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Halloween Lush Haul | Blogtober

Yayy! I've been very much looking forward to showing you all my most recent Lush haul :) As soon as some of the Halloween products started popping up on my instgram feed, I just needed to get my hands on them and try them out for myself. I was so happy the other day when the postman bought a box from the Lush Kitchen to my door, and it has been difficult resisting the urge to use them before taking photographs! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy reading! Who doesn't love a Lush haul?

Blogtober: Halloween Lush Haul

I literally cannot visit a supermarket at this time of year without coming out with a pumpkin in hand, even though it's not Halloween for another 2 weeks and this one will probably have gone bad by the time it's socially acceptable to start putting jack-o-lantern's in your windows at night. Oh well, like I ever cared about what's socially acceptable! I'm really glad I got it because it came in handy for these photos, too. Have any of you bought a pumpkin yet? 

Lush have stocked some lovely new products for Halloween :) My haul consists of mostly bathbombs though because I don't have bubble baths often and because I just bloody love bathbombs! I will forever be fascinated by all of the colours that come out of lush bombs as they dissolve and the pretty bathart they make. Just writing this is making me get giddy about using these new Halloween goodies, haha! So, here's what I bought...

Halloween Lush Haul

Lush Halloween

The bathbombs I bought: Pumpkin, Autumn Leaf, Monsters' Ball and the Lord of Misrule. I also couldn't resist this adorable little 'Boo' bath melt, and the 'Sparkly Pumpkin' bubble bar. Which one catches your attention first? For me, it's the Monster's Ball bathbomb :) I actually bought two of these.

Lush Halloween Pumpkin Bath Bomb

 I absolutely adore the design of this Pumpkin bathbomb! It makes me think instantly of Jack Skellington on Halloween night, and get the urge to burst into song with 'This is Halloween'! It has a simple fragrance of cinnamon, which comes from the pimento berry (allspice) element used as well as vanilla. I hope it makes my bath a bright orange colour!

Lush Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb

This is the first of the Halloween collection that I spotted on instagram and it just looked gorgeous when it was melting into the water! The smell of it reminds me of the Lush 'Guardian of the Forest' bathbomb... it has a strong, earthy scent that hopefully will make me think about being surrounded by trees and foliage in the woods when I'm in the bath. The ingredients include: sandalwood, bergamot, Japanese maple and neroli oil. 

Lush Monsters Ball Bath Bomb

This bathbomb is so cute! I gave myself a spoiler by looking at the little video that it shows you on the Lush website, which I usually try to scroll past as quick as possible, because I was really curious about what it would look like in the water. I immediately added two to my basket so I was clearly impressed! The fragrance is lovely too, including a mix of lime, fair trade cocoa butter, neroli and olibanum. This will be the first bathbomb from my haul that I'll use because I'm too excited to wait. 

The Lord of Misrule was a bathbomb that everyone was sharing about on social media last year and I was super jealous that I didn't have one, so I was over the moon when I noticed that it was back in stock. Green is my favourite colour so it appealed to me right away, but I know that inside there's pink, and well green & pink is one of my favourite colour combinations. It makes me think of sweets! It's another great smelling bathbomb, made up of vanilla, black pepper and patchouli, which is a herb from the same family as mint. Mint and vanilla are some of my most loved scents so it's no wonder that I already love this bathbomb before even using it. Did you get a Lord of Misrule bathbomb last year? What did you think?

Although I don't use bubble bars very often, I couldn't say no to popping this one in my shopping cart. I love the shape of it, as it reminds me of those little squashes that you can get in the fruit and veg aisle at this time of year. I think they are cute, is it normal to find a vegetable cute!? :) haha! From what I gathered from the Lush website, it is based on the pumpkins from the Cinderella story, which is awesome! I now understand all the glitter! The ingredient for this Sparkly Pumpkin are juniper berries, grapefruit and lime, a lovely mix of fruity scents. 

This sweet little bath melt has been attacked by the sparkley pumpkin as you can see, as was my hoodie, my camera, my living room floor! Glitter is lovely but omg, is it annoying! Next week, I expect to find a random speck of orange/gold glitter stuck to my face or something! This bath melt is so cute that I'm going to feel sad using it, watching it's adorable face disappear into the water. It's made mostly of cocoa butter, and has several oils infused: ginger, mandarian, gernanium, bergamot and mimosa. It's so cool how so many elements can go into such a small bath melt, it smells lovely. 

I'm seriously so impressed with all of the different Halloween-themed products available! It's so awesome to see a company putting such emphasis on my favourite holiday of the year, as lots of companies seem to neglect Halloween and as soon as Autumn arrives, just focus on Christmas products. I can't wait to start using my new bath products!

Thankyou for reading!

Have you purchased any of the Lush Halloween Collection yet? 
Which one do you like the sound of most out of the products I've featured? 

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  1. I LOVE Monsters Ball this year! It smells really zesty and reminds me of lime sweeties.

    I hope to pick one up before they go forever. :')

  2. These all look amazing! It's been an age since I went to Lush, I am long overdue a Lush haul, unfortunately I'm still not allowed to get in the bath and it'll be after Christmas before I am so I'll have to wait! Have you tried any of them yet?


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