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Funko Harry Potter Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

Hello guys! Well, it's the last day of the year, and wow I feel like I blinked and somehow ended up at December 31st! :D Is anyone else feeling the same? Christmas went by so quickly! And as much as I love the festive period, I am still really glad that we will soon be seeing the back of 2018; I know I've mentioned it quite a few times but this year has been such a hard one! I just want to move forward into a new year, with an optimistic mindset and a determination to try my best to make 2019 a good year, or at least as much as is in my control! Before I end up going off on a reflectionary tangent (hahaha, I totally think I just made up that word XD but it sounded right), I want to share with you all the fantastic advent calendar that I bought this year! 

Harry Potter Funko Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

I was really excited when Pop in a Box announced the arrival of an advent calendar made for toy/figure lovers! For years, I'd seen so many awesome calendars online, designed for adults and filled with things other than chocolate. There's advent calendars available that are packed with all sorts of goodies, from makeup to washi tape! They all looked fantastic but none of them appealed to my personal interests much. That was until Funko created this amazing Pocket Pop calendar!! Most of you by now will have heard of Pop! Vinyl figures, well, Pocket Pops are a series of miniature versions of those. As you can see above this calendar includes 24 days worth of these fantastic little characters, and just like a traditional advent calendar, there's one waiting behind every door :) Before I reveal which Pocket Pop I got for each day of December, I wanted to talk to you guys about how brilliant the packaging and overall presentation of the Funko Harry Potter Pocket Pop calendar was! 

Harry Potter Funko Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

Harry Potter Funko Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

So much attention to detail has gone into the design of this advent calendar. It is so aesthetically pleasing, and every single part of it looks fabulous. The calendar itself came within a sleeve, and the colours on the back of this sleeve are gorgeous! I've actually been using it as a background for my toy photography throughout the month :) I really love all of the gold, silver and white, dotted with shiny snowflakes, it's like a little piece of how magical the Wizarding World must be at Christmas Time! 

Harry Potter Funko Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

Harry Potter Funko Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

How gorgeous is the Hogwarts castle scene printed across the calendar!? All of the shades of purple are so pretty! I really like the pop-up style of this calendar too; it came with two cardboard cut-outs to set up a scene for your figures, one being Hagrid's Hut and one the Whomping Willow tree. That is such a cute idea! I also love that these cut-outs are snow-covered to add to the wintery theme. The Funko calendar looked so cool set up next to my Christmas tree. 

The calendar was expensive, but it was actually excellent value for money because you get 24 different figures and it is a lovely calendar! It was £49.99 to buy from the Pop in a Box website, however because I'm a subscriber, I got a discount (and also free shipping) and only paid around £44. I am so happy that I bought it because I had a lot of fun opening it, and now I have lots of pretty little Harry Potter figures to add to my toy collection. I'm hoping that Funko release another Pocket Pop calendar next year, and fingers crossed it's filled with characters from a franchise that I am a fan of. Oh, and I pre-ordered it in late October/early November which I'm glad about because it sold out quickly closer to Christmas. 

The rest of this post is going to be very picture heavy as there's a lot of figures to show you! I have photographed them in the order that I received them :) Apologies to those of you that are not fans of pic heavy posts, but I wanted to showcase the figures as is deserved! 

Funko Pocket Pop! Harry Potter, Thestral, Luna Lovegood

Funko Pocket Pop! Neville Longbottom, Hedwig, Fred Weasley

Funko Pocket Pop! Hagrid, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley

Funko Pocket Pop! Moaning Myrtle, Dobby, George Weasley

Funko Pocket Pop! Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall

Funko Pocket Pop! Ginny Weasley, Remus Lupin, Draco Malfoy

Funko Pocket Pop! Crookshanks, Nearly Headless Nick, Severus Snape

Funko Pocket Pop! Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter

I got so many wonderful figures; each and every one of them has an awesome design and they are so photogenic too! I was very happy to get so many of my favourite characters, especially Professor Lupin and little Hedwig, because I wasn't sure if they would make it into the calendar! Even though there's a few things that I didn't like about the calendar, the pros outweigh the cons and it made me happy each morning when I woke up to see who I'd gotten that day. I am a big fan of Harry Potter so you can imagine how excited I got :D What do you think about the selection of figures above?

Funko Harry Potter Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

These five are my most favourite that I received inside my Funko Pocket Pop advent calendar. Severus Snape is my favourite character from the entire Harry Potter series so I couldn't not love his figure! Another of my favourite characters is Remus Lupin and this is one of the reasons why Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite of the books and movies. The magical creatures have always been something that I adore about J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World and Thestrals are one of my favourites; I thought it was epic that they added one into the advent calendar, because I didn't even consider that they would. It was a great surprise! 

How could I not choose this figure of Hermione as one of my favourites!? This version of her from the beginning of the story reminds me of myself, and I think it captures book Hermione a lot better than the movies, even though it is obviously designed after those. I love the pile of books in her arms, it's such a lovely detail. Finally Hedwig has made it into my top 5 because awwww, she's so tiny and adorable! I love owls and she just looks so sweet! 

Funko Harry Potter Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

So what did I not like about the Funko Harry Potter advent calendar? 

Well, mostly it was the design of some of the figures. It look me a long time to take this photo, and some of the others in this post, and this is due to the fact that so many of the figures refuse to stay upright. They continuously fall over, because their legs are either too narrow to withstand the weight of the upper body/head, or because they've not been designed properly. 

For example, almost every single person I've seen with the calendar has found that their Moaning Myrtle Pocket Pop won't stand up! You can see in my close up photo showing her and two other figures, that one of her feet is raised and this is what causes the problem. As well as Myrtle, the Dobby figure has a very heavy head compared to the rest of his body, and so I mostly have to lay him flat on the display. My George Weasley figure also has a problem standing up and this is why Fred & George are leaning against the cardboard at the back of my photo above. Whenever I walked across my bedroom floor, some of the figures fall over :D It can get very annoying to have to keep propping them back up. As well as this, some of the figures have small paintjob errors but this is common enough with the standard Pop! Vinyl figures, so I kind of expected that!

Another issue that I had with this calendar isn't really too much of a reflection on the design itself but maybe more due to personal preference. Although a few people have told me that they agree with the fact that I am a little unhappy that we got multiple versions of the same character. If Funko hadn't have included these extras, then they could have added others in their place. Like I know it's all about Harry Potter, the protagonist of the franchise, but did we really need three versions of him? I would have liked to get a Voldemort figure at least! I know that some of the exclusive versions in the US got Voldemort, usually instead of Professor Lupin. I'm happy I got Lupin, but I'm not too keen on Hermione's Prisoner of Azkaban figure, so I would have liked a different figure. What do you think? 

Harry Potter Funko Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

All in all, despite the few things I would change about the figures.. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention! The figure of Nearly Headless Nick has a completely attached, almost fully upright head, whereas my figure of Snape has a lob-sided one! It's just typical that the character I wanted most of all isn't perfect, ugh! It would have been really cool if Funko would have been able to make Sir Nicholas' head moveable in some way. But anyhow, back to my conclusion! :D So issues aside, I really did love my Harry Potter Pocket Pop calendar and I would still recommend it to anymore who loves the franchise themselves, as well as to anybody who just likes cute figures :) I know that a few places had some of these calendars on sale after Christmas, so you might be able to find one if you're still interested and you could totally put it away for next December. I am super happy to have lots of Harry Potter characters to use for my toy photography throughout 2019. I can't wait to see what Funko release next Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and having a nosey at what I got inside my advent calendar :) Happy New Year guys! May next year be filled with happiness for you all! 

Thankyou for reading!

Are you a fan of Harry Potter?
 If so, I'd love to know your favourite character/movie/book! 

Which is your favourite of the Pocket Pops that I featured in today's post? 


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8 Things To See & Do In Lisbon, Portugal | Part 2

Hey everyone! I sure took my time but here I finally am sharing Part Two of my little Lisbon travel guide just before the end of the year! Oops, better late than never! Today's post will be all about four more things that are an absolute MUST to see and do if you ever get the chance to visit this wonderful capital city. I cannot recommend it enough, and I can't wait to go back someday! If you haven't read through Part One yet, you can find it here. I absolutely love reminiscing about my adventures abroad so I'm really looking forward to sharing this post with you guys! Enjoy :) 

Things to see and do in Lisbon Portugal

5) Alfama 

Alfama is the oldest part of the capital city of Portugal, and as you can imagine is filled with the cutest little historical streets that are narrow, steeped and have a rustic appeal to them! This area of Lisbon will be picturesque to those of you who are fans of architecture, history and culture as it is a location that incorporates all three! Along the little alleyways and cobbled streets, you will find houses and cute shops and small restaurants. There is something  interesting to look at everywhere! I am such a fan of old towns and really enjoy exploring them; wandering down passageways and taking photographs of all the pretty things I find is so fun! I really wish that we'd have had more time to explore Alfama as there is so much more to see that we didn't get to! There are historical heritage buildings, such as the Sao Jorge Castle, and also some very cool graffiti art what I've seen on vlogs. I am determined to go back to Lisbon some day and properly explore this area. 

Just a word for my fellow spoonies, or anyone who struggles with steep inclines... Alfama is located at the top of a hill basically, it runs along the tops of the city. So just to walk up there was extremely tiring and left me feeling very achy and drained. I would definitely recommend going up there in a taxi; alternatively you can ride up on the yellow trams that Lisbon is famous for! I don't have much more to say about Alfama, but I thought it was definitely worth a mention. Even though I didn't get to see a lot of it, I still got some pretty pictures from our little scroll. When we were in Alfama, my friend popped into a tiny pizza shop which was adorable and got himself a slice of pizza and some kind of traditional cookie, and he said they were delicious! We also talked to a very attractive tourist guide as we sat by a fountain and admired the sights... (all of them :p haha). That fountain had the weirdest horse head taps! They reminded me of the creepy horse from the Brothers Grim movie XD who else has seen it? Anyhow, here are some photos of Alfama! You'll see a pic below of some cans of food, and these are sardines! Did you know that Lisbon is famous for its sardines?! There are shops all over the city selling them, in all sorts of different flavours and such. I don't like fish, but it's still pretty cool to learn these things about new places! 

6) Sintra

Oh my goodness, visiting Sintra was honestly my favourite part of the whole holiday (other than the Eurovision Song Contest of course)! It is such a breathtakingly beautiful place, which is not technically in Lisbon but is featured in literally every Lisbon travel guide that I've come across because it's just too special to not mention! Sintra is located around an hour outside of Lisbon by train and the fare really wasn't expensive at all. It is a city, although it is found within the realms of Greater Lisbon and I really recommend that you visit it! We unfortunately couldn't go for the whole day, but I would suggest making a day trip of it because there's so much to see and do, and lots of exploring to be done. We arrived with only a few hours until most of the sights closed for the day and it was a challenge to fit everything in! We didn't visit all of the places I wanted to, so I have another excuse to go back someday :) 

Sintra is famous for its stunning castles and palaces & for all of its woodlands and gardens too! They are spread all over the city and many of them are on top of hills, so unless you're super fit and enjoy walking then I would suggest using the public transport available. For around 15 Euros, you can purchase a day ticket that will allow you to hop on and off a bus that travels to all of the main tourist attractions in Sintra. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of all the historical buildings there. The main attractions are the Sintra National Palace, the Castle of the Moors and the Pena National Palace. We went to the last two, although we didn't make it to the actual Pena Palace because we were exhausted by this point! The gardens of the Pena Palace are delightful though, filled with lots of little waterways and so many species of trees and flowers. There were lots of hidden historical buildings, many of which had a Moorish influence. The Moorish era refers to a time when the majority of Portugal and Spain were ruled by medieval Muslims, so the architecture resembles those of which we'd see today in the Middle East. It's really pretty! 

The Castelo dos Mouros, or the Castle of the Moors/Moorish Castle, is such an amazing place!! Honestly its like something out of Game of Thrones (as you can see in my first photo)! The castle is high on a hilltop and the views from its walls are just spectacular! I was in absolute awe of it all, and I didn't even make it to the topmost point so I can't even imagine how epic it must have been up there. Luckily, one of my friends hiked up there and very kindly took my camera with him so I could see the views of Pena Palace in the distance through the lens at least! Pena National Palace is the Iberian Peninsula's version of a fairytale castle. It looks so pretty, and its exterior walls are painted in yellows and reds. The grounds of the castle are just as awesome, with lots of information signs filled with history facts, and there's even a little museum building on site too. The gardens here are also gorgeous! Sintra is just so green and full of nature! Okay... so before I end up writing another five paragraphs on Sintra :D here are photos of the Moorish Castle instead, plus the gardens of the Pena National Palace (and a pic of the palace itself from atop the Moorish Castle)! 

Castelo dos Mouros Moorish Castle Sintra Portugal

Castelo dos Mouros Moorish Castle Sintra Portugal

Pena National Palace Sintra Lisbon Portugal

Castelo dos Mouros Moorish Castle Sintra Portugal

Pena National Palace Lisbon Portugal

Pena National Palace Lisbon Portugal

Pena National Palace Lisbon Portugal

Pena National Palace Lisbon Portugal

7) Eat at Time Out Market 

I'll try to keep these next two recommendations as short as possible because if I keep going the way I am, I could publish a small travel guide book XD Lisbon is well-known for its food and there's lots of it! There are restaurants everywhere, serving all sorts of cuisine and lots of traditional Portuguese dishes. Lisbon is famous for its seafood as it is a port and is on the River Tagus so there are fresh supplies coming in daily. I however don't like seafood and overall I am a very fussy eater, so I was lucky that this marvellous city also had several of the chain restaurants that we see all over Europe, such as the Hard Rock Café, and McDonalds for those quick meals when you've a long, tiring day of sight-seeing and just want to get back to your accommodation was soon as possible! I often feel annoying being a picky eater because I feel like I'm stopping my friends from being adventurous foodies, so when I was planning for our trip, I looked for a place where I could eat but my friends could also try new things! I discovered the Time Out Market through watching vlogs (YouTube was seriously so helpful for finding out about the best spots in Lisbon!), and it sounded just what I was looking for! 

The Time Out Market is a big food establishment that is set out somewhat like a traditional market, where there are stalls around the outside, only they are not stalls but various restaurants and bars and the whole centre of the market space is filled with different kinds of seating. There's also a random entertainment area in the middle of all the tables and chairs, where when we were there a local folk band was playing! There are 24 different restaurants at the Time Out Market, selling everything you could imagine so it's more than likely that you are going to find something that takes your fancy. I admit that I did struggle because of how fussy I am, but I found a steak meal I liked the sound of in the end! 

The food was nice and it was very cool that there was so much to choose from. It was a 'must do' on most tourist guides so I'm glad that I experienced it, but to be honest if you are anything like me when it comes to being anxious in crowded social situations, then prepare yourself to deal with that! It is really busy which made it tough for us to find seats all together. We had to wait around for a while until we spotted three empty seats at a long table with high stool chairs. It wasn't the best place to sit but by this point, we were super hungry and just wanted to tuck in. The restaurants give you this pager thing that flashes red when your food is ready to collect, which I thought was awesome! It means you can go and find a seat until your food is done. I think that if you're a foodie then the Time Out Market is the place for you! My friends & I finished off our visit to the market with a double cone of the 'best ice-cream in Lisbon!' from the Santini stall. 

8) Almada, and beyond! 

Across the other side of the River Tagus and the impressive 25 de Abril suspension bridge (which I think is another must see, because it looks so much like the Golden Gate bridge in North America!) is Lisbon's neighbouring city, Almada. Due to the high-demand for accommodation throughout Lisbon because of the influx of fans heading there from countries all over Europe for the Eurovision Song Contest, we struggled to find somewhere that suited our needs there. Instead we found a lovely Air BnB in Almada, and with the public transport to and from Lisbon being so great, it was an awesome decision in my opinion :) I mean sure, it did take longer to travel to the sight-seeing destinations but it was nice to have an apartment nestled right in with the residential areas because I feel like we got to see more interesting things that way and get a little bit of a feel for what it might be like actually living in Portugal. Plus, we also got to travel over to Lisbon via sort of a ferry bus which was a strange, albeit fun experience! 

Over in Almada, there is one main tourist attraction and that is the Cristo Rei Christ (or Christ the Redeemer) Christian monument, which be seen from parts of Lisbon including from the top of Belem Tower (check out my first post to read more about Belem!). Unfortunately we didn't get time to visit and see the statue up close, but we did get many glimpses of it travelling to and from our apartment to Lisbon; it looked lovely at night too as it's surrounded by lights. We got a pretty good look at it one day when we were exploring Almada in search of Lidl supermarket, and I would say that its definitely worth a visit. During this little mission to stock up on food  and bottles of water for our stay, we found some very cool graffiti art. 

Something that I've noticed around Europe (not that I've been to enough countries to compare this!) is that their graffiti is so much more creativity and flamboyant, and the local governments there seem to be a bit more lenient with their rules about it, unless they do paint over it like here in England and someone just fills up the space with more as soon as possible. Either way, the graffiti I have seen abroad is beautiful and is certainly works of art. In Portugal, there was an abundance of epic graffiti art, and Almada was full of it too! On our travels, we discovered a old, unused sports court, where nature had started to take over, and it was filled with some awesome graffiti! I'll include some photos below :) 

Graffiti Art Almada Lisbon Portugal

Graffiti Art Almada Lisbon Portugal

Lemon Tree Almada Portugal

I really didn't take many photographs in Almada and I wish I would have, however due to our short trip in Portugal, we spent most of our time in Lisbon or travelling back to our accommodation to rest and recuperate in between our adventuring. Other than our trip to find the supermarket, I made my friends go geocaching with me! I was determined on this holiday to find my first cache in another country, and I found four! If you don't know what geocaching is, it was really fun hobby where you use GPS (there's an app for smart phones!) to find 'hidden treasure' in the form of caches, which are usually small containers, dotted around by players all over the world. There could be some near your house that you walk or drive by everyday and don't even know they are there! Sometimes caches are filled with little trinkets and toys, but most of them are just there to be found, logged and hidden again for the next player to locate. 

We got to see a little more of Almada on one of my geocaching trips as there was one hidden just down the road from our apartment near the city museum. The surrounding streets were beautiful, most of them cobbled or very rustic looking, dotted here and there with little cafes and shops. The gardens of the residents were so pretty, with gorgeous flowers and fruit trees hanging over their walls onto the footpaths. I chose include a photograph of a lemon tree above because there were so many of them, literally everywhere you turned! I was fascinated with them, just ask my friends who had to constantly hear me going on about them, haha! There were lemons, oranges, limes, apricots and some fruits that looked as though they were the mixed variety, growing several different fruits on one tree! They looked so pretty in the sunlight. The one I photographed was literally in the garden under the sloping tiled roof running off from our terrace so I got to admire every morning.

It was a shame that we didn't get to take in more of this gorgeous little city, except for a few outings, like the trek we had to make to get to the only McDonald's around! We did get to see a lot wildflowers and butterflies along the way so that satisfied the nature nerd in me :) I know that there's a shopping centre in Almada, and the docks area is where you can see a historical naval ship called the Dom Fernando II e Gloria, which was apparently the last of Portugal's sailing warships to be built back towards the end of the 1800's. I got to see this as we drove by on a tram at least! 

Chicken Rooster Portugal Mascot

This is the last photo I'm going to share for today! I know there's a lot but a picture speak 1000 words, as they say and I have a lot to tell about my trip to Portugal, haha :D This is one of the cute ornaments displayed in our Air BnB apartment in Almada. How gorgeous is this chicken!? It's so beautiful and I love the elaborated paintwork! These chickens are actually a mascot of Portugal and you can find them EVERYWHERE! I couldn't resist buying one for my mom and myself :) Even thought it's apparently an unofficial symbol of the country, there are tourist shops full of chicken themed gifts... I brought home chicken logo keyrings for my family too! I found out when I got home that these chickens are known as the Barcelos Rooster/Cockerel and they have a very interesting origin story based on a legend, you can read about it here.  

There was lots of cool and kitsch décor around the apartment that we stayed in in Almada, it was such a nice little place! It was two bedroomed, including a room with a double bed and a room with twin beds, a tiny but cosy living room/dining area/kitchen space, and a fairly big terrace. If anyone's interested in me writing a post about my experience of staying in Air BnB accommodation for the first time, let me know :) I'm going to end my post here now before I write more! I'm struggling to stop XD I am relishing in all of the memories that writing this post is bringing to mind and I just want to tell anyone who will listen all about my time in Portugal. I know this was a super long post so thankyou so much if you took the time to read it all. I hope it was a good read :) Enjoy the rest of New Years weekend guys! 

Thankyou for reading!

Have you ever been to Portugal? 

Are you planning to travel anywhere in 2019? 
I'd love to hear all about it!

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My Christmas Tree Decorations

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you are all having an absolutely amazing day, however you celebrate it! As I promised in yesterday's post (it's all about The Nightmare Before Christmas blind boxes, and you can check it out here), here I am with a post all about my Christmas Tree. Every year I always get a mini tree for my bedroom, and each time I decorate it in a rather eclectic way :D I basically just add anything that I like the look of, and don't really stick to a theme. I hadn't been able to get a white tree for a few years and I was really glad that I finally got one for this Christmas. I found a 3ft pre-lit one at ASDA on offer. I was super happy with the finished product once I'd decorated, and I wanted to show you all :) This post is going to more of a photo diary! No one is going to want to read a huge post today when they're enjoying the festivities anyhow! :D 

Even though I didn't particularly have a theme in mind, I did want to have a little bit of a colour scheme as a base. I thought silver would be perfect for a white tree as it makes me think of frost, so I used some silver tinsel that I picked up last year and bought a pack of tiny matt and glitter silver baubles. As I am a fan of Japanese kawaii culture, I wanted to add some Disney Tsum Tsums into my tree, after being inspired by Sanrio trees and such that I've seen in the past, which have been filled with plushies! I decided to put Santa Jack towards the top of my tree in place of the typical star or angel/fairy topper :) Then I dotted some of my other The Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums around the tree, and Olaf from Disney's Frozen too! 

How adorable is my Pusheen Christmas ornament!? I was recently sent it as a free gift with an order I made on the Gund website. I blogged all about the order earlier this month (here's a link if you're interested). :) I love how well the pastel shades of it goes with the white Christmas tree. My tree also features another Pusheen decoration this year, which I got from inside one of the Gund tree decoration plush blind boxes. It's one of Stormy, Pusheen's little sister and is so super cute! 

As well as these decorations, I also added some more traditional European style decorations, some were from Aldi supermarket and the others are from the stalls at the Manchester Christmas Markets. I love wooden decorations and the traditional Christmas colour scheme. Another reason why I really like these iconic European decorations is because a lot of them depict Nordic animals, and in my opinion, they look beautiful on any tree, whether it's black, silver, green or white like mine. 

Another traditional European decoration that I add to my tree every year is a Yule Goat. I have decorated my tree with one ever since my penpal first sent me a Yule Goat several years ago now :) They are originally a Scandinavian tradition which has pagan roots, and some towns across Sweden, and other Nordic countries put up a giant goat each Christmas in their town centres during the Winter Solstice and Advent period. I think this is such a unique and interesting tradition and I am reminded of it each time I see my Yule Goat. Plus I just think they look really rustic because they're made of straw and string. 

The Toy Box decoration was a childhood favourite of mine. We've had it since before I was born and I was really happy when my mom gave it to me :) It makes me reminisce about all of the wonderful Christmas Times I had as a kid, and also about the magic of Christmas from back when I believed in Santa and his buddies in the North Pole. I love the tiny pieces of straw inside it, and well as an adult, I still love toys so it's perfect for me! I got several toys this year for Christmas presents :D LOOK AT MY FESTIVE PENGUIN!! I love him so much! I found him at my local pound shop and I'm seriously considering keeping him on display in my bedroom throughout 2019! 

It's really awesome that some of the smaller plushies by Japanese company Amuse come with a loop on them so that you can attach them to your bag, etc., but this also means that they can double as a Christmas decoration! When I have my own place some day and a full size tree, I'm going to buy a load to them to cover my tree :3 I like decorations that aren't garishly festive, or are completely not Christmassy at all! Stores like Paperchase sell a lot of these types of tree ornaments and I'm definitely going to invest in some next year :) 

The final decorations that I have to show you before I go to enjoy my Christmas Dinner *nom* I cannot wait for it!! I'm so hungry and I can smell it cooking and its amazing... hahaha but anyway, yeah, so I have a few standing decorations dotted about the base of my tree. I put down a piece of silver tissue paper decorated with snowflakes, and scattered some fake snow all over it. I've been using fake snow this year for my festive toy photography, since we barely ever get a white Christmas T_T I put a few chocolate coins under my tree too. The gorgeous little unicorn above is from a TokiDoki Unicorno Blind Box (Series 4) and her name is Yuki. She reminds me think of Disney 's Frozen. Wouldn't you agree? :D 

I wasn't able to get a gingerbread house making kit this year; I left everything until last minute and thought I'd still be able to get one in my little town centre, but the store I was hoping would have them again this year, didn't. But instead my mom found me this super sweet candy land esque festive house, and I really love it! It looks like it's made of mint things and I love mint! The candle is one that I bought either last year or the previous one, I can't remember now, from The Range, and I think the Winter Wonderland scene inside it is super pretty so I keep it out on my shelves all year round. The other candle is one that I've had for a long while now; it was sent to me by another of my penpals and is too lovely to ever burn! Novelty shaped candles are really fantastic, aren't they? 

Finally, I thought my Christmas display wouldn't be complete without one of my favourite festive characters, Krampus! My regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of horror movies and I had to give my special red chase version Funko Pop! of Krampus a place in my Christmas display, because he's so cute and eye-catching! 

So, there are all of my decorations this year, other than a piece of red Christmas ribbon I put up on my wall behind my tree to hang my Christmas cards up and my advent calendars! If you follow me over on Instagram, you'll have likely seen that I purchased the Funko Pocket Pop! Harry Potter advent calendar this year; it's been so fun to open each day and I'm going to share a separate blog post all about it for my fellow potterheads and those of you who are curious to see what it's like :p I hope you've enjoyed reading my post and that it's brought some extra Christmas cheer to your day! I'm going to end my post now because as I'm typing now I'm hearing that dinner is now ready! Yay!

Thankyou for reading! 

What theme is your Christmas Tree this year? 
Do you have a specifically colour scheme?

I'd love to hear all about your favourite decoration, too!
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