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Self-Care Sundae Bath Soak by The Bath Bae | Review

Hi guys! I hope you've all been having the loveliest start to September  Is there anything you are excited for this month or that you've got planned? I'd love to hear all about it :) Usually, as soon as September rolls around, I instantly feel the full force of the autumnal bug hit me and I'm ready to get my spook on! However, it seems that summer wants to last forever this year (queue the Summer of '69 singing, haha), and the heatwave appears to be back again. Plus, I'm currently raising a butterfly, who's still in chrysalis form right now (just livin' that nature nerd life!), so summertime doesn't feel over for me quite yet. The fuchsias are going strong in the garden, my sunflower is growing, and I am still in the mood for reading in the sunshine, overloading on ice lollies and using all the summery candles & bath products... which brings us onto the topic of today's post.   

I recently did a little haul from a wonderful small/independent business called The Bath Bae, to pick up some birthday gifts for my loved ones and couldn't resist throwing a couple of goodies into my shopping cart for myself. One of them in particular really spoke to me because the colour scheme is pastel and just gave me kawaii vibes. Well, I finally used it last week and wanted to share all about it with my fellow pastel aesthetic lovers! Even though summer is still very much in the air, it won't be long until Christmas Time is upon us (seriously though, 2021 has flown by, don't you think?), so why not start stocking up on presents now? Not only do The Bath Bae's products smell fabulous, but the presentation is perfect, too. They make such lovely-looking gifts! Anyhow, it feels like I'm starting to go off on a tangent, so let's get into the reviewing. Enjoy! 

a photo showing a bag of pastel coloured bath soak powder in pink, mint and lilac shades. There is a mint coloured candle and a few seashells surrounding the product, which is from The Bath Bae shop

How gorgeous does this product look though!? The colours are so pretty, especially with how they are arranged in the package. So pleasing to the eye that I very nearly couldn't bring myself to actually pour it into my bath!! As the title tells, this product is called the Self-Care Sundae Bath Soak, which is essentially akin to a dissembled bathbomb. I really love how much easier it is to use, vs having to crumble up a standard spherical-shaped bathbomb yourself, in order to be able to use the product in more than one bath. Each bag of 'bath soak' available on The Bath Bae website contains 200g of powder and on the label, it suggests that you can sprinkle the entirety of the product into your bath or use half a bag each time. However, I bought my sister another of The Bath Bae's bath soaks as a gift last year and she said she used a lot less in her bath and that basically, a little goes a long way! She was impressed with just how strong and vibrant the colour was. I certainly have the same opinion after using mine, despite opting for a product made up of softer shades. I got overexcited and decided to pour the whole bag into my bath though! 

Before I show you guys some photos I snapped on my phone of the product in-use, I wanted to talk more about it. The Self-Care Sundae Bath Soak, which, by the way, is such a great name for a product in my opinion, is described as such; soak away in swirls of a sweet ice cream treat! Our very first Super-Summery pastel bath goodies! Scented in Screwball Swirl- The perfect throwback to your childhood summer days! A sweet, light and creamy blend of raspberry ripple ice cream and blue raspberry drizzle with a sweet bubblegum surprise. How lush does that sound!? Can I eat it? :D 

It really did smell delicious, guys! The product gave off a lovely fruity fragrance from the moment I opened the pouch, which at first reminded me of rhubarb and custard hard-boiled sweets. Maybe because of the vanilla ice-cream? Then, as it mixed throughout the warm water, my bathroom was filled with the scent of bubblegum, in a way that wasn't overpowering at all. I am usually not a huge fan of bubblegum-scented things, but the Self-Care Sundae had such a subtle note (if that even makes sense?), that I enjoyed it :) Now you all have an idea of what this bath soak smelled like, here's what it looked like...

a picture showing four photos of the swirls of pastel colours created once a bath soak powder was sprinkled into warm water. There are mints, lilacs and pinks, mixed with foamy white and pale purple water underneath.

As you can see, the Self-Care Sundae soak created a bath fit for a fairytale/unicorn/pastel princess (or prince, of course!) :D I absolutely loved watching all of the pretty shades of pink, mint and lilac spreading and bubbling around the water amidst the white foam that definitely made think of ice-cream. Mint is one of my favourite colours and I think it goes so well with pink and lilac, so it was super eye-catching for me. The water itself, underneath all of the colourful 'froth' remained a lovely lilac shade throughout my entire bath, even after I had washed my hair. Being pastel, it obviously isn't as vivid in colour as a different product would be, however that is the point of the Self-Care Sundae, and it made the pastel bath of dreams, so I can't recommend it enough. Which is your favourite colour out of the three: mint, pink or lilac? Let me know in the comments :) 

Whenever I try new bath products, I am always a little worried that they are going to be scented too strongly, and that they may be too much for me and the sensory issues that some of my disabilities cause, but I found this bath soak to have a nice balance. Thankfully, the scent was strong but not TOO strong, so I didn't get a headache or anything. I cannot wait to give some of their other products a go!

A photo showing a silver iridescent packaging with light reflected in the surface, showing rainbow colours

I couldn't not mention again just how nice the presentation of The Bath Bae's products are! The bath soaks, as well as the 'bath sparkle', 'bath cubes' & 'bath rocks', are all packaged in plastic pouches with a clear front, a window for the product to be seen, and a shiny silver back. I managed to capture just how stunning the iridescence on the back of the pouch is when the sunlight catches it. If the product itself didn't look magical enough on its own, the packaging definitely did! We can all do with a little rainbow magic in our lives, another reason why these products make awesome presents! 

All of the products available from The Bath Bae are also vegan/cruelty free, and contain ingredients that are good for your skin, as well as including 'antimicrobial benefits'. What's not to love? Furthermore, I almost forgot to talk about how the pouch has a zip-lock style opening, something that I really liked as its easy to store and keep your product for longer. One thing that I do wish the packaging included though is a description of the fragrance notes in the product, even if it was just a brief sentence. Most people readily have access to the internet nowadays and can easily look up the name of the product so they can read the description on The Bath Bae's website. But sometimes the loved ones who we might like to gift some of the products to may not be able to read this description for whatever reason, and might like a little information about the scents. Of course, we can tell them or include it in a personal note but I think it would be cool if the package included something.

a photo showing a pouch of mint and lilac bath soak powder. there is a pink circular sticker on the packaging stating that the product is cruelty free, and there are some shells scattered around

Another thing that I think is fantastic about The Bath Bae is that everytime I go onto the website for a browse, there always seems to be great deal available when purchasing multiple products. The current deal is also the one I was offered when I did my recent haul, which is a mix & match on any four products, where if you buy three items, you get a fourth one free!  The standard postage for the UK is £3.99 so I feel like it's better to purchase several things per order anyway, making this offer super handy :) 

Overall, I had a lot of fun using the Self-Care Sundae Bath Soak. It is a fabulous product and made bathtime a much more enjoyable experience, as due to my chronic pain, baths can be difficult and so using something that smells lovely and makes the water colourful can really help! I am very much looking forward to using the other bath soak that I treated myself to. I chose Beach Baecation, another of the summer themed releases, because the colours and arrangement of the product look so much like a sandy beach with the ocean rolling up on it, foaming waves and all. It is literally a work of art! 

I hope you all enjoyed my review of the Self-Care Sundae Bath Soak. Be sure to go check out The Bath Bae's products for yourself and head over to their instagram for news on upcoming releases and such. With the colder months fast approaching, when snuggling up in a blanket and having hot drinks and plenty of baths is essential, you'll want to be stocked up on bath supplies! On a final note, is anyone else craving a screwball now? 

Thank you for reading!

Do you prefer to add your bathbombs whole to your bath or crumble them up?

Also, what's your favourite bath product? I'd love some recommendations! 

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