Thursday, 8 October 2015

Another Wonderful Kawaii Box | Review

The beginning of October brought me so much excitement! It's the start of Autumn (check out what my favourite things about this amazing season are here), my birthday, 31 days of Halloween fun, and of course it's a new month which means the arrival of another Kawaii Box (they are shipped at the end of each month, so this is actually September's box). I get so giddy when I see a white box waiting for me in the living room! So, here's what was inside my box. Enjoy!

Kawaii Box
 (1) kawaii foods sticker set, (2) moomin mini pouch, (3) alpaca pouch, (4) caplico mini ice cream candy, (5) DIY bracelet kit, (6) cute egg mini plush, (7) kawaii toast squishy charm, (8) fragrance beans, (9) cute animal greeting card, (10) neck streching bunny pen, and (11) kabaya fish gummies.

I love how the contents of each Kawaii Box I get is always so colourful & bright! I actually let out a little squeal when I noticed there was something Moomin related inside! I've always loved The Moomins and was delighted when I spotted this Snufkin mini pouch, because he's my favourite character! I'm not sure what I'm going to use the pouch for yet because it's so small, but it will look adorable used as a keyring on one of my bags. 

I can't decide which item is my favourite.... it's between the alpaca pouch & the DIY bracelet kit  I LOVE alpacas! They are one of my favourite animals which means I instantly like anything with an adorable cartoon alpaca on it. Also, the pouch is a good size so can be used for a few different things. I'll probably use it as a make-up case for when I'm staying over at my friends houses. As for the bracelet kit... I really enjoy making my own bracelets. The first bracelet-making set I can remember receiving was huge and had over 1,000 beads! I got it at a Christmas party I attended every year as a child at the local club, and it was great fun. There would be games, dance-alongs, a quiz & a yummy buffet, and all of the children would get to go up on stage to receive a present from Santa. I was over the moon when I was handed a massive present with a box that seem almost as big as 8 year old me, and inside was the bracelet set. I took me a few years to use all of the beads and since then whenever I see a nice bead set that's not too expensive, I'll buy it & keep it for a rainy day. 

Kawaii Box

How cute are the food stickers!? I like how every box contains great stickers because who doesn't appreciate cute stickers? & I can also use them for snailmail/postcrossing. My favourite stickers in this set are the little aubergine, the potato with a moustache and the kawaii kitchen ware. When I first saw the pen that come in the box, I thought it was a golf club or something similar but upon closer inspection... although its cute, it's also very random? The caption on the pen reads 'Let's Wry Neck', and wry neck is a painful health condition causing a twisted and tilted neck! :O at least, the adorable apppearance of the pen sort of makes up for the confusing theme?

I was curious about what the fragrance beans would smell like because there's no description on the postcard that you get inside the box listing all the contents, but they are lovely! They smell like lemon, and I'm a big fan of citrus-scented things so I'm happy with them. I'll probably use the mini greeting card for a friend or one of my penpals. I love adding little cards into the parcels I send :) The toast squishy charm is another adorable item but it's not something I'd personally buy, so again I'll likely give it to one of my friends. The egg mini plush is soooo soft! ^.^ I really like it and I'll be putting it straight onto my hello kitty backpack. Lastly, I received 2 snacks. I'm looking forward to trying the ice-cream candy, but I'm not sure about the fish gummies because I don't know what they are going to taste like and I'm quite a fussy eater. 

Thankyou for reading!


To my fellow subscribers, which character was on your moomin mini pouch? Did your fragrance beans also smell of lemon? & what was your favourite item this month? 

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