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Geek Girl Gift Ideas | Blogmas #6

On the sixth day of Christmas my blogger friend came to me, and asked to write for her blog! ...Oh man I can't believe I just did that! BUT WHATEVER it is really starting to look like Christmas and this year me and Sarah decided to write for each other and do gift guides! Today I'll be writing my gift guide for geeky girls and Sarah will have her geeky guide for guys over on my blog (which you can find here). 

I really hope you enjoy this gift guide from me, I love doing these kinds of posts around Christmas, especially when it's geek related! 

A lot of the gift ideas on here I feel are from a lot of the same shops online and I was worried about this, but as Sarah said to me, it's not a bad thing as people can order similar items from the same shop online and save on P&P! :D 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the geeky girl gift guide I've put together; there's so much stuff on this list that I would love myself! :p 

Geek Girl Gift Ideas - There Might Be Coffee Blog

My Neighbour Mug | From Firebox 

Everyone loves a good mug when it comes to Christmas and whilst I could have added all sorts of different mugs, this Totoro one just stood out to me the most! It'd be perfect for home or in the office and with the lid on top you could even make cup-a-soups and noodle soups inside of it. 

Harry Potter Hedwig Clutch With Charm | From Truffle Shuffle 

I saw this clutch and instantly thought about New Years and how this would make for a great bag to use for parties! I have a sequin clutch bag, as well as some geeky bags that I use on evenings out, my favourite being my Sailor Moon bag that my boyfriend Dane bought me from Hyper Japan years ago. 

Unicorn Snot Face and Body Glitter | From Firebox

Everyone loves a good unicorn themed product, especially these days! This could be more of a product for teenagers and students, especially before any New Years parties! This reminds me of the 90's and 00's when everyone would wear face and body glitter everywhere! These come in various different shades too, so if you have a lot of female Secret Santa gifts to buy, you could get one in every shade. 

Loungefly Pokémon Floral Wallet | From EMP 

Forget this list, I want this wallet myself! Recently EMP started stocking Loungefly wallets and bags and it's amazing! You have to have a good search around the website to find them as they aren't listed as Loungefly but if you know the brand well enough, you'll know when you've found an actual Loungefly item. Any Pokémon fan would love this wallet, I know it! My Loungefly Pokémon bag gets a lot of attention and it's amazing! 

Star Wars Darth Vader Tealight Candle Holder | From Truffle Shuffle

Who doesn't love to burn candles throughout the colder months and why not do it in Darth's helmet? Not only could you grab the tealight candle holder for someone, but you could also buy them some scented candles to burn in it too! This would make a great Secret Santa gift for someone who loves Star Wars. 

Unicorn Tears Black Gin Liqueur Miniature | From Firebox 

We all know someone who loves gin and who also probably loves unicorns too. I wish I loved gin so I could buy this for myself! This is a miniature bottle, so great as a stocking filler. It's black gin and it looks amazing! I don't quite get why this one is unicorn tears, the usual unicorn tears gin from Firebox is pink with shimmer... Either way this looks amazing and would especially be great for a past goth or emo kid. :p 

Star Wars BB-8 Ice Mould | From I Want One Of Those

I feel like this gift would be amazing to use over the Christmas period, especially Christmas Day evening and Boxing Day. You could pop this into any spirit over ice as well as maybe pop it into a cocktail! With the next Star Wars movie coming out next week, this is definitely an apt time to buy some BB-8 themed gifts too before all the Porg stuff comes out! 

Pusheen Cookie Jar | From Truffle Shuffle 

I can't say I know any geek or nerd alike who doesn't like Pusheen. Pusheen is adorable and I've loved her for years so I've been so happy to see more and more Pusheen merch come over to the UK! This is actually something I wanted for my own kitchen but 1. It wouldn't go with anything and 2. It would be an excuse to buy biscuits and cookies and I don't really need or want to do that! :p This is adorable though and if you did happen to buy it, it would make it even more special to either pop some little gifts inside, or even just a pack of really fancy biscuits, or the receiver's favourite ones. 

Pop Vinyl Rick & Morty Snowball Figure | From EMP 

I know everyone is mad for Rick & Morty, including my boyfriend Dane to be honest. I was scrolling through Pop Vinyl figures to see which one I could possibly add to this list and I came across Snowball. Oh he is super adorable and even though I'm not the biggest Pop Vinyl fan I do have a little soft spot for him! The episode of Rick & Morty that Snowball was in is my favourite so I'd want him to keep by our desk. Any Pop Vinyl would be the perfect gift for anyone this Christmas!

Harry Potter Dobby Plush Figure | From EMP

Finally we have a cute little Dobby plushie! I scrolled past him at one point and had to go back as he looked too adorable not to add to this list! I know it's a very childish gift but whatever, we can all be kids at heart, especially at Christmas! This would make a nice gift for someone who likes to collect Harry Potter items, or even for someone to pop in their car to geek it up a bit! I have a John West bear in mine that someone won at my old job and gave to me! 

So, those were my 10 picks for Christmas gift ideas for geeky girls! This can range from all ages as well, it doesn't just have to be for adults due to the alcohol or not just for kids due to the plushie. Of course, don't buy alcohol for anyone underage!

I hope you enjoyed my picks, are there any gifts that you particularly like the look of for someone else, or even yourself? Let both me and Sarah know in the comments or over on my Twitter or Sarah's

This is only the first out of two posts, so please make sure to keep your eyes peeled on Saturday for the geeky guy guide next!



  1. I think I need that Totoro mug and Pokemon purse!

  2. Sign me up for that BB-8 ice mould and the Dobby plushie! :) Tania Michele xx


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