Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February Wishlist

Hi guys! Happy Snow Day (if you like snow that is, haha!). I absolutely love the look of it, and waking up to discover how much it has snowed overnight. It's beautiful to see fresh snow with no footprints in it yet, don't you think? However I am not a fan of how freezing it can get, especially since my immune system is crap! I will spend most of Autumn & Winter each year experiencing one cold or flu type sickness after another. I have only just recovered from one, and since yesterday I've had a sore throat and a bunged up nose. Eeek! Bring on springtime! I haven't shared a wishlist yet this year, so I thought it was about time that I did. Next month expect to see my usual monthly one and my March Kawaii & Geeky wishlist too. This month, I've just decided to mash the two together, and I hope you enjoy reading! 

1. Demonia Creeper 222 I have been after some creepers for a very long time now, ever since my late teens but there was always another pair of shoes that I wanted just that little bit more! Thus I saved for those and creepers took a back burner. Towards the end of 2017 though, I spotted an advert for some new releases from the alternative fashion company Demonia, and amongst those shoes were the Creeper 222's! I really liked how they were a simple black creeper, but then came with these unique removable and interchangeable 'ball gags' (you get a pink one & a red one). As some of my regular readers will know, I am into kink and so this little accessory was appealing to me. I think it looks cute, and if you didn't know what a ball gag looked like, it doesn't scream KINKY when you look at the shoes. I would just love for these to be my first pair of creepers! What do you think of this quirky look? 

2. Hell Bunny Navy & White Sailor Style Dress I don't quite know why but I have always wanted a sailor style dress! I love the traditional blue & white colour and the bow, and I think they are just lovely. They somewhat remind me of the typical Japanese girl's school uniform, so they always make me think of cosplay and anime too. At the moment, I am on the look out for dresses and other clothes that I can wear when I go to Portugal in May, and I would love to rock this in Lisbon. Hell Bunny are a company that I have always adored but could never quite afford when I was younger. I recently purchased by first ever Hell Bunny dress for my friend's wedding next month too :) Yours Clothing just have a fabulous selection of their dresses in stock at the moment. 

3. Barry M Under The Sea Nail Polish I have recently been spotting these gorgeous new Barry M nail polishes all over Instagram! The packaging is just so so nice, and the shades themselves look super pretty. I absolutely love all things iridescent! My favourite colours are 'Jellyfish' & 'Butterflyfish', but I would be happy to own any of them. They are the perfect colours for Spring and Summer!

4. Hello Kitty X ASOS Curve Oversized T-Shirt Some of you may not know it but I am pretty obsessed with Hello Kitty. My love for this super cute Sanrio (a Japanese brand) character started in my early teens and I have adored her ever since, as well as all of the other Sanrio characters. My favourite is actually Kuromi but Hello Kitty is a more well-known character and thus her merchandise was always easier to get. I loved how when I was in college, Hello Kitty became even more popular and the stores were filled with all sorts of products. I had bought a few Hello Kitty plushies in High School, but this is when I really became obsessed with adding more and more plushies to my collection! One thing that I always struggled to find was Hello Kitty clothing that was available in plus sizes, and it was so saddening to me at the time. So even all these years later, when I spotted that ASOS Curve had released a collaboration line with Sanrio, I was delighted! I think the print on this tee is sweet and I need it in my wardrobe so much! 

5. Paperchase Shark Stickers I LOVE stationery and I am a firm believer that you can never own too many stickers! I am yet to add any shark stickers to my collection and I need to fix that, haha! Sharks are awesome :) 

6. Ravenclaw Crest Cardigan With the launch of the Harry Potter range in Primark last year and me finally being able to find Ravenclaw merch, it sparked a need to just fill my life with more, to show off my House pride. It also got me thinking more and more about potentially cosplaying as a Hogwarts student for my next trip to Comic Con. I have had my eye on this item for a while, but I am in need of some new thinner cardigans to wear when the weather gets warmer (even though it feels like it never will right now!) so I hope I can buy it soon! It will be fantastic to pair with a Ravenclaw tie and black/grey skirt for cosplay. 

7. Set of 5 Kawaii Badges from Tofu Cute Omgosh I need these badges! I am a fan of covering my bags in button badges, especially when they are super adorable like these! Each pack comes with a random set of five badges, and there's apparently 20 you can collect. I am a sucker for collecting full sets of things, and at only £2.50 per set, I have a feeling I'm not gonna be able to resist! The Tofu Cute original characters are the cutest. They also sell pin badges of them and if you're a pin collector like myself, you should totally check them out :) 

8. Yankee Candle Kiwi Melon I am definitely someone who likes to stock up on the candle scents typically available in Autumn/Winter just because those are my favourite fragrances. However lately I have been burning quite a lot of them, and I just feel like it would be nice to get a lighter, more refreshing scented candle for when Spring arrives. Kiwi Melon sounds delicious (I love candles that smell so good, that it makes you wish you could eat them!). I love kiwis, they are one of my favourite fruit and it just sounds like this will have a lovely fragrance. It is reduced at the moment on the ASDA website because it is from last year's Yankee Candle line, so it's very tempting to take advantage of this bargain. 

9. Chomper the T-Rex Plushie I headed over to the Gund UK website the other day to have a nosey at the new Boo The Pomeranian Fairy Tale range of plushies, which are soooo cute! But I got distracted by something even better... DINOSAUR PLUSHIES! I love love love dinosaurs and even though I own a few mini dino plushies, I don't have a big cuddly one. These plushies say cuddly in their name description! I like the T-Rex best, but I'd happily have them all. I really like the big happy grin on Chomper's face!

10. Geometric Dinosaur Print Duvet Cover More dinosaurs!? Hell yes! ASDA have literally been amazing for their duvet cover designs last year and it looks like they are keeping that up! I have been stocking up on double duvets for when my room decorating is all finished (life is getting in the way majorly with this! ugh), and I would love to get this one too. I really like the colour scheme. The geometric dinosaur duvet was first brought to my attention on the Instagram of the lovely Estelle over at Estellosaurus, who is a fellow blogger and dinosaur lover. You should all go follow her amazing IG account right now! 

Thankyou for reading! 

What's your favourite item on my post today?

Also, I'd love to hear about what's on your own wishlists this month. 
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  1. Everything is so cute, I've been spending way too much lately so I'm putting myself on a ban for the next couple months while I sort my stuff out haha! Stay warm during these strange weather times, hopefully spring will come soon xoxo


    1. Haha that's a good idea! I really need to do the same to save up for my holiday in summer! Oh gosh, the winter was horrid this year! I'm so happy that it's finally springtime :)


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