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What I bought at Manchester Comic Con

Hey everyone! This is going to the last Comic Con related post that I write until next year, and that actually makes me a little sad. I had such a wonderful time this year and whenever I share a post with you all about it, I get to re-live it in my head, to reminisce about the highlights of the day. In the weeks leading up to Comic Con, I'd been having a hard time with my mental health and the event came at just the right time, cheering me up and reminding me that I can do something I really want to, despite my anxiety. Today, I'm going to share with you all my Comic Con haul :) I hope you all enjoy reading!

Totoro Plushie, Totoro Plush, My Neighbor Totoro Plush, Studio Ghibli Plush,

How cute is this Totoro Plushie!? If you've read my recent post about why I love Cosplay, I'll know that for the Manchester MCM Comic Con this year, I dressed as Totoro. My Neighbour Totoro is one of my favourite Studio Ghibli movies, and I just think Totoro is one of the most adorable characters I've ever seen. Since I was cosplaying as this adorable grey forest troll, I obviously had to purchase a plushie of him. I can't believe that I didn't have one already to be honest! Although he's adorable, I didn't notice until I got home that the pattern on his tummy is really messy and poorly done. I definitely regret not looking for an official Studio Ghibli version now. Who else loves Studio Ghibli movies? Who's your favourite Ghibli character?

Comic Con Haul

From the same stall, I also picked up this little chubby cat thing, I'm really not sure what it's supposed to be but I thought it was really cute nonetheless haha. There were a few different colours available and I was looking for a cheap plush charm to put on my backpack so that I wouldn't be too worried about it getting all worn and dirty. 

Genki Gear Postcards

I literally have an internal radar when it comes to finding postcards, and as usual I spotted these literally as soon as we had got into the event. These cute postcards are from Genki Gear and I couldn't resist adding them to my postcard collection. I collect postcards because I love them and also because one of my hobbies is postcrossing (swapping postcards with people all over the world). They are really comical and quirky, and instantly reminded me of Dory from Finding Nemo and her hilarious whale impression. My best friend & I had a good giggle trying to read the speech bubbles when we were standing in line to pay! 


The stall for the shop Super Cute Awesome Stuff had the most adorable, eye-catching stickers, however my eyes were drawn immediately to this one. There was no question that I was going to get it. It's so adorable and it looks really similar to a brooch that I've been after buying for months now. I love this sticker for so many reasons. One because I'm really likin' the play-on-words. Two because it's so flippin' cute. Three because I like things that show female anatomy to help end the taboo surrounding discussion of female reproductive anatomy in society. I'll display this sticker with pride! 

Fuwa Fuwakaro Amuse Plush, Amuse Rabbit Plush,

Fuwa Fuwakaro Amuse Plush, Amuse Rabbit Plush,

I always look forward to visiting the Tofu Cute stall at Comic Con, as it's one of my favourite kawaii shops :) It's my dream stall and as soon as I walked over, I spotted this gorgeous, adorable bunny and my heart melted. I wasn't the only one who was freaking out over how cute it was; there were quite a few people crowded around the stand admiring them. It reminds me of a lionhead bunny and since my babies are all lionheads, I was of course compelled to buy it. It's super cute and it's made by the Japanese company, Amuse, which are always great quality. I am very happy to have bought this little cutie home and to add him to my now pretty big Amuse plush collection. 

Amuse Wooly Sheep Plush, Amuse Plushies, Amuse Plush,

Amuse Wooly Sheep Plush, Amuse Plushies, Amuse Plush,

Amuse Wooly Sheep Plush, Amuse Plushies, Amuse Plush,

When LoveJoJo announced that they were coming to Comic Con, I was so excited! I've been following them for a while on instagram now, and I couldn't wait to finally buy something kawaii from them. It was so lovely that as soon as we approached the stall, we were greeted and offered a massive plushie to have a cuddle of! I thought it was a really sweet gesture. I knew that I wanted to get another Amuse plushie but I ended up getting two since there was an offer on charm plushies, 2 for £7, that I couldn't resist. I have wanted to get my hands on one of these lovely rams for ages so I'm really pleased that they had a few different ones to choose from. I chose the blue one because his facial expression was my favourite of the bunch. He looks kind of sad and I just think it looks adorable. I also liked his pink gingham bow. I picked the lilac sheep because of how soft it is! If only technology had advanced enough for you to be able to feel textures through your screens, you'd understand why I chose this one.  

Funny Sticker World Snow White

Funny Sticker World is a brand that I really like. Clinton Cards sell some of their range and everytime I go there, I have to come out of the store with some of their stickers. They always have a lovely variety, so if you haven't seen them, go and check them out. I've never seen the Korean range before and oh my gosh, the Disney/Fairytale ones that I found at Comic Con were so gorgeous! I was difficult to choose just one sticker sheet, but I finally went for this 'Snow White' one. Seriously wish I'd bought all of the other Fairytale ones now though. 

Cat Pin Badge, Cat Enamel Pin, Kitty Pin Badge, Flimsy Kitten,

I love finding new independent artists and Comic Con is the perfect place for it. There's a section just full of stalls displaying artwork and I always find lots of amazing art that I want, so it makes me sad that I don't have my own place yet. I guess that it's also a good thing, because I'd end up spending so much money! I bought some awesome prints from a stall that I also shopped at last year (I'm going to be giving them a post all to themselves) and then this adorable cat pin badge made by artist Rachael Smith. How could I say no to this sweet little 'Flimsy Cat'!? Especially with a presentation card saying 'Please Take Me Home'. The final items that I bought were these button badges from SilviaDoesDrawings, who makes an awesome comic called Feminist Cat. I can't wait to put them on my backpack. 

I came home from the Manchester MCM Comic Con expo with so many fabulous, kawaii items and had a really fun time shopping, spending the day with my best friend and observing everyone's cosplay in awe of their skill and creativity. Bring on next year!

Thankyou for reading!

What's your favourite item that I bought? Have you ever been to Comic Con or a similar nerdy expo? 

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  1. Aww all the cute things! I love the little Totoro you bought. My friend bought me the exact same one last summer, I love him. :) Don't regret not getting an official Studio Ghibli plushie, they're so damn expensive and I think the only official one you'll get will be from Japan. My boyfriend bought me an official one from Japan a few years back and it cost a fortune! Definitely worth the money, but alas a lot of it. :P

    It sounds like you had a lovely time at comic con! I can't wait to go again soon myself. :D

  2. Aww such cute buys omg! I've never been to a Comic Con, it sounds like I might like it though! My sister has been once or twice I think. My fave here is deffo the cuterus sticker I need something like that! Thank you for sharing the shops as well, gonna have a wee browse of some of them now! :D

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