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Tokidoki x Lovehoney Mini Vibe | Review

Hey everyone! As you all know, I am slightly *cough*alot*cough* obsessed with everything kawaii. Well, this love of kawaii extends into all areas of my life- kitchenware, bathroom/hygiene essentials, stationery, and also in the bedroom. Yep, I even love kawaii sex toys! If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Italian kawaii brand, Tokidoki. I have a big collection of their stationery, own several of their plushies and am an avid collector of their vinyl figures. So as you can imagine, when one of my friends brought the recent Tokidoki X Lovehoney collection to my attention, I had a mighty need to add some into my life! (My friends know me so well, haha). Today's post is going to be all about one of the adorable sex toys from this collection, which you can check out here. If my bank account would have permitted, I'd have ordered one of everything, especially the unicorno wand! Oh my gosh, you seriously need to have a look at it! I'm pretty impressed with my kawaii mini vibe, and I hope that you all enjoy reading about it. 

Tokidoki x Lovehoney

First of all, I was really happy with the packaging of this item. As you can see from the photo above, it's decorated with such adorable characters; I'm especially lovin' the little Lovehoney devil. How cute! The packaging says Series 1, which of course makes me super excited at the prospect of more Tokidoki sex toys in the future. The description on the back of the packaging was another lovely element. It reads... 'Release your hidden rainbow energy with sunshine, sparkles and a joyful treasure from the tokidoki pleasure collection. Take a trip behind the magic waterfall and discover a wonderful world of starry-skied pleasure. The powerful vibrations make for marvellous magical moments'. I absolutely love the fairytale esque imagery that the description creates. I'm going to forever refer to sexual pleasure as rainbow energy now! I mean, what is more magical than the feelings of ecstacy that come from sexual pleasure!? 

Tokidoki x Lovehoney

Tokidoki X Lovehoney

I decided to purchase a mini vibe from the collection, mostly because I'm a fan of bullet vibrators but also because the product was only £12.99. I was impressed with the price as it was similar to the standard mini vibes available on the Lovehoney website. With the Tokidoki mini vibe coming in six different designs, it was a challenge to choose which one to get. I eventually opted for the one which I thought was the cutest. My order arrived super quick, I've always received my purchases promptly when I've ordered from Lovehoney in the past. 

As soon as I opened up the parcel, I was in awe at just how incredibly adorable the design of this bullet vibe was! It's so vibrant and colourful, and I was glad to see that the print was great quality and that there were no printjob errors. I love the bright yet simplistic design of this item. It looks fabulous! 

Tokidoki x Lovehoney
Tokidoki x Lovehoney

Tokidoki x Lovehoney

I have to admit that I was definitely a little dubious about whether the material/casing of the vibe would be in perfect condition because I've purchased similar items from Lovehoney before that had damage to the tip of the vibe. The tip of the bullets had actually been rough and not the standard that I would want to use. However, the company were always very helpful and quick to send me out a replacement so I cannot fault them on customer service :) I was pleased to find that my new Tokidoki vibe had no such problem, and was manufactured to an excellent standard.

The silicon material/casing of the vibe has such a lovely, smooth finish. It feels awesome! The area were the mini vibe unscrews so that a battery can be added is smooth too. 10/10 for the design of the vibe from me. The size of the Tokidoki X Lovehoney mini vibe is great too; it's big enough to suit it's purpose but not small enough so you struggle to keep hold of it when you're using it. Oh, and just a note: the battery is not included, which is a little annoying.

Tokidoki x Lovehoney

Tokidoki x Lovehoney

I was curious about how strong the Tokidoki X Lovehoney mini vibe would be, since it only has a single speed VS other similar items I have that have 3+ different speed options. I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of this vibrator. It's pretty intense for such a small toy! It is a fantastic item and I can't recommend it enough. Another point that's important to mention is the sound- how quiet is this mini vibe? It definitely isn't the most silent of vibrators, so I'd suggest playing some music if you don't live alone, haha!

Overall, I was really happy with this product and I'm very tempted to collect all of the designs as the packaging encourages :) My kawaii obsession now extends to my sex life, so thanks Lovehoney for collaborating with Tokidoki to bring us this wonderful collection of toys!

Thankyou for reading! 

What do you think of the Tokidoki mini vibe? Do you want one of your own?

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