Sunday, 3 September 2017

Why I loved UnicornFairy's Instagram Challenge

Hi Guys! For today's post I want to talk about an instagram challenge that I took part in throughout August, and why I think it was such a fun challenge! If you follow me over on Instagram, you'll have seen me posting photos with the hashtag #UnicornFairyChallenge. It was a daily challenge, and although I always suck at keeping up with these kind of things, I gave it my best effort and still managed to share thirty-one posts, even if I posted several in one day to catch up a few times, haha! Yay! The challenge was created by the lovely Stacey over at UnicornFairy.Net; it was her first ever IG challenge and she thought up such wonderful prompts for each day of the month! I thought I'd share with you all the photos I entered for each prompt :) 

Here is Stacey's fabulous challenge and you can check out her post all about it here

The reason why I loved the Unicorn Fairy Challenge is because it was all about being creative and having creative freedom. Most monthly challenges you find on Instagram are either photo-a-day or drawing-a-day, etc., basically you share via a specific medium for each prompt. The Unicorn Fairy Challenge promoted so much creativity because Stacey encouraged challengees (Did I just make up a word?) to interpret her prompts in whatever way they choose, whether it's a drawing, a digital artwork piece, a photograph or showcasing some fancy lettering. Anything goes, so long as you follow the daily category. I love this idea and I am definitely looking forward to more challenges from Stacey in the future! You did such an awesome job! Another thing I loved about this challenge is that the prompts were very me, in that they were perfectly suited to my interests, and I had a lot of inspiration around me in my life that fit these prompts well. Of course, the challenge just had to end with 'Unicorn', which I adored! 

So now it's time to show you all my entries for the thirty-one prompts. I have put together a few collages since there's a lot of photos! 

I very much enjoy taking part in Instagram challenges because I think they really help to show your followers a little more about your personality, since they get to see what you decide to share for a particular prompt VS how other people taking part do. They also let you share snippets of your life, such as your interests or your pets or your bedroom, that you might not usually share, especially if your account has a particular theme.

It was fantastic being able to check out the entries of others who took part in the #UnicornFairyChallenge. There were some really great interpretations of the prompts! I also like how much Stacey interacted with everyone taking part too; it was lovely! I hope that you all enjoyed reading this post and looking at my entries :) I also hope that I've encouraged you all to take part in Instagram challenges as they are definitely something fun to do, and useful if you're struggling with a creativity block at the moment and don't know what to share on your social media. Let me know in the comments what you would have shared for any of the prompts in this challenge... I'd love to know!

Thankyou for reading! 

What's your favourite monthly instagram challenge?
I also love the photo a day hosted by Cardigan Jezebel!

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  1. I loved this challenge to although I didn't take part, I totally meant to as I was travelling in August BUT I totes forgot that China blocked instagram so I couldn't even access it until I got home. I might do it another month though as I loved the themes and I really enjoyed seeing everyone else taking photos xoxo


  2. Omg Sarah! You got me bawling! Thank you so much for doing this post! I loved how everyone joined in, and how you still made sure you entered even though day or so late (which was no worries at all). I will definitely be doing another challenge soon. I loved seeing how creative everybody was. And even met some new people to follow which was an added bonus. Thank you so much for taking part and you done excellent!

    Stacey xxx

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