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Doki Doki Box Update

Happy Saturday Everyone! Yay! It's the weekend and I'm going to be spending most of mine celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest at my friend's Eurovision-themed party!! I can't wait for tonight :) If you follow me on twitter, expect to see a lot of excitable live-tweeting, haha. I'm pretty obsessed with the show (pretty is most definitely an understatement, haha). So, for today's post I wanted to show you all the last few Doki Doki subscription boxes that I received during my blogging break. The last box I blogged about as the December one (read here), and since  then I've received three more boxes before having to cancel my subscription. I really miss getting this adorable surprise box in the post every month, especially since the boxes were really starting to improve! I keep seeing posts about the lastest boxes on social media too *insert sobbing emoji*. Anyhow, be prepared from extreme cuteness & I hope you all enjoy reading!

Each Doki Doki Box has a specific theme, and the theme for the three boxes I received are as follows, January: New Year, February: Valentine's Day, and March: Girl's Day (Hinamatsuri). Keep scrolling to find out what was inside each month's Doki Doki Box :) 

 ♥ January Doki Doki Box

January Doki Doki Box

The January 'New Years' Box included: a Macaron Case, a Relax Panda Hand Rest, a Biscuit Pen, a Mount Fuji Hoppe Chan charm, a plush called 'Julie: Shogatsu Edition', a Nekomimi Headband, and a selection of Japanese snacks/candy. 

When I opened the box, I was greeted by a little flyer which told all of us subscribers about a problem the company had had with US Customs, as they randomly selected one of their items for checks. Originally, the box would have also included an 'Higemanju Gamaguchi Coin Purse' by Amuse, but so that there would be a big delay with everyone's boxes, Doki Doki decided to remove this remove and instead give us all some Japanese snacks. We were sent some Genji Pie Cookies, some 'Nyusankin Ikitekimasu' Yogurt Candy and some Fortune Candy. The description for the Fortune Candy sounds really fun! Each individual sweet in the packet is labelled based on different fortunes, e.g. Popularity, Health, Travel, Future and Love. When you pop out each candy, you'll reveal a shape and they've given us a little key to tell us whether the shape represents a fortune of very good, good, not good or bad. This should be interesting! The snack I'm most looking forward to trying are the Genji Pie cookies. 

January Doki Doki Box

I really like the Macaron Case, as it's quite big so there's a lot more options for what you can store it in. It would be a handy case to take them when I go out on a day trip or when I'm staying over at a friends house to store things in like medication, small hygiene products and make-up, etc. The Julie plushie is super cute; I love the detail of her face and even more so her little cross nose as it reminds me of the bunny character Miffy.  Julie is designed in the style of a 'Daruma' which is a traditional Japanese doll that people make wishes for their New Year on :) 

Charmander Build A Bear Plush

So here we have Flamey, my Charmander Build-A-Bear plush modelling my new Nekomimi Headband. It's so cute, and I think I'm going to use it as a sweatband for when I'm exercising. I love the little cat ears so much :)

 ♥ February Doki Doki Box

February Doki Doki Box

Inside the February Doki Doki Box, which had a 'Valentine's Day' theme, there were some Totoro Chopsticks, a Chocolate Pen, a Valentine's Day Hoppe Chan charm, a Cherry Hair Clip, some Sanrio Character Fluffy Socks, a box of 'Meltykiss' Japanese Candy, and a Mango or Berry plushie. 

There were several character socks you could have recieved including My Melody and Gudetama according to the illustrations in the monthly magazine. I'm really glad I got Hello Kitty, although my favourite Sanrio character of all time is Kuromi. Fellow kawaii fans, who's your favourite Sanrio character? Another item that had more than one style was the little bird plushies, which had two characters available. I received Mango (I think), however I would have preferred to get the Berry plushie. They are Lovebirds, how cute!

February Doki Doki Box

The Meltykiss Japanese candy that subscripers were sent is a limited edition 'Intense Strawberry' flavour. I'm not a fan of strawberry flavoured chocolate so I will probably give these to a friend, but it's a nice item for them to add to the box as it suits the theme with both the name of the product but also because, who doesn't like getting chocolates on Valentine's Day!? I actually really likethe Cherry Hair Clip, and I will happily rock it in my hair.Although I like the chocolate pen that I received in the February Box, they've made several items in previous boxes that have this chocolate design and I'm getting a little bored of it. 

Something different about the Doki Doki Box is from February, the company moved their shipping to a Japanese address so that they wouldn't be faced with anymore US Customs checks and such. One fabulous thing that changed for me was that I no longer received a handling fee from customs, which used to cost me so much! So yay!

 ♥ March Doki Doki Box

March Doki Doki Box

The March Box was the final Doki Doki subscription I was sent before I had to cancel :( However, what a fantastic box to end on! This is definitely the best Doki Doki box I've received in my opinion! I loved every single item in the box!! Inside the 'Girl's Day' Box was: a Pote USA Loppy Clip, a Disney Cup, a Neko Atsume Earphone Jack Charm, a 'PuniPuni PyonPyon' plushie, a Slim Pen Case, a 'Hishimochi' Hoppe Chan Charm and finally, a 'Sasurai No Tabineco Fuwa Mocchi' Plushie. This box was just so amazinly kawaii!

Hinamatsuri is a Japanese Festival, which translates to 'Girl's Day' or 'Doll's Day'. It is celebrated on the 3rd of March each year, and is a special day where people pray for the health and happiness of the young girls in their family. People decorate their homes with traditional dolls on a red 'carpet' display, and give offerings to these dolls. I've been in love with Japan and it's culture since I was young, and I always remember being fascinated by these dolls. It would be lovely to visit Japan around this festival and see all of the celebrations at the temples. All the young girls are dressed up in the cutest traditional kimonos :)

March Doki Doki Box

Who else joined in with the Neko Atsume trend when the game first came out? I did, of course, so this charm was a brillant surprise! I can't wait to show it off on my phone :) How adorable is the rabbit plushie we received!? Puni & Pyon are designed with inspiration from the Hinamatsuri dolls, with Puni being an Empress and Pyon, an Emperor. I received Pyon (I think?). I love the bright pink colour of him, and that he's sitting on a leaf. He feels so smooth and soft too :)

There were a few items in this box where subscriptors had a chance of getting one of various different styles/colours including the Loppy Bunny Clip, the cat plushie, the Slim Pen Case and the Disney cup.

 I was very please with my pretty Snow White cup, even though my favourite Disney Princess is Belle from Beauty & The Beast. My sister also fell in love with the cup and kept asking if she could steal it, haha. I haven't had a look yet to see which cat plushies or pencil cases other people were greeted with in their box, but I'm super happy with the ones I got. The pencil case is lovely, but very thin so I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for yet. Maybe some makeup brushes? What would you use it for? I have far too many pens and such to fit into such a small case! 

 ♥ My Favourite Items

Doki Doki Box by Japan Crate
Since I'm blogging about all three boxes at once, I thought it would better to talk about all of my favourite items at once, and so the photo above shows all of my favourite items from three months worth of boxes :) From the January Box, my most loved item was the Panda Hand Rest. It's for wrist or hand support when you are using a computer mouse so it will definitely come in handy for me when I finally get a computer! My fibromyalgia causes me to constantly have painful wrists so I'm hoping it will help relieve some of that. Pandas are adorable!

From the Februay Box, I really loved the Totoro Chopsticks! A) because i'm a massive fan of the Studio Ghibli movie 'My Neighbour Totoro', B) How awesome is the design of these chopsticks!? They have little Chibi-Totoro's and hazelnuts? on, and C) They are plastic instead of wooden, which I really like. I still need to learn how to actually eat with chopsticks though. I also love the socks because as everyone knows, I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty.

It was really hard for me to settle on just one or two favourite items from March's Doki Doki Box, and it was a struggle to restrict myself to three! haha :D I LOVE the 'Sasurai No Tabineco Fuwa Mocchi' plush! It feels incredibly soft and squishy, and reminds me a little of a Disney tsum tsum so it's impossible for me not to love it. I also really like black cats! The Disney Cup is so cute and is actually a great quality, hardy cup too so I'm impressed. I'm over the moon that I have a Neko Atsume item too, because they are quite pricy to buy. 

Finally, here's a close up of all of the Hoppe Chan charms! This little bunny character charm is a feature of every Doki Doki Box, and it's really interesting to each how they've designed her to fit in with the overall theme of each month. January's charm is Mount Fuiji, and the magazine description says that's because its a tradition in Japan on New Year's Eve for people to climb up the Mountain in order to watch the first sunset of the year! How lovely is that? I like how Hoppe Chan's hair looks like fluffy white clouds with a sun and mountain popping out of the top :) 

The Valentine's Day Hoppe Chan is a typical Cupid's Arrow design, but it's still nice and I like the glitter details as well as the big pink bow on Hoppe's head. The March charm is a 'Hishimochi' which is a popular type of mochi eaten during the time of the Girl's Day Festival in Japan. I love all of the layers of colour in this charm and the flower decoration, too. My favourite charm of the three though has to be the Mt. Fuji one, mostly because I love the shade of blue they've chosen. 

Overall, I'm really happy with the last three boxes that I received from Japan Crate, and I can't wait until the day I can re-subscribe. Let me know which was your favourite box and why in the comments. 

Thankyou for reading!  

Which is your favourite item featured in this post?

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