet and luggage tag set that I found at B&M Bargains!? I adore polka dot patterns and my passport is going to look so pretty in this lovely hot air balloon wallet.

This week, I've also been picking up some holiday essentials, like these adorable mini hygiene products! They are so sweet in their tiny bottles. Hopefully I'm not the only one who's ever gotten overexcited buying mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner! :) I bought the TRESemme products from Bodycare, the Dove body wash from Superdrug/Savers and my mum picked up the other items so I have no idea where they are from. I've also bought some new clothes, a clear makeup bag to pop all of my medication in inside my hand luggage (don't forget if you are taking your medication with you on holiday to get a signed/stamped prescription from your GP), another SD card for my camera because I will be taking ALOT of photos and a few inexpensive bits & bobs. 

I'm really happy to be going to an amazing country and such a beautiful city. I've always wanted to travel to the Nordic countries! I'm feeling quite proud of myself for challenging my anxiety and travelling to another country with a friend. It might seem small but for me, it's a massive thing to do but I know it will be incredible! I'm looking forward to blogging all about it when we arrive back in England.

Thankyou for reading! 

Have you ever been to Sweden or any of the other Nordic countries? 
Do you have any holidays planned this year? & Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest?  

*Image of the Ericsson Globe Arena & the Tele2 Arena sourced from



  1. I loved reading this :D this has gotten me even more excited for our holiday next weekend! :D

    If I get to meet Måns, I think I might die XD fingers crossed!!

    It's going to be an awesome journey and I'm so happy and proud that you are coming with me!! Roll on Friday!! <3

    P.S. О, дай ми любовта, THEY WILL NEVER BREAK US DOWN!!

    1. I absolutely loved reading your comment! :)

      WOOOOOOO! we are going to Sweden tomorrow!

      omg I can't believe that it's actually happening!

      Thankyou <3 that means alot!

      PS- 'IT'S TAKING OVER ME!! oooooooo' :P

  2. Aw, that sounds like such a great trip! I also get excited about travel-sized products, they're just so darn cute! Then I see the price tag and cringe, haha. And the wallet and tag are adorable! I'd say you're all set for your trip ;) And good for you for taking the plunge! I travelled along for the first time two weeks ago, and I'm so glad I did :) Traveling with a friend is going to be a fantastic time, especially with Eurovision!


    1. Thankyou :) I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets excited about those mini bottles, but YES they are so pricey for the size they are. I can get a standard-sized bottle for the same price!

      Thanks, yayy! Awesome that you travelled alone for the first time too! I should be really proud of yourself :)

  3. I love the excitement in this post.You legit radiated that to me.Travel posts are the best kinds tbh.Can't wait for the photos you'll share with us :)

    1. Thankyou! I'm glad you could sense how excited I am hahaha I'll take lots!! I'll be posting them next week :)

  4. Omg I am also going to Stockholm this month - The Monday after you!! Have an *amazing* time, I bet Eurovision live will be amazing.

    Chronically Caitlin

    1. That's fantastic! I hope you have an awesome night :) & thankyou! x

    2. i meant to say *time hahaha :)


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