Saturday, 7 September 2019

Aviakey Giveaway Prizes!

Hey everyone! I hope you've all been having a lovely start to September! I'd love to hear about anything you've got planned/are looking forward to this month :) Today, I wanted to blog about something that helped to brighten up my day on Wednesday, which feels even more special and important considering everything I'm going through right now. If you follow me over on Instagram then you probably know what I'm referring to.... it's still so hard to talk about though and I'm writing this post to celebrate the little things that make me happy, so let's get back to that! 

Last month, I won a giveaway on Instagram, and I was so excited!! The artist hosting the giveaway is called Aviakey and they create the most adorable and wonderful artwork! A lot of their work is based around the fantastic Nintendo game, Animal Crossing, but they also do lots of other fantasy and fandom-related art, such as pokemon and anime. I know you guys will love Aviakey's work, so please go and show your support and give them a follow over on Instagram & Twitter :) So, without any further ado, here are my prizes I won! 

Aviakey Art, Animal Crossing Art, Aviakey, Pokemon Art,

I wanted to firstly say Congratulations to Aviakey for passing the 250 followers milestone, which is what this giveaway was in celebration of!! And for now having close to 400, you deserve it! Your artwork is absolutely brilliant and so cute ^.^

Before I actually show you guys my prizes (along with the fabulous stickers above), I wanted to explain what I won :) The prizes included an Animal Crossing-inspired original character commission, which is AMAZING!! As soon as I won and messaged Aviakey my address, we discussed what I would like and if you know me well you'll probably be able to guess which animal I went for. I also won an Animal Crossing sticker sheet! 

Aviakey Art, Animal Crossing Art, Aviakey, Pokemon Art,

Ta-da! Here is the custom Animal Crossing villager that Aviakey created for me! It is, of course, a cat :D If you have been a regular follower of my blog for a while, you will know how much I love nekomimi (anime cat girls) and so when Aviakey asked me what outfit I would like my villager to have, I opted for a traditional maid outfit, which is what you often see nekomimi cosplayers wearing. I adore the character that Aviakey created for me, her outfit looks so sweet, and I love the tiny bow detail as well as the fact she has a bell collar!! 

I was also asked what accessory I wanted for my villager, and I thought it would be cool for her to have a little magnifying glass to look for pretty insects. Insect photography and surveying is what I've been doing all summer so it seemed like the perfect choice, plus collecting bugs was always one of my favourite things to do back when I used to play Animal Crossing: Wild World a lot :) I really love that Aviakey included the butterfly and tiny caterpillar, they are a fabulous addition! Also, how gorgeous is the background.. the bright summer grass and the blue sky with fluffy clouds!! And her happy facial expression!? She's so excited to be exploring nature! Thankyou so much for making me such a marvellous OC!! 

Aviakey Art, Animal Crossing Art, Aviakey, Pokemon Art,

Here are all of the stickers that I received, too. I love how vibrant and colourful they are! They are so eye-catching, and it's going to be hard for me not to hoard them and never use them :D Although, I can't wait to add the little money bag stickers to my planner to represent paydays, haha! I love that all of the stickers are small enough that I can use them to decorate snail mail letters, postcards and planner pages :) All of the characters are fantastic! 

As for the single/loose stickers... I really really adore them!! They stand out so much! I especially like the bold outline of the frog girl and I'm going to call him newt boy; it just makes them even more eye-catching! The purple & yellow, and pink & bluey-green work really well together as well. I had a little accident when removing the stickers from the plastic sleeve thingie they were in, and frog girl got stuck on the sticky part... unfortunately, when I tried to remove her, it took some of her colouration off. Oops! But I think it totally looks like she has markings now, and I've decided she's a cool species of speckled frog from a tropical rainforest :) The expression of awe on her face is incredibly cute! 

Aviakey Art, Animal Crossing Art, Aviakey, Pokemon Art,

It was a wonderful surprise to see something Pokemon themed with my prizes, and this sticker is so pretty!! I love all of the little nature details, such as the different colours in the grass and the long fern-like plants. Green is my favourite colour, so it's lovely to see so many shades of it :) The blue and pink bubbles are a nice touch too, and I love they are pastel coloured. The star of the show is of course, Oddish himself! He looks exhausted, poor little dude! I can relate, haha! 

Aviakey Art, Animal Crossing Art, Aviakey, Pokemon Art,

I am so delighted with everything that I won from Aviakey! I was honestly over the moon when I realised I would be getting sent a print of my Animal Crossing OC, because I assumed that it would be a digital commission only. I feel so lucky to get a printed version, and it's now displayed on my art wall! It was packaged so nicely too, in a blue dotty paper bag! It sounds weird but I really like when things are sent in paper bags. Does anyone else agree? They always make me think of pick-n-mix sweets :D I just wanted to say a big thankyou to Aviakey for hosting this epic giveaway & for designing me the most beautiful cat villager!! Don't forget to check out Aviakey's art on social media guys :) Let me know in the comments what your favourite item was in today's post? Have a spectacular weekend everyone!

Thankyou for reading! 


Are you a fan of Animal Crossing? Do you have a favourite villager? 

If you could design your own villager, what would it be like? 


Sunday, 1 September 2019

Funko Harry Potter Mystery Box

Hi guys! We are now in September, I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by! But yay, it's the start of the spooky-season, as I like to call it. A time when all the cool kids are way too excited for Halloween (and Autumn) to accept that there's actually another month left before it is upon us. I am one of those people :D Halloween starts today, in my eyes! And if you're a fellow potterhead, you'll know what else is special about September 1st.... 

It's Back to Hogwarts Day! The day when all witches and wizards head to King's Cross Station in London to board the Hogwarts Express and begin their school year! And even though I am still waiting for my apparently navigationally-useless owl to find my house and deliver my acceptance letter (fifteen years late, oops!), I can't not celebrate this day like the absolute nerd I am! I decided that it's also the perfect excuse to finally get around to blogging about something that I've been meaning to for a while now. And show you all what I got inside my Harry Potter Mystery Box! 

I bought this box back at the beginning of July, after wanting it for months and months! Being from the UK can really suck when it comes to Funko Pop collecting as the headquarters for Funko is based in North America and many of the stores exclusive to the country team up with Funko to create Pop's that are only available there! We either never get a chance to get them, other than by buying them directly from US collectors of course, or we have to wait for months for European retailers to get hold of some. This Harry Potter mystery box was released by GameStop, so it took a while for it to become available over here! 

Many months after first hearing about the release of the box, I notice that Pop in a Box had it on their website but couldn't afford to spare £29.99 for it at the time. I was very lucky in July however, because they announced a special sale to mark the company's anniversary/birthday. I couldn't resist grabbing myself a box whilst it was reduced, and being a subscriber to the Pop in a Box monthly subscription, I get 10% off all my orders and free delivery, too. I managed to get myself one for just £16.19!! Which is an amazing price for a box that contains a Funko Pop! (RRP £10-12), a Mystery Mini (RRP £6.99), a Five Star figure (RRP £9.99) and a Pop! Pen (RRP approx. £3.99). It would have been silly to not snap it up at that bargain price! Here's exactly what was inside... 

This Harry Potter Mystery Box offered a 1/2 chance of getting certain figures: a mystery mini figure of either Boggart Snape or Professor Trelawney, and the opportunity to get a standard or chase variant of the Sirius Black Pop! vinyl figure. The other two items were the same for every box. I'm not gonna lie, I originally wanted this box just to get my hands on the Boggart Snape! Severus Snape is one of my favourite characters from the franchise, and I needed this figure in my life :D I was so thankful when I opened my box and it revealed the mystery mini I was hoping for!! Let's take a close look at the items. 

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll be able to tell that this entire box is Prisoner of Azkaban themed! This movie is a particular fan favourite, and to be honest, it's my favourite movie of the lot, too. It is also one of my favourites when it comes to the books, along with the Half Blood Price and the first book, which will always hold a special place in my heart. Anyhow, before I go off on a tangent, this pen is of Dre Head, a Shrunken Head who is introduced to us when Harry rides the Knight Bus. He is a movie only character, but still very cool. He reminds me of these little voodoo doll keychains I used to collect when I was a teenager, as you do, haha! I love how detailed the Pop head is, considering if just for a pen, and I like that the actual pen itself is purple in colour, just like the Knight Bus. Everytime I look at this pen, I imagine Dre Head shouting 'Ernie!'. I'm very happy with my first Pop! Pen :)

Another new addition to my Funko collection is this Five Star figure. Before getting this box, I was yet to own one, and what an adorable first one to get! I was putting off buying any because I already have over 100 Pop's, as well as collecting Funko mystery minis and pint size heroes, and after giving in and finally getting a Rock Candy figure last summer, I didn't need to start anymore figure collections. Not that I can stick to this figure ban for very long, because I'm now collecting Banpresto QPoskets... I have a serious problem! 

Receiving this Quidditch Harry might have started something :D The design of these Funko Five Star's is just too cute, and I love that they come with little accessories. The detail on Harry's quidditch uniform is so brilliant for such a small figure; I am certainly impressed, and I can't wait to get him out of the box and photographed. Oh, and if you enjoy toy photography, you can check out my dedicated Instagram here :) 

So, it's time to reveal which version of Sirius Black I got!


If you were super observant when looking at my photo above showing all of the contents of the GameStop Harry Potter Mystery Box, you'll have been able to make out the chase sticker on the front of Pop! box ;) Let me know if you actually did! I was so surprised that I got the chase, I am never this lucky! Not only did I get the mystery mini I wanted, I got the special Sirius as well ^.^ I was gobsmacked, as the saying goes, to be honest! I so prefer this sepia version of the Pop and I am over the moon to have another chase in my collection. It's so cool!! The box and Pop both arrived in perfect condition too, with no scuffs or marks, or paint job errors as far as I can see. Eeee! 

I really love this Pop of Sirius! It's just fantastic!! His hair looks excellent, definitely not as dishevelled as it was in the books :D How awesome are all of the little details!? Such as the tatty, frayed look of the bottom of his pants, the letters/symbols on his prison identification plaque, the colouration around his eyes and the tattoos on his neck... everything is just so intricate. 10/10 from me on the design of this Pop! 

And lastly, lets talk about the star of the show! Just look at Boggart Snape!! Isn't he fabulous!? The scene involving Professor Snape's hilarious outfit makeover always makes me laugh so much! Alan Rickman did such an amazing job bringing this scene to life so perfectly, don't you think? It's wonderful to receive another figure that is so well designed and fantastically detailed, down to the buttons on the dress. The best feature, other than Snape's unimpressed facial impression, has to be the vulture hat! The impression of the vulture just makes it look like it's in on the joke, if that makes sense, which makes me chuckle even more as I remember the scene. I couldn't be happier with this mystery mini!

Overall, this box is certainly worth the money, even if you don't receive the chase variation of Sirius. You get a lot of value for your money, and surprise boxes are just so much fun to open! If I had more money available at the time, then I totally would have paid £29.99 and been delighted with what I got for that :) Pop in a Box unfortunately no longer have the item available but I'm sure they will get it back in stock again! I hope you all enjoyed checking out what I got inside my Harry Potter EXC/GameStop exclusive Mystery Box! I'd love to know, what was your favourite item that I received? Would you have preferred to get a mystery mini of Professor Trelawney or Snape? I hope all of my fellow potterheads have celebrated Back to Hogwarts Day in some way! I am currently waiting The Philosopher's Stone as I write! I wish you all a marvellous month; I will try to get back to sharing regular posts :) 

Thankyou for reading! 


If you got accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 
which subject would you look forward to most? 

Also, what's your Hogwarts House? 
If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I am a Ravenclaw!

If you're ever interested in signing up for a Pop in a Box subscription, with which you are sent a mystery Funko Pop! figure from your wishlist every month, then it would be wonderful if you could use my referral code :) It's 'SARAH-R1Z'
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