Friday, 30 September 2016

September Wishlist

Hey everyone! I'm in such a fabulous mood today! Last night, I went to see The Rocky Horror Show musical in Blackpool, and oh my gosh, what an AMAZING event! The atmosphere was brilliant, everyone singing along and chanting the most hilarious things along with the narrator. So many people dressed up as the characters, and I really regret not doing so too! I am definitely gonna go back at the next chance I get :) Who else is a fan of Rocky Horror? Anyhow, on with today's post, my September wishlist. I hope you enjoy reading! 

September Wishlist

1. Blue & Grey Cat Jumper how adorable is this jumper from Evans!? The cat has such a cute face! I'm on the look out for new jumpers at the moment to keep me warm through the colder months, and I'd love for this to be my first cosy jumper of the season! 

2. Now That's What I Call Musicals I absolutely love musicals, and I have been after this CD ever since I saw the advert for it on TV. It has songs from some of my favourite musicals on, and I'd love for some new musicals to be brought to my attention. What's everyone's favourite musical?

3. George Home Fox Mug Autumn is literally the best season ever for animal lovers!! The shops are always filled with deco and merch with the most gorgeous animal prints, usually woodland creatures, which I adore. Foxes are a favourite for this time of year, and they are one of my favourite group of animals. I need this mug to drink hot chocolate out of! 

4. Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D I have heard so many good reviews about Kat Von D cosmetics but never got around to checking it out for myself. Mostly because I knew I would only be able to get it from America and risk having to pay a customs fee. However, I just found out that Kat Von D make-up is coming to the UK, to Debenhams! Yay! I would love to try out more liquid lipsticks, and the 'Deep Raspberry' one from the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick range looks gorgeous! 

5. Unicorn Shaped Writing Set LOOK AT THIS LETTER SET! It's one of the cutest letter sets I've ever seen! I love everything about this product, especially how colourful it is. It would make a great edition to my letter set collection, but I don't know if I'd be able to bring myself to actually use it for writing my penpal letters on, haha :) 

6. Black Buckle Strap Ankle Boots Black boots are my favourite footwear. I'm in need of a couple of new boots for Autumn & Winter, and I really like the look of these boots from New Look.

7. ASOS Cat Velvet Cross Body Bag I am seriously lusting over so many of the accessories available at ASOS right now, but this sweet little cross body bag is at the top of my list! I love the simple design of it, and the fact that it's made of a velvet material. It's the perfect little bag for nights out. I really like when bags have a handy little zip compartment at the back so I can pop in all the important things that I don't want to risk losing when I'm drunk and clumsy-handedly pulling things in and out of my bag. It was always handy at uni when on nights out to pop my taxi money into too.

8. Spirited Away No Face Print This item was probably more suited for my Kawaii & Geeky wishlist, but everyday I'm falling more and more in love with watercolour art and so I end up having so many prints on my wishlist by the end of each month. My best friend told me about this Etsy shop the other day, and it's definitely all her fault that I've now added even more watercolour prints onto my wishlist! No Face is one of my favourite Studio Ghibli characters, and I'd love to have this lovely print of him up on my bedroom wall. 

Thankyou for reading!


What's on your wishlist this month?
What autumn essentials do you buy every year? 

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

N:rem Sleep System Review*

(*) All posts/content marked with an asterisk signify that the item(s) featured have been gifted or sent to me for the purpose of review. I have kindly been sent the product featured in this post to review. See my full disclaimer here.

 If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I have fibromyalgia, a condition that causes all over muscle and joint pain, fatigue and a huge array of other symptoms. One of those symptoms involves sleeping problems. As a result of my fibro, I suffer from nonrestorative sleep and painsomnia, which is basically the inability to get to a decent night's sleep due to pain. Something that makes sleeping such a challenge for me is that I am not able to get comfortable in bed, and I find that I get a lot of pain in the areas of my body that I put any pressure on. For a while now I have been looking for ways to help me manage this problem and was considering looking for a mattress that was chronic pain friendly, so when N:rem offered to send me one of their mattress toppers/tablet systems* to try out via Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, it was perfect timing! 

N:rem Sleep System Review

The N:rem Sleep System mattress is great for chronic pain sufferers as it is made up of interchangeable foam tablets that you can rearrange to suit your own comfort needs. Each mattress includes five deep reflex tablets, two of a super soft density, one soft, one medium and one firm for you to swap about to create the best mattress for you. Something that I think is fantastic about the N:rem mattress is that all sizes above single come with two separate sections so that you and your partner can arrange your side of the bed to your own individual preference. The tablets are topped with Viscoool foam that is designed with an open pore structure to aid with temperature control and to add a further comfort layer to your mattress. 

My mattress topper came with an information leaflet with recommendations for how to arrange your foam tablets according to whether you suffer from hip pain, lower back pain or upper back pain. I suffer from all three, but lower pain back and hip pain for me are two of the most severe pains I experience, so I was unsure about which of recommendations to follow. I decided to use the hip pain arrangement for the first 15 days and the lower back one for the next 15 days (based on 30 day trial). So here are my opinions of the N:rem Sleep System mattress topper...

N:rem Sleep System Review

For the first few days using my new mattress topper, I found that it took a while for me to feel the benefits of it and I was still having difficulty getting to sleep as well as frequently waking up in pain during the night as I usually did. My first impressions of the N:rem Sleep System mattress topper was that it was really comfortable, also when I was sitting up in bed which was great as I often found with my normal mattress that I couldn't sit in the same position for very long without it getting too painful. I was really surprised with how quickly the mattress helped reduce my pelvic pain. Some days, I actually work up with little to no hip pain at all! I was also able to sleep much better in that I was not waking up as much throughout the night due to painsomnia. I believe that one of the things that contributed to this was that the mattress made me feel so warm and cosy. The foam material helped to maintain the best temperature and I slept more soundly as a result. 

As for the lower back pain arrangement, I personally felt little benefit from it when it came to reducing my back pain, which is such a shame. I think this may be due to the fact that I move around a lot in my sleep and more often than not sleep in strange positions, haha! I've woken up in some of the most odd positions; I don't understand how I can sleep this way :) I personally feel like the lower back pain arrangement didn't work for me because the recommendation says that the super soft tablet should go where your lower back aligns with the mattress, and I feel like I need a much firmer tablet underneath my back as it doesn't get the same support with the super soft density. I need to give the tablets a shuffle around and experiment a little to find out what is going to be best for me. Another negative that I discovered was with the initial assembling of the mattress topper, it was quite difficult for me to rearrange the foam tablets without having someone to help me. However, I think this is probably much easier with the N:rem Sleep System mattress versus the topper. 

N:rem Sleep System Review
The coloured-coded foam tablets found inside the mattress topper
 Overall, I'm really enjoying using the mattress topper from N:rem. It has helped to improve my sleep which is fabulous, and I'm hoping I can find out the perfect foam tablet arrangement to suit me soon. I recommend looking into getting one of these mattresses if you suffer from a chronic pain condition and/or disability. 

Thankyou for reading!


Do you prefer a firmer mattress or a softer one? For me, it's definitely firm.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Gorgeous Disney Prints*

I absolutely love Disney movies, especially all of the classics! What's not to love about fairytales and folklore bought to life with the most beautiful animation, stories that are captivating, exciting & definitely emotion-evoking, the most wonderful characters, including the best villians, as well as such fabulous songs!? I will never ever grow too old for Disney movies! My love for Disney means that I'd quite happily fill my life with all of the Disney merch, which is why I was so happy when the lovely Rachel from Foxes in the Forest over on Etsy sent me some of her stunning Disney artwork to review. If you are a fellow Disney fan, then you'll love this post! 

Raiin Monkey - Gorgeous Disney Prints

Rachel very kindly sent me two prints*, Disney Inspired Princess Tiana & Disney Inspired Alice, and oh my gosh, they are just so gorgeous! The artwork is designed in a watercolour style, which is something that I absolutely love! (I'm even planning on getting some watercolour tattoos, eventually haha). Here are the fabulous prints... 

Raiin Monkey - Gorgeous Disney Prints


They are literally some of the nicest prints I've seen! I love that the colours are bright and eye-catching, but still almost pastel in shade. I just think the watercolour effect really makes these prints so much more impressive. I love the simplistic design, too. I need to find frames now that can do them justice :) 

Raiin Monkey - Gorgeous Disney Prints

Although Tiana (from the movie, The Princess and the Frog) is not one of my favourite Disney Princesses, she's beautiful and I love the design of her dress so much! It's inspired by a lily pad, which are associated with frogs since they are often seen sitting on top of them. How cute! It appeals to my nature loving side, and this is how I picture a forest fairy princess dressing. I think all of the little speckles of colour surrounding Tiana on this print are so nice. 

Raiin Monkey - Gorgeous Disney Prints

I am so in love with this print! Alice is one of my favourite Disney girls; Alice in Wonderland is an amazing and wonderfully weird story, and strange is right up my street! I love the quaint Victorian dress that Alice wears, and I'm lovin' how rich and bright the blue is on this print. It will go perfectly with my blue and cream bedroom, I can't wait to get it displayed on my wall. 

Raiin Monkey - Gorgeous Disney Prints

I wanted to show off just how lovely the design of this print is! I adore all of the little details, such as the grey shading on Alice's white apron and stockings to help make her stand out from the white background. The mix of different shades of blue speckles and yellow speckles give the print a magical feel, like Alice is surrounded by pixie dust or something! 

Overall, I am delighted with the quality and design of these Disney prints, and I'd love to get more! I've got my eye on the Belle one, as she's my favourite! It would be fabulous if there's a Peasant Belle print available one day too, as I love that outfit so much. Be sure to head over to Rachel's Etsy store and check out the other prints she has available. She's also got a fantastic offer on at the moment: 2 Prints for £5, just enter the code '2PRINTS' at checkout. Let me know if you order any of the prints for yourselves as I'm super curious to see which characters you all choose. 

Thankyou for reading!


What's your favourite Disney movie(s)? Also, who's your favourite villian?
(*) All posts/content marked with an asterisk signify that the item(s) featured have been gifted or sent to me for the purpose of review. See my full disclaimer here

Monday, 19 September 2016

September Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful start to the week. As this post goes out, I'm going to be on holiday! Yay :) I'm spending five days in Southport, and I'm really excited about being able to stroll on the beach with my camera! Fingers crossed for good weather! We are going to a Pontins holiday camp that I haven't visited since I was around 10/11 years old, so it's going to be interesting to see how everything has changed. I have pretty clear memories of my last holiday there :) I'm looking forward to seeing if the local nature reserve is still a lovely as I remember it! So anyway, here's this months edition of my Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist. Hope you enjoy reading! 

Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

1. Over the Rainbow Kawaii Skater Dress I spotted this adorable dress on tumblr & just think it's so so lovely! I love all of the little stars, clouds, moons & bunnies on it! BUNNIES :) I really like how the dress is mainly black but has blue & pink around the bottom of the skirt. I need it! 

2. Stranger Things Eleven Pop! figure Stranger Things is a super awesome Netflix Original series that has recently become everyone's new obsession! I really enjoyed the series, and I can't wait for Season 2! Eleven is my favourite character, so I'll definitely be adding this vinyl figure to my collection as soon as it's available to buy. It makes me sad that I can't buy it right now. 

3. Disney Tsum Tsum Deco Tape I can never have too much fancy tape for decorating my snailmail and swaps, and as a massive fan of Disney Tsum Tsums, I absolutely love this tape set! £4.99 for 3 rolls sounds like a great deal to me, plus it looks like it will be great quality!

4. Magical Guinea Pig Colouring Book One of my lovely friends tagged me in a post for this really pretty colouring book on facebook a few days ago, and it looks perfect! Guinea Pigs are the sweetest little animals, and the illustrations inside this colouring book are fabulous. I've always loved colouring, I've never grown out of it so I am so glad that all these amazing designs keep being released. 

5. Pusheen the Cat Pencil Case I love the colour scheme of this case! The blue is such a gorgeous shade, and the little Pusheen's on the back are lovely. I'd love to use it to pop my medication in in my bag when I go out. 

6. Mini Neko Mirror How sweet are these little mirrors!? They are available in 8 different designs, and are made to fit into your wallet. I think they are will be great for popping into my bag when going on a night out. This item is from Blippo, which is a company that sells all things kawaii! They are also the supplier of the items for the Kawaii Box, and since I no longer get the box, I could finally have a nosey on the website with no risk of spoilers, haha.

7. Pusheenicorn Clip Charm Oh my gosh, a Unicorn Pusheen plushie!! It's fantastic; it's rainbow mane is beautiful. Blippo has a few Pusheen items so definitely be sure to check out their website if you love Pusheen as much as I do!

8. Sailor Moon Luna Handbag I'm seriously in need of a new black bag! My little black bag that goes well with every outfit I have has almost seen the end of it's days, it's looking really tatty :) but I can't part with it until I have a replacement, and this Luna bag is just what I'm looking for. I love the cat ears on it, and the print on the inside of the bag is lovely. 

9. Japanese Ocean Life Sticker Flakes These stickers are so bloody beautiful! They have such pretty designs of different sea creatures. You get almost 50 stickers for £3.11, which I think is marvellous. I've never seen any stickers similar to these before, so I would be very happy to add them to my sticker stock. 

Thankyou for reading! 

What's your favourite item on my wishlist this month?
Are you a Stranger Things Fan?  

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

1st Blogiversary Giveaway

Hi everyone! On Saturday, Raiin Monkey turned 1! I still can't believe that I've been blogging for a whole year :) I mentioned in my post on the day that I wanted to celebrate with a giveaway so that one of my wonderful followers could win an adorable exclusive figure from the Summer Pusheen Box. I'll be running the giveaway for a month so you all have plenty of time to enter. Enjoy! 

Raiin Monkey Giveaway

I just want to say a big thankyou to all of you who read my posts and leave me the loveliest comments! I appreciate every single one of you so much :) You help make me proud of my little blog! Good Luck with the giveaway! 

My rules for the giveaway are: 

(1) Follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Bloglovin'

(2) Fill in the giveaway widget below, leaving a comment telling me a post of mine that you enjoyed the most! 

The giveaway will end on 16th October at 6pm. International entries welcome! 

Look how adorable this Pusheen figure is!! It's a Purrmaid :) 

Pusheen Figure

  Thankyou for reading!


Good Luck!


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Guide to Freshers: University Checklist

Hello lovelies! I'm writing this post in the middle of a thunderstorm. I absolutely love thunder & lightening! It really fascinates me. I even went outside to stand in the rain to watch it :) What do you think of thunderstorms? So, before I go off topic rambling about thunderstorms... haha, today's post is going to be another edition of my starting university guides. It's not long now until newbie students are going to be moving into halls to kick start their university journey's with Freshers Week; some of you might even be moving in this week! I thought I'd share with you all a checklist of what you're gonna need to take with you. I hope that it's useful, even if you've already got everything prepared, it might remind you of something you've forgotten about. Enjoy! 

Guide to Freshers, University Checklist, What to take to university,

When you move into halls, you need to take literally so much with you! I know some students prefer to just take some and buy the rest once they are all moved in, but I like to be prepared so that I can get all settled in once I've unpacked. It's important that you check what your accomodation provides before you move in. If you are living in university halls, they will almost always provide things like kettles, microwaves and toasters, whereas some private accomodation may not. I even know of some halls that provided cutlery plus pots and pans, too! You don't want to end up bringing items that are already provided, so make sure to read up on the accomodation's website. 

Back in 2012, when I was getting everything ready to move into university halls in Nottinghamshire, I planned my checklist room-by-room. I listed everything according to what I would need in that room, if that even makes sense haha! So that's how I'm going to be arranging this checklist. If you think of something that I haven't included, please list it in the comments :) 

~ Kitchen ~

[  ] Cutlery (stores like Argos & Wilkinsons sell sets of these and usually have lots of deals on as they know everyone is about to start uni). 
[  ] Crockery, i.e. Plates, bowls, mugs, etc. 
[  ] Pots & Pans (I recommend taking something like a casserole dish or a glass pyrex dish. Lots of stores will be doing deals on pan sets at the moment, too).
[  ] Utensils, i.e. spatulas, mashers, ladles, draining spoons, wooden spoons, whisks, wooden spoons, rolling pin, etc. Anything you can think of that you will need for cooking. 
[  ] Knife set & some scissors
[  ] Colander & Sieve 
[  ] Bottle openers & Tin openers
[  ] Chopping boards (one for meat, one for vegetables.. remember your kitchen safety guys!)
[ ] All your essentials for cleaning up after yourself, i.e. Tea Towels, Sponges, Rubber Gloves, Washing up Liquid, etc.
[ ] Plastic containers & Tupperware (they'll come in handy for storing things in the fridge, for leftovers, and much more).
[  ] Tinfoil & Cling Film
[  ] Electronic weighing scales 
[  ] Sunflower oil, oil sprays, whatever you want to use for cooking. 
[  ] Plastic sandwich bags (these are seriously so helpful. Bag your meat up separately before putting it into the freezer to save space & so you don't end up having to defrost a whole pack of chicken or mince and end up wasting lots of it). 
[  ] It might be a good idea to stock up on some dried and tinned foods before you go so you don't have to buy them as soon as you get there, and so you have something to cook during Fresher's Week. (I packed snacks, rice, teabags, coffee, sugar, tuna, soup, etc). If you can stop at a supermarket on your travels to your new accomodation, I recommend doing your food shop then! 

~ Bedroom ~ 

[  ] Think about Storage (I took with me some of those pretty storage boxes to stack up on my desk, as well as some plastic storage containers to go under my bed. When I went to an Open Day at my campus, I saw that students had plastic drawers on wheels in their bedrooms so I got some of those too, and they were great for storage. I got mine from Argos). 
[  ] Your bed essentials, i.e. bedding, duvet, pillows, blankets, cushions, teddies, etc. 
[  ] Things to make your bedroom more homely (ornaments, fairylights, a rug, posters, photographs, wall art. Tip: make sure you use white tac, because if you mark the walls you might have to pay a fine before you move out at the end of the year! Many university hall bedrooms have a big pin board which you can cover with photos, calendars, etc. Make sure you check & bring pins).
[  ]  All of your clothes, jewellery, make-up, etc. Make sure that you bring coat hangers!
[ ] A mirror (although lots of university halls bedrooms will have a mirror, ours had a mirror on the back of the wardrobe door, some don't so it's worth double-checking. You can get some great mirrors that hook over wardrobe doors).
[  ] A desk lamp (very handy, however your halls may provide this. Mine did). 
[  ] Anything else you bring is up to you. I brought DVDs for movie nights, a torch was a good idea too. Oh, and fancy dress for Fresher's Week. 

~ Bathroom ~ 

Lots of university halls and even private accomodation offer en-suite bedrooms. Due to my IBS, I made sure that I lived in an en-suite bedroom for all three years of my degree. Many people do choose to live in cheaper accomodation though, and sometimes this means sharing a bathroom with your housemates. Lots of students will also move into a shared house for their 2nd & 3rd year with their friends, and it's likely that you'll be sharing a bathroom then. If that's the case then you won't need to bring as much with you for the bathroom, as you'll probably keep most of your essentials in your bedroom but I've written this checklist for en-suite bedrooms :) 

[  ] Non-slip matts 
[  ] A bathroom bin
[  ] Toilet Roll 
[  ] Storage for your essentials (I used a wicker basket for keeping all of my bottles together)
[  ] A bathroom cup & storage for your toothbrush and toothpaste
[  ] Handwash, soap, etc.
[  ] All of your essentials, i.e. shampoo, conditioner, etc. 
[  ] Toilet Brush 
[  ] If you are living in accomodation with a shared bathroom, you might want to bring flipflops to use in the shower. 

~ Cleaning products ~

Living by yourself for probably the first time ever means cleaning up after yourself. Lots of universities have accomodation checks, more frequently for the communal areas such as the kitchen and living room, but my campus inspected bedrooms at the end of term. These checks are to make sure you are looking after your accommodation and keeping things neat and tidy. My university provided a hoover for each flat and there was an iron plus ironing board, and a mop/mop basket for each block (so shared between six flats). It's best checking what your university provides for cleaning. Here are the cleaning essentials that you'll need:

[  ] Toilet Cleaner
[  ] Surface cleaner (Detol is your best friend! haha)
[  ] Wipes, clothes, sponges, whatever you wanna use to clean with.
[  ] A duster
[  ] Bin bags
[  ] Air freshener
[ ] Plastic gloves (I used these to do all of my cleaning, because of my OCD, I don't like coming into contact with chemicals and such on my hands, but they are really handy for everyone). 
[ ] Remember that you'll need products for washing your clothes, i.e. washing powder or liquid, fabric softener.
[  ] Airer/Clothes Horse/Drying Racks/Clothes Maidens... whatever you want to call them! So you don't have to pay for drying your clothes!

~ Study Supplies ~

This is my favourite section of the checklist! I really love shopping for all the Back-To-School offers. Who doesn't love stocking up on shiny new stationery!? I'm actually pretty sad that I'm not buying some now! I think I'm gonna have to treat myself to some.

[  ] Folders & Files to store all of your work. I always had one for each subject. 
[  ] File Dividers & Plastic Wallets 
[  ] Hole Punch, Stapler, Paper clips - things to keep your papers together :) 
[  ] Notepads, refill pads - things to write all of your lecture notes in
[  ] Stationery, i.e. pens, pencils, highlighters, ruler, rubbers, sharpeners, basically ALL OF THE STATIONERY!
[  ] Calculator
[  ] Desk Storage - pen pots, desk organisers, pencil cases. 
[  ] Course Textbooks - you will usually be provided with a reading list, but you don't have to buy every book off of the list. Some books you don't even end up needing, or there's copies in the library. Other students will often sell their books, look out for adverts and such around campus and on the university facebook groups. You could even ask on the groups beforehand which books from the list everyone used the most, and just buy those. Textbooks can be very expensive, so check eBay for secondhand ones. 
[  ] I'd say laptops are an essential for university, expensive but so so useful so you don't have to wait around for library computers to be available. 
[  ] Memory Sticks - I brought several because I was super paranoid about not backing up my work. Better safe than sorry!

~ Other Important Things to Take ~

[  ] Your passport/ ID
[ ] Passport photos, in case you need to apply for things, etc. Sometimes when you are signing up to societies and clubs at your uni, you'll need to provide a photo.
[  ] Important documents, i.e. bank statement, photo copy of your birth certificate, things you may need when applying for things.
[  ] Your qualification certificates (I kept mine in a folder)
[ ] If you are on any medication, make sure that you don't forget it! You need to tell the university prior to you moving in if you are going to need a fridge in your bedroom for storing specific medication, such as insulin. My university provided these fridges.
[  ] All of your electricals (Make sure you don't forget your chargers!).

I've listed everything that I can remember that I took to university with me. I hope that you new students find my university checklist helpful. It would be awesome to know which courses everyone is doing, so let me know in the comments :) University can have it's up's and down's, but it really is an awesome experience. Good Luck & enjoy yourselves!

Thankyou for reading! 

Fellow graduates, what was something that you forgot to pack when going to university? 

Check out my other Guide to Fresher's post here


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Blindbox Haul

Happy Sunday everyone! Over the last few months, I have had quite a few blindboxes on my wishlist and I'm happy to announce that I've finally got around to buying some! In today's post, I'm going to be showing you the vinyl figures that I received inside each blindbox. So this is post is one for my fellow toy and figure lovers :) I hope you enjoy!

Blindbox Haul

As you'll probably know by now, I am a little (*cough* a lot) obsessed with the Unicorno figures by Tokidoki. I am collecting series 4 and I still don't have all of the figures, so it was time to get some more Unicorno blindboxes to try and add more to my collection. Tokidoki are yet to release a series 5, but they have created a new Unicorno collection. I featured the Mermicorno blindbox on my June Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist and I was over the moon to have finally been able to order one! As well as getting more Unicorno blindboxes, I also ordered another from the Tokidoki collection. What sparked this haul was watching unboxing videos with my niece on Youtube, and the first video we watched showed the Moofia Series 1 collection. I had strong craving for opening blindboxes afterwards and with Moofia starting it all, of course I had to pop one of those in my shopping cart too, haha! I get all of my Tokidoki blindboxes from an online called Collect & Display.

Blindbox Haul, Unicorno Blindbox, Tokidoki Blindbox, Moofia Blindbox, Mermicorno Blindbox,

It was a pleasant surprise to see that the Unicorno logo has been redesigned. I love this new one, it's so cute with the little unicorn heads inside the O's! I have purchased a Moofia blindbox before, although I forgot to blog about it, oops, but I was still really happy about the design of the box the second time around. I just think it is awesome how it's designed to resemble a milk carton. The Mermicorno box is so different to the typical Unicorno boxes. Instead of being made from cardboard, it's plastic, and it's also see-through. On the usual Unicorno blindboxes, all of the characters you can get are shown on the side of the box along with their names. However, with the Mermicorno blindbox you don't get this. I was super excited to open these boxes, yet I was also a little nervous about the Unicorno ones since I only have three more to collect, two of which are chasers (harder to get) and so there was a higher risk of me getting more duplicates. Without further ado, here are the figures that I got...

Unicorno Blindbox, Unicorno Series 4, Unicorno Series 4 Blindbox,

Yayyyy! I got Ruby! This unicorn was one of the figures that I was hoping for. She's so pretty too. I adore her design, I especially love how they've not only decorated her with little strawberries but have also made her mane red and tail green so that she resembles a strawberry, too! Looking at her makes me think of a strawberry Mini Milk ice lolly. I love the shade of baby pink they have used, and also her little red freckles. I received a duplicate in my other blindbox, a Yuki figure, and I gave it to my niece. I just need to get Kingsley and Elettrico to complete the entire series 4! 

Moofia Blindbox, Tokidoki Moofia Blindbox, Tokidoki Moofia,

I absolutely love the Moofia characters! I think they are adorable, and I have so much Moofia merch. I am actually wearing my Moofia PJ pants as I write this post! :) The Moofia series 1 collection includes ten figures, plus a chaser. I really wanted one of the milk carton characters as they are my favourite, and I'm not planning to complete this collection. I am still happy with the Half & Half milk though because he's cute. I love his horns and the sweet little coffee cup printed on his front. I also like that he's winking, and I'm glad that he stands up well on his own without falling over. Anyone else have any Moofia merch?

Mermicorno, Tokidoki Mermicorno, Mermicorno Blindbox,

OH MY GOSH! How gorgeous is this figure!!? I am really impressed! I had already watched an unboxing video of these new cuties, and I can't believe that I got one of my favourites in my first unboxing. This character is called Marina, and I love her purple, blue and pink colour scheme. I love the anchor bow on her mane, and the metallic blue used on her tail and mane. She's a very nice figure and I am now tempted to collect all of the Mermicornos! Watch this space :) 

You may think that this post is over now because I've shown you all of the Tokidoki figures I got, but I have two more blindboxes to show you. One of my nieces recently turned 11 and for her birthday, I bought her a My Geek Box Kids one-off subscription box. The boxes are aimed at 5-11 years old, so you often get items that are not really suited for an 11 year old but are perfect for a younger child. I opened the box prior to giving it to my niece, removed the items that I knew she wouldn't enjoy and replaced them with some items I'd bought. One of the items that I thought would be fun to put in was a blindbox. I decided on the Funko Disney Princess Mystery Mini's, and since I have wanted one of these for ages too I couldn't not order myself one. I was feeling particularly generous that day so I ordered another for my sister. 

Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis

Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis

Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis

My sister got Anna from Frozen & I got Jasmine from Aladdin! Although my sister would have loved to get Ariel as she's her favourite Disney Princess, she was still happy to get Anna. I love her freckles and I think it's cool that they've included the white streak in her hair. I absolutely love her outfit, it looks just like the movie! Belle is my favourite Disney movie but I was more than glad to receive Jasmine. She's adorable and I think her outfit is fabulous, especially her shoes. I wish that I'd taken a photo of her hair to show you all. It's awesome, and so big. It makes the figure a lot more weightier than the Anna one. These figures looked adorable on the box, however they are so much more cuter in person. I'm definitely gonna be getting some more! My niece was really lucky with her box, too. She got Raja the Tiger from Aladdin, and he's one of the rarest figures in the whole collection at 1 in 72. Clearly there was some birthday luck going on there, haha!

I seriously need to get my shelving sorted in my bedroom, which I've been saying for months and months now. I have no where to display my figures until I have purchased some shelves, and I want to display all of my new fantastic figures!! I'd love to see photos of how everyone displays their figures and toys. Add me on snapchat and show me! (I'm at raiin_monkey). I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Let me know which was your favourite figure in the comments. 

Thankyou for reading!

Out of all of the figures in the Disney Princess blindbox, which would you more like to get?

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