Thursday, 24 January 2019

What I got for Christmas 2018

Hello & Happy Thursday lovelies! How is everyone enjoying the snow? It feels a little surreal, but wonderful nonetheless, that I am sat writing a Christmassy themed post and with the ground outside covered in snow, it feels more like Christmas now than it did on the big day! I wish it would snow more though because I want to get out and enjoy it while it lasts! Also I've been ever eager to take some toy photography in the snow, since all of my friends in other countries inspired me throughout December with their beautiful snowy shots :') I shouldn't be going outside at all at the moment, because I have a chest infection! And this is the reason why my post is going up a little later than I had planned, but I hope you all enjoy having a read about the lovely presents that I got for Christmas :) This post is of course not to boast about what I got, but to celebrate and share my happiness with you all, and I know I love reading about what presents people get from their loved ones, it fills me with joy for them, and so I hope my post might do the same for my awesome readers! 

A photograph showing Christmas wrapping paper, one with penguins, one with Harry Potter themed print, one shiny green one

My mom always finds the most wonderful wrapping paper that she knows I will love!? (Thanks mom!) That shiny emerald green one though! I almost never want to open my presents because it will ruin how pretty they look all wrapped up, haha! I always try my best to open a few of them carefully so that I can save some of the wrapping paper. I have been doing this for years and as a result, have random bits of wrapping paper hoarded away in boxes... Does anyone else do this? I used to scrapbook things more as a kid, maybe I should start up that hobby again? Each year I am so touched by how wonderful my mom is, I only ask for a couple of things but she surprises me with so much more! Keep reading to find out what I got :) 

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, illustrated edition

When I was asked what I wanted for Christmas just gone, the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was at the top of my list :) I have been after this book for ages now! Just look how beautiful the artwork on the cover is!! I am so happy that there's a barn owl on it, as they are my favourite species of owl. Who else has a favourite owl? Also what pet would you take to Hogwarts with you? I'm sure you can imagine how stunning the rest of the book is; I am in love with it! Jim Kay has done such a wonderful job! I have always been a big fan of seeing artists interpretations of my favourite books and their characters, because it's fascinating to see how other people picture things in comparison to my own imagination :) 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, illustrated edition

I also asked for this book! I have always wanted my own copy of Newt Scamander's Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, so when I spotted this wonderful illustrated edition on a YouTube video, I had to have it :) I went to university for Zoo Biology, and if I worked in the Wizarding World, I would totally be a Magizoologist like Newt! Something that is very interesting about the artwork in this book is that Olivia Lomenech Gill seems to have been inspired by so many of the beautiful and diverse species that exist in the muggle world. I think it's awesome to imagine these creatures living alongside the species that they resemble, basically hidden within groups of them :) But then again, I personally picture the creatures to look otherworldly, and therefore nothing like species we see on the planet today. Regardless, I am delighted with this book and all of it's facts about the creatures! I like how many of the papers are made to look like they would come from a scientists field notebook too. I can't wait to have a good read through it :) Let me know guys if you would like me to share a post showing more of the inside of the two books I got for Christmas. 

A Harry Potter notebook and pen set, Harry Potter trivial pursuit game, Harry Potter playing cards in a themed tin,

I was surprised with more Harry Potter goodies, including this awesome version of Trivial Pursuit. I'd seen it earlier in the year in a magazine, and mentioned how wonderful I thought it was and so it was lovely that my mom remembered and bought it for me :) I'm really looking forward to playing it! As someone who is a little addicted to buying notebooks, I am always over the moon to get more, and I think the design on this one is gorgeous! Even though I'm not a huge fan of the colour gold, it goes so well with the black on this notebook so I can't not love it! Something that is cool about the pencil you can see on the side of the notebook, is that it's actually a pen in disguise!! 

I love the Hogwarts crest on the front of this tin of playing cards, which my mom bought for me purely because I have a bit of a thing for tins :D I don't know why, but ever since I was little, I have been a fan of products that come in a decorative tin. Playing cards are always handy to have, and I was in need of some more since my old ones got covered in alcohol during a drinking game and had to go in the bin, oops! 

Care Bears Funshine Bear Plushie

Yes I'm 26 years old, and yes I was extremely happy to unwrap a Care Bear plushie :D Funshine Bear has been my favourite Care Bear since childhood, and I am very glad to now have a plushie to him to add to my collection. I love how vibrant the yellow they've chosen for him is, it makes me feel a little uplifted each time I look at him, and of course his smiley sunshine belly and heart-shaped nose help too! The plushie is made of lovely material and I can't decide whether I want to keep him in the box or not, because he looks super cuddly! Do you have a favourite Care Bear? Let me know in the comments. 

Pusheen socks, Molang socks, cute fluffy grey rabbit keyring

I love how when I was younger, I would always dislike getting socks and would think like, socks? as a present?!. However, as an adult, I am always happy to get more socks, especially when they are as cute as these! Primark makes such awesome socks, and it's marvellous that they have been doing collaborations with so many cute brands! I was surprised to see that they'd made Molang socks!! Does anymore know if they have made more Molang productions?? If not, I hope that they do. I have loved Molang for the longest time! Oh my gosh, I need Primark to do a Sanrio/San-X collab next! How cute is this super fluffy, grey bunny thing that I also got!? 

A white and gold cat trinket dish, and a colourful notebook

Awww, this little cat trinket dish that I got is really sweet! I love the simplistic design of it, and how it's got raised pointy ears :) I got another notebook, and it's got such a groovy design on the cover. I think it looks like water that has had a paintbrush dipped into it several times. The pages inside are a cream colour, and I always prefer notebooks that are like this, especially for using for any writing projects I am working on because, I don't know, it almost feels like you're writing on old fashioned paper and I just love that aesthetic. It's the little things :) 

If you're a fellow toy lover, then you'll love the rest of today's post! It's going to get picture heavy from now because I was surprised with lots of blind bags, so there's many little toys/figures to show you all. I'm very curious to know which of the figures I received are everyone's personal favourites, so please let me know :) 

Several packages from various surprise toy bags,

Disney Tsum Tsum Mini Figures

I got several Disney Tsum Tsum blind bags and packs; some of them I didn't manage to photograph the packaging for because they were plastic and I cut them open with scissors on Christmas Day! I have a few unboxing videos saved from my story posts over on my toy photography Instagram if you're interested :) Find me here. It's a shame that the popularity of Tsum Tsum's has declined here in the UK because I can't get hold of the ones I would love to get for my collection anymore! The last time I visited a Disney Store, which was last month whilst I was in Manchester city for the Christmas Markets, there wasn't a Tsum Tsum in sight! The only advantage is that the blind bags and such have become a lot cheaper and it's probably easier to get the figures that you don't have if you're a collector, since a lot of people don't buy them anymore. I only collect the mini plushies, but I am a big fan of figures so I can't help but pick up a blind bag whenever I see them for a reasonable price! 

One of the packs I got was the kind that you get one mystery figure in and the rest you can see in the packaging; my mom picked it specifically because it had Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas in it and she knows how much I love the movie :) The surprise figure that I found inside this pack was Flynn Rider from Tangled (2010). I love his little goatee beard! The other pack I got included flocked (furry-textured) Tsum Tsum figures, one mystery and one was the white rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. I was very happy to find Sully from Monster's, Inc. (2001) inside my pack, because who doesn't love Monster's Inc? 

Disney Tsum Tsum Mini Figures: Heimlich A Bugs Life, Rafiki The Lion King

Disney Tsum Tsum Mini Figures: Mr Big Zootopia, Piglet Winnie the Pooh

Above are the figures that I got inside the circular Tsum Tsum blind bags, which include two from Series 8, one from Series 7 and another from Series 6 :) My favourite by far is the Series 8 Rafiki figure, just look how pretty it is with the tree! The Lion King 1 & 2 have forever been my favourite Disney movies, and you don't see much merchandise of good old Rafiki, so I'm so glad  to have gotten this figure! I have to admit that even though these figures are super adorable, the little props that they come with can be a little annoying, especially when you are trying to sit your figure on them the way that the packaging shows! The other figures I got are Winnie the Pooh's Piglet, Mr Big from Zootopia (2016) and Heimlich the caterpillar from A Bug's Life (1998). Seriously, how cute is the Heimlich's face!? 

Care Bears Blind Bags, Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts Lego

Sylvanian Families Baby Band Series, TY Mini Boos Blind Box

Yayy! More Care Bears! I'd never seen these Care Bears blind bags before, and it was such a fun surprise! The bags are so colourful and that just made me even more excited, I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging! I was really hoping that I would get Funshine and it must have been a case of Christmas luck, because I got him, eeee! That literally never happens to me when I have one or two blind bags, I always seem to get the figures I don't want as much, so it was fabulous to get him!! I also got a bear that I don't remember from the old cartoons, called Laugh-A-Lot Bear, but she's cute! Who do you prefer: Laugh-A-Lot or Funshine? 

On my birthday back at the start of October last year, I started collecting the new Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Lego figures, from the blind bag series, after seeing lots of unboxing on YouTube and Instagram. Although I have always thought Lego was brilliant, I never played with it much as a kid and I didn't want to end up getting obsessed with another collectable figure series, however when it's a Harry Potter related thing, I find that my power to resist goes out of the window, and thus I am now a Lego collector XD On Christmas Day, I 'unboxed' Cedric Diggory to go with my Cho Chang and Voldemort figures :) I love that this figure looks a lot more like Robert Pattinson who played Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) than the Funko Mystery Mini Cedric that I have. I think his Hufflepuff coloured uniform looks fantastic too! 

The final mystery toys that I got are a very lovely Dalmatian puppy called Fetch, from a TY Mini Boos blind box (series 3) and a Sylvanian Families 'Baby Band Series' teeny yellow Labrador figure :) From being very young, I have wanted to collect Sylvanian families but they were always too expensive, and you had to buy all of the houses and other accessories separately too! When I got older, I was very tempted to start buying them myself but I know that I don't have the room so I'm waiting patiently until the day I can start collecting them! My mom hasn't helped me by bringing this blind bag series to my attention though! XD Now that I know they exist, I want them all :) They are such pretty little figures with the cutest instrument accessories! 

What I got for Christmas 2018

To conclude my post, I want to show you guys the gifts that one of my brothers bought me for Christmas. He got me so much this year! There was also supposed to be a packet of those American sweets called Nerds in the photo, but I love them and couldn't resist devouring them! I'm looking forward to trying out these fabulous-looking unicorn horn bathbombs, I want to see how differently they react once they are added to the water! They are almost too pretty to use, and I'm hoping that they smell good! It's going to be very interesting to try and make this sheep plushie though, considering I have never been any good at stitching, and haven't knitted in my life! Oh well, new year, new adventures, right!? 

How cute is the packaging for the bath salts!? Foxes are one of my favourite animals, and I don't think I'm going to be able to open this item because I don't want to risk ruining the fox packaging! I'm very happy to have a new plushie to add to my little Teenie TY collection (read more here). My brother didn't even know that I had started collecting them so it's great that he got me one that I don't have already. I have wanted to try Hershey's kisses for years now so it's awesome to receive some of those too! 

I've been very spoilt this year by my loved ones and I am so thankful to get so many excellent and thoughtful gifts!  I also got some new Funko Pop! Vinyl figures but I forgot to snap a photo of them, as usual, I always miss something! I hope that you all enjoyed my post, and please share a link in the comments for me to check out any Christmas present posts that you shared, I'd love to have a read :) 

Thankyou for reading! 

What was your favourite gift that you received this Christmas?

Did you treat yourself to anything, especially in the Boxing Day & January sales?


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Banpresto CraneKing Figures | Japan Award Haul

Hi guys! January is officially going to be the month of catching up on posts that I've been meaning to write for a while! Better late than never, right? :) I'm so happy to finally be sharing this post because I've been really looking forward to showing you all the absolutely marvellous figures that I purchased through one of my favourite YouTube channels, Japan Award! It's seriously been so hard not to share any photos of them on social media, but that would have ruined the surprise! 

Back at the end of October, I blogged all about my first time playing Ichiban Kuji, which if you didn't know is a Japanese lottery game where you buy tickets and are guaranteed to win a fabulous prize each time you play. You can learn more about kuji and see my prizes here. I mentioned in that post that I had some other items to show you guys and that is what is going to be the subject of today's post. I also said I'd blog about them a week later, but we all know how fun 2018 was for me, so yeah, that never happened... :') But it's happening now, and I hope you all enjoy! 

A photo showing three Banpresto figure boxes

I was so over the moon to have stumbled upon the Japan Award channel one day through my recommended videos; not only is the channel super fun to watch, but after years and years of wishing I could get the amazing products from Japan that I so desperately wanted in my life, I now had the chance!  Of course, there have always been a few ways to source products from Japan online, but I could only ever find sites that were pretty pricey and this is all back when I was still a student, so I couldn't really afford to pay what they were asking! 

I love ordering through Japan Award because Horacio & Lin, the YouTube hosts, are super friendly and lovely people! They make you feel really welcome and together with all the other followers, it feels like one big happy kuji-loving family :D As cheesy as that sounds, if you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I have anxiety disorder and this means that I have a really tough time interacting with people, but they are very approachable and sweet, and I can't thank them enough for making it easy for me to get in touch :) 

Anyhow, before I get carried away with myself, let's get onto the toys!! *insert lots of heart-eye emojis here*. Something that I think is absolutely amazing about Japan is their arcades. Honestly they are so fantastic, and the quality of the games and the items that you can win there is wonderful! Yes, all of these figures come from an arcade game! You know those grabber-machines? The ones that in British arcades are always filled with cheap plushies, that are most of the time really difficult to win because they are rigged? Well, those crane machine arcade games are where my beautiful figures came from!! How brilliant is that? (Why can't we have awesome prizes like these T_T ). Can I get a drumroll please... because now it's time to show you what these figures look like out of the box! I'd like to just say how much I love the presentation of these items too. The boxes are almost just as pretty as the figures themselves! This post is going to get pic heavy from this point on, because I can't not display the figures at every angle, obviously XD

~ Super Saiyan Vegeta ~

Banpresto Absolute Perfection Super Saiyan Vegeta Figure

Banpresto Absolute Perfection Super Saiyan Vegeta Figure

I have been a fan of the Dragon Ball anime franchise ever since I was very young. I must have been around 7 years old when I watched Dragon Ball Z for the first time and I immediately fell in love with it! Especially when it comes to the character of Vegeta, with his sarcastic, grumpy personality which I thought was hilarious and for some reason, endearing. I have always been more drawn to the darker characters, the misunderstood ones, the types that were labelled as 'villains'. I love how multi-dimensional these characters were, and they were so much more interesting to me than heroes, as much as I liked them too! Vegeta started out very much as a enemy of the main protagonist of the anime, and little Sarah decided he was her favourite character. Adult Sarah still agrees, haha! 

I have always wanted a figure of Vegeta, and I was super happy when Funko started making Dragon Ball characters... I mean I love my Vegeta Pop! Vinyl figure and even though I am a collector of Pop! and love them, there's just something so much more special about having a more realistic figure. After watching countless kawaii and nerdy bedroom tours on YouTube, and seeing people's Japanese figure collections, I wanted some for myself so badly. I loved how eye-catching and incredibly detailed they were. So, you can imagine how happy I was when I saw a post over on Japan Award's Instagram showcasing the new Dragon Ball Z Absolute Perfection collection of figures by Banpresto. I had to have it! 

Banpresto Absolute Perfection Super Saiyan Vegeta Figure

Banpresto Absolute Perfection Super Saiyan Vegeta Figure

As soon as I took my Vegeta figure out of his box, I was blown away by how detailed he was! It's really amazing how much detail has gone in to a figure that you can win for around £20-£25 (obviously sometimes it takes more, like any arcade game it's all about luck and perseverance!). From his muscles and the parts of his armour/uniform that are taut, to his epic iconic hair and the badass look on his face, he just looks incredible and I am so happy to have added him to my toy collection. This might sound weird, but I don't care, even the butt on this figure looks good XD When they named these figures absolute perfection, they weren't kidding ;) 

The colours used for Vegeta are so bold and vibrant; I mean, look at that blue! It just pops, and he's going to be tough to miss when he's displayed up on a shelf in my room. Not only do you get the figure himself but he also comes with a base to attach to, a super cool looking rock featuring the awesome flame that surrounds Saiyan's when they are in full power, fight mode.  The design of and the shade Banpresto have used for this flame attachment matches perfectly with his hair. Another thing that is so fantastic about this figure is that there's no damage, the paintjob is amazing, and he just looks so clean, which as a collector of Funko products, I can say really surprised me because we all know how annoying they are with their manufacturing errors (ugh >.<). Okay, here's one more photo of Vegeta... it's so hard to not show you guys every single small detail on this brilliant figure! 

Banpresto Absolute Perfection Super Saiyan Vegeta Figure

~ Disney Q Posket Maleficent ~

Banpresto Disney Q Posket Maleficent Figure

Banpresto Disney Q Posket Maleficent Figure

Here is another type of figure that I have had my eyes on for a while, Disney Q Poskets! I first started seeing these super kawaii figures around on Tumblr and it took me a while to discover that they weren't something that was bespoke or designed by an independent artist somewhere in the world. I honestly believed that they were going to be really expensive and difficult to obtain, because they just look so beautiful! However, one day I randomly found them on a website, I think it was for a company based in Australia, and I learnt what they were and that they were in fact made by Banpresto. I was sad when I couldn't find many of them available in the UK and I didn't want to pay too much for shipping when I was just buying one figure, and not doing a haul or something. So I just resolved myself to the fact that I wouldn't be getting a Q Posket any time soon. But thanks for Japan Award, I now have one of my very own! 

I have never really been a particular fan of Maleficent to be honest, I love all Disney movies and very much appreciate their animation and story creation, so I don't dislike many characters at least, but I just got so overexcited upon seeing a Q Posket that I felt compelled to buy her right away, and I do not regret a thing! Again, as soon as I set eyes on this figure, I was in awe of just how pretty she was in person! The big eyes that brought the figures to my attention in the first place just made me adore chibi Maleficent, and then I looked at the rest of her design and just thought wow!. 

Banpresto Disney Q Posket Maleficent Figure

Banpresto Disney Q Posket Maleficent Figure

Seriously though, how cool is this figure!? I am lovin' every part of her, from the fabulous, flowing enchantress ropes, to her awesome sceptre/staff, and her headdress. Something I have always loved about Maleficent's look is her headdress, and how much it resembles demon horns. It's so unique to her character and we all know I'm all about that spooky stuff. I love the flashes of purple and red throughout her robes, and how it matches her red nails and purple eyeshadow. Can we just talk about how on point her make up is? I love how something can be both simplistic and yet so detailed in design at the same time. Her face just draws your eyes towards it, and I think it's so cute how she's got a little cheeky smile! 

There were actually two variations of this figure available in the arcades, one with Maleficent holding a golden staff and also the green one that my figure has. I much prefer the green one because well, green is my favourite colour but also because there's just something about the colour green that suites the magical aesthetic. Japan Award won me the gold variation and another follower very kindly traded with me so that I could have the green one :) Everyone in the Japan Award community is just super kind like that.

 It seems that after purchasing this figure, I am now seeing so many incredible photographs of other Q Poskets shared within the Instagram toy community and it's made me super excited to take mine out and about and get some proper photos of her. It has also added fuel to the fire, in the sense that I now NEED more Q Poskets :D At this point, I might have to sleep on the floor because figures are taking over my life!! Here's another shot of Maleficent to show you the stand that comes with these stunning figures; I like how they've even put a floral design around the base. Again, it's phenomenal how much attention to detail has gone into these figures, considering they are usually obtainable for less than £30!  

Banpresto Disney Q Posket Maleficent Figure

~ 25th Anniversary Jack Skellington ~

Banpresto Jack Skelling The Nightmare Before Christmas Figure

Banpresto Jack Skelling The Nightmare Before Christmas Figure

I actually purchased this figure along with my second haul from Japan Award, which I can finally blog all about later this month and show you guys more ichiban kuji goodness! If you are a fellow fan of Tim Burton's work and/or just someone who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), then you will know that November 2018 marked the 25th Anniversary for the movie! In celebration, there were so many companies that made special releases, including Funko, who brought out lots more characters in Pop! form as well as Mystery Mini blind boxes and all sorts of other awesome toys. Banpresto didn't miss out on the occasion and released this marvellous anniversary figure of main man, Mr Jack Skellington himself. Look how beautiful he is! 

This figure of Jack is the tallest figure I have ever owned, he stands at 30cm in total and his super long legs look so impressive in his iconic pinstriped suit. I really like the design and how they've incorporated the stand, or podium thing, that Jack is leaning his arm against, that also acts as a support for the figure. As you can see, there's a stone at the top of this podium that says 25 Years, and I think it's great that they've included this. Of course, the most gorgeous part of this figure is the design of Jack, his outfit is perfect! It's wonderful how they made the end of his blazer/jacket looks like it's flowing in the wind, and that they made his collar so extravagant! I am lovin' how eye-catching the little cat detail is! 

Banpresto Jack Skelling The Nightmare Before Christmas Figure

Banpresto Jack Skelling The Nightmare Before Christmas Figure

Isn't Jack's facial expression super cute!? I have always loved how simple the design of his face is but how striking it looks nonetheless. One of my favourite things about this figure are Jack's skeletal hands, the detail is really nicely done and they look incredible, even in the way they are positioned. I wanted to show you guys what the base of the figure looks like; despite it being very plain, it really does look like the base of a podium, and I personally think it finishes the overall look of the figure very well.

The only downside to this figure in my opinion is how flimsy it feels. Not the figure itself, but in the way it attaches to the base. With my other Banpresto figures, they feel very secured once I have pushed all of the slots into their corresponding parts, and I can move the figure around without worrying that it's going to fall apart. However with this Jack Skellington figure, they feel very loose and the 'pegs' or whatever you call them are always popping out of the slots whenever I move the figure. It just doesn't seem to sit right, but to be honest, it's not a big problem, and when I have this figure up on a shelf or something, I won't need to move it other than when I want to photograph it. It was also very decently priced so I don't mind :) 

Japanese Banpresto Figures

I just wanted to conclude this post by showing you all what the figures look like in full. Don't they all look super terrific!? I'd love to hear what you think about Vegeta, Maleficent and Jack Skellington in the comments. I am sooooo delighted with my first ever figures from Japan and I will treasure them! They are really pretty and I have never owned anything like them before. It's going to be a struggle to save money from now on :D RIP bank account. I hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing all about these fantastic figures. Apologies if I got a little carried away with myself! I cannot recommend Japan Award enough, be sure to check out their YouTube channel & Instagram if you love all things Japanese nerd culture related! 

Next, I will be blogging all about what I got for Christmas, so pop back within the next few days to see that. I'll post a notification on my Twitter when it's up so go follow me over there if you don't wanna miss that :) 

Thankyou for reading! 

What is your favourite figure out of the three I featured in today's post? 

Do you own any figures? If so, I'd love to hear all about them!


Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Summer 2018 Pusheen Box | Review

Hi lovelies! You may have read the title of this post and thought Summer? It's no where near Summer yet! And of course, you'd be right :D However today I am bringing you guys a little helping of Summer vibes! As you all know, well if you're one of my wonderful regular readers, my 'blogging game' was very much depleted in 2018 and there were a lot of posts in my schedule that never got written, photography that didn't get taken, and notes full of scribbled ideas that are now lost. You guys voted in a poll over on my Twitter that you still wanted to see what I got inside last year's Spring and Summer Pusheen subscription boxes, despite it being quite a while since I received them. And although I posted my Spring one (you can read it here if you're interested), stressful life situations got in the way and the Summer Box Review never came. It might be many months since Summer has been and gone, but I said I'd share it, so here we are! In a way, today's post is akin to those 'see past boxes' options on subscription box websites, and I always like to look at those before I deciding whether or not to order them for myself, so think of my post like that! I also love a good nosey at what people get in their subscription boxes, even if I don't plan on getting it myself :D Whatever you're reading for, I hope you enjoy what I have to say! I'm sure those of you who are not fans of the colder seasons will appreciate the theme anyhow :) 

A photo of the Pusheen Subscription Box, Summer 2018 edition

I always like to kick start these kinds of posts by explaining more about the subscription box service itself and how it works, so if you like what you've seen once you have finished reading, you have the information to go and grab one for yourselves :) Many subscription boxes out there are received monthly and although they can still be fabulous, it means they are usually filled with items that are valued according to the subscription fee you pay. This often results in you getting fewer items, especially if they are high quality or official branded merchandise. Some subscription boxes are therefore prone to pack more 'filler items' into their boxes, that lots of people don't enjoy as much. This is not always the case of course and I have gotten monthly subscription boxes in the past that I was very happy with... 

Anyhow before I get too off point, the difference with the Pusheen Box is that it's one of the quarterly subscriptions that are becoming more and more popular. You basically receive a box once every season (three months approx.) and I think that you get a lot more value for your money with this type of subscription. It works out that you pay an upfront fee for each season that would work out at around £20 per box if it was divided monthly, which I think is very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the items that you get inside the Pusheen Box. There is a theme to each of the boxes and that is always fun! With every edition, you get a vinyl figure that matches whatever the theme is, and I have found that each and every other item in the box to be useful in some way. This is rare with subscription boxes, where you can receive things that you are not really sure what to do with :D Before you all get bored, haha, it's time to talk about what I discovered inside 2018's Summer Pusheen Box!

Birds-eye view of the entire contents of the Pusheen Summer 2018 box

Voila! No matter what the theme, the contents of the Pusheen Subscription Box is always very aesthetically pleasing, especially if like me, you're a fan of all things pastel and cute! Despite having been subscribed to the box for ages now, I am still surprised by how pretty everything is each time I unbox them :) I feel like I say this everytime, but something that I really appreciate about the Pusheen Box is how much they think about the presentation and packaging of, not only the box itself when they make it match the theme, but also in the way they pack all of the individual items inside. The more fragile items are always in a box, which includes whatever protective 'padding' is required to keep the item safe, and they always make sure to put other items inside plastic so that they don't get scratched, etc. There are other companies that do this too to a degree, but CultureFly, the manufacturers of Pusheen Box even decorate the packaging, with descriptions and pictures of the items inside, VS the plain boxes that other companies typically use.  

As you can see from my photo above, I received 8 items in the Summer 2018 box: Pusheenicorn pot, a plushie, a pack of super adorable paper straws, USB desktop fan, Pusheen & friends tank top, the exclusive vinyl figure that comes in every box (with a different design each time of course), a Pusheenicorn water bottle, and lastly, an inflatable drink float. The overall theme of this box seems to be Summer vacation, with a dash of unicorn fabulousness randomly thrown in, which is not something I'm going to complain about! Unicorns plus cat equals a happy Sarah! 

Very cute Pusheen postcard that comes with the Summer 2018 Pusheen Box

Another cute touch to the Pusheen Box is the artwork on their item information card/postcard. It is always super adorable, and would look awesome pinned up on a notice board or art wall, or even put into a frame. It makes me wish that I was still living at university or just living in my own place in general, so that I could put them up on the fridge, and change them up with each new season :) Don't you agree that they'd look great on the fridge? Haha :D Oh my gosh, how cute is the sloth on this postcard though!

A summer-themed vinyl figure of Pusheen as a surfer riding a wave

A summer-themed vinyl figure of Pusheen as a surfer riding a wave

Here's what the exclusive vinyl figure that we received in the Summer 2018 box looks like up close. Something that I like about these vinyl figures, other than the fact that I am a collector of vinyl figures and so always appreciate adding more to my ever-growing collection, is that they still reflect the simplistic, iconic look of Pusheen the cat that we know and love, but just make little additions that are awesome! 

Based on the previous vinyl figures we've gotten in past boxes, I'm not going to lie and say that I love this Summer 2018 edition, but this might just be down to my personal opinion. It is a very cool design and I like the translucent blue part of the figure that represents the wave that Surfer Pusheen is riding. As a toy photographer, I am excited about how this figure might look on photos when taken on a beach, and it is very summery, so I think it would be great to display in your house around this time to bring a little bit of the joys of Summer indoors :) I don't know, I am more of a fan of pastel or darker shades, so the vibrant colour scheme of the figure does not appeal to me like the previous figures have. What do you all think of this figure? 

A plushie of Pusheen wearing a rubber ring for swimming

It's always really nice to find a cuddly Pusheen hiding inside the subscription box, and this one is lovely! The design is very simplistic, which I like as it doesn't distract away from the incredibly adorable expression on Pusheen's face! The plushie feels very soft and is made from high quality material, just like every single Pusheen plush I have ever seen in person. They do a really good job with designing them, and I would love to get more! I've been tempted to purchase one of their Pusheenimals ones for a while now :) 

I really like when plushies are squishy and this one is, however the material that the ring is made out of isn't so that's a shame. It is a much more rough fabric, which makes sense because it's supposed to stand out against the soft texture of Pusheen herself, but I wish they'd made it with the same silky smooth fabric of the plushie regardless. I love the colours they've chosen, and the item reminds me of myself in a way :D I am chubby like Pusheen and also I cannot swim, so I'd just be floating around in the water with something inflatable to keep me from drowning like this ring, haha! Thanks Pusheen Box for another fantastic addition to my plushie army! 

A vest top/tank top featuring Pusheen the cat characters at the beach

A vest top/tank top featuring Pusheen the cat characters at the beach

Seriously, how flippin' cute is this design of Pusheen & her friends, well brother and sister, enjoying one of the best things that Summer has to offer, ice-cream desserts!? Look how sweet they are, with their excited little faces! I might have squeeee'd a little when I first looked at the design on this tank top, or vest top, as we more usually refer to them here in the UK. Each Pusheen Box includes some sort of clothing item, whether it be a t-shirt or a jumper or a hat, etc. I am really happy because unlike other subscription services/companies, the makers behind Pusheen Box actually understand that people come in all shapes and sizes, and that plus size people want to enjoy their boxes just as much as anyone else (I am looking at you Harry Potter subscription boxes...). The clothing that I receive in the Pusheen Box always fits me well and makes me feel adorable when I'm wearing it, and how could I not with their brilliant designs! 

I wish that this vest top would have been a tee to be honest, but that's only because I don't really wear vest tops/tank tops, I don't like how much of a gap there is under the arms, but I can still rock it under a thin cardigan throughout Summer though I guess. I don't want to miss out on wearing it anyhow because the design is lovely; I really like the blue and yellow colour scheme and how it represents sky and sand, and the fluffy white clouds are a sweet addition too. The fact that the colours are bright and cheerful, but are still pretty pale in shade is something I like too. But my favourite thing about the vest top is the fact that Pip is on it!! Pip is my favourite Pusheen character; he's the black kitty you can see above, and is the little brother of Pusheen and Stormy (middle cat). Pip is eating the best dessert on the print, a huge ice-cream sundae, which is what I'd choose to eat too! I'm curious, what's your favourite ice-cream flavour? Let me know in the comments. Mine's mint chocolate chip! 

A photo of a Pusheen desk fan

I have literally wanted a desk fan for what feels like forever now, in preparation for whenever I manage to get my bedroom decorated and my new desk set up (I know I know, it's starting to look like it won't happen for years at this rate! Oops). I know I wanted one with a cute and/or geeky design, but I just couldn't find the right one that wasn't too expensive to both buy and then ship to the UK. Pusheen Box have now saved me from the endless searching! I like that this one is USB-powered, because it means wherever my laptop goes, the fan can too, which is going to be super helpful in the hotter months, but also in general because being a blogger means spending a lot of time typing away on your laptop or computer, and these things get hot! I like that the Pusheen Box desk fan is much larger than other versions I was looking at, and overall it has a simplistic design that will go well within any bedroom d├ęcor scheme :) 

A photo of a selection of Pusheen paper straws with cute designs on them

I am trying to make little changes to my life that are more friendly to the environment, which you may already know if you've seen my first post of 2019 all about using brown paper for wrapping presents (check it out here). One of the things I've been very interested in for a while is getting one of those metal drinking straws that you can fold and store away in a little capsule case thing, to take with me to restaurants, etc. However they look very tricky to clean, even with some companies providing special brushes to clean inside the straws, and as an alternative I have been looking into using paper straws instead, until I can find out more about the metal option. So this item is perfect for helping me make that change :) If I can ever bring myself to use them that is, because they are gorgeous! 

It's excellent that you get fifteen straws in the pack, so I can always use them but save a couple to keep, because I like to hoard random things that look cute and never use them apparently XD I have a problem. As you can see, you get three different designs, five of each, and they are all equally as pretty. I love how colourful they are, and they feature so many wonderful things like ice-creams, rainbows, stars, fluffy clouds, gemstones and Pusheen herself... in the form of Pusheenicorn too! I cannot even choose a favourite, but I'd love to know which one you guys like best :) These paper straws are going to come in handy in the Summertime, when it feels somehow more refreshing to sip cold drinks through a straw when you're out and about in the sunshine, or dealing with the sweltering heat in the shade where I am normally to be found! 

A pusheen/pusheenicorn mini tea pot or watering can

A pusheen/pusheenicorn mini tea pot or watering can

This item is listed simply a Pusheenicorn pot, even though it is a multi-purpose item and very wonderful indeed! Firstly, look at all of the eye-catching colours in this cat-unicorn's mane and tail! It looks so nice and makes me think of sweets, and just makes me smile whenever I look at it. This 'pot' can be used, without the lid, as a pen pot or to store little bits and bobs in. But it's also a tea pot and can double as a watering can! 

When I first saw it, it reminded me of an item I received in my first ever Pusheen box, which was another small multi-functional ceramic pot, however that one had a hole in the base so that it could be used as a flower pot, whereas this one doesn't. You could totally use both items in tandem, one as a planter and the Pusheenicorn to water your plant :) How cute! 

The size of this little tea pot makes me think of tea parties and I feel a mighty need to take it along to a picnic in the park! Hopefully that can be arranged once the weather improves :) Again, I love that Pusheen's typical simple, grey design has been subtly enhanced, and isn't too garish because of the use of more pastel colours. I really adore this item! 

A Pusheen water bottle with a design of ice cream sprinkles and cute Pusheenicorn

What is more useful an item in Summer than a water bottle, and who doesn't want to show off this one whenever they are forced to endure the blazing sun! Haha, I'm kidding, Summer has it's wonders like any other season, and sunny weather can be amazing... but yeah, it's very important to keep hydrated, especially if you're a spoonie and so you can't go wrong with receiving a water bottle in a Summer subscription box. 

This one has such a stunning design too, from the rainbow sprinkles, to the Pusheenicorn eating an ice-cream, and the bright sunshine-yellow cap! It is narrow and won't carry as much water as some other bottles can, so it's a good item to take with you on short outings or if you know you're going somewhere that you can refill it. The pink rubber handle looks very sturdy too, so you can have a firm grip on your water bottle if you are running or bike riding or during whatever outdoorsy activity you may like to participate in when it's nice out. 

With the design that was on the front of the box, the sprinkles/hundreds & thousands, I was hoping to see some similarly decorated items in the box so I was very glad to uncover this water bottle in my Pusheen 2018 Summer box, as it is the only item that has sprinkles on it! I don't mind too much though because all of the items are great, but I feel personally like it would have been better if the makers would have designed an ice-cream themed vinyl figure, maybe a sundae with Pusheen sitting on top, decorated with sprinkles and with a scattering of other yummy dessert toppings. Sorry Surfer Pusheen! 

A selection of items from the Pusheen 2018 Summer Box

So, these three items are my favourite of all those I got in my Summer 2018 Pusheen Box subscription. I think they are the sweetest and most adorable additions, and I am really over the moon to have received them. I cannot wait to have them displayed in my bedroom once all my decorating is done and I can finally stop living out of cardboard boxes, not being able to find any of my possessions when I need to, ugh >.< In conclusion, there has never been a Pusheen Box that I did not love, even when the theme wasn't really something that appealed to me per se, it is impossible to not love something with Pusheen on it, because I am pretty obsessed with this loveable, round ball of fur :3 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the inflatable drink float thingie! I couldn't photograph it because it is the only one of the items I received that I'm not really going to get any use out of. I cannot swim so I won't be spending my Summer days in a pool, unless it involves sitting in a kid's paddling pool in my garden complaining about the heat XD so I would rather gift the item to a friend if they are going on holiday or something, and so I wanted to leave it sealed in its packaging. However, I do think this item is great, even though it's not something I can use, so many people will be able too, and I mean you could technically inflate it and stand it on the grass and whatnot to use as a little table for your drink, haha. I think drink floats for a pool look rather fancy, and Pusheen Box is helping people be their best fancy yet kawaii selves over Summer with this item! 

A selection of items from the Pusheen 2018 Summer Box

Well, that's all I can say about the Summer 2018 Pusheen Box! Apologies guys, for taking so long to share it with you all. I hope you enjoyed this post, regardless of the fact it's early 2019 and currently Wintertime :D I feel like the fabulous items in this box deserved to be showcased, and I love writing about subscription boxes! It's going to be very interesting to see what Pusheen Box will come up with for this Summer. I have received an Autumn Box and a Winter Box since this one arrived, and I will blog about them too as soon as possible, so keep a look out on my social media for those if you're a fellow lover of all things cutesy and cat related. Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone! 

Thankyou for reading! 

Are you a fan of Pusheen the Cat? Do you prefer the warmer months or the colder ones?

What is your favourite item that featured in today's post? 

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