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Halloween 2018 | Spooky Makeup Look & Celebrations

Hey guys! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! How have you all been celebrating the spookiest day of the year? I've been carving pumpkins, watching horror movies, and if you follow me on social media, you'll know that I've also been dressing up! And that's what today's post is going to be all about! Well, mostly haha. It's going to be a bit of a mash up post of how I've spent my favourite holiday of the year! I know it's a little late to help anyone pick out their own costume this time, but hopefully I can inspire you all for next October. Enjoy! 

I thought I'd start off my post by showing you guys my little Halloween display! I usually have a lot more decorations, however most of my possessions have been packed away in boxes since the end of last year. We were hoping to finally start decorating my bedroom so needed to clear a lot of my stuff out of the way, but as my regular readers will know, 2018 has been a rough year for me and my family, and so decorating got put on a back burner for the time being. I was going to buy more decorations, but I thought I'd make do with what I had and since I've not been able to stop buying mini pumpkins and squashes for the past month, those were perfect for displaying too!! (I'm seriously obsessed with them, haha!). 

Setting up a display in my bedroom gave me the perfect excuse to utilise my Funko horror figures! I think they look fabulous!! I also added this 'vintage' ornament that we have had ever since I was a kid. As you can see the witches broomstick has seen better days and she won't be playing Quidditch anytime soon :D but I think she's lovely! Do you still have any Halloween decorations that you've had for a very long time? So anyhow, today's post is supposed to be all about my Halloween fancy dress this year, and I can't wait to show it you guys!! 

Ta-da! This year, I decided to be a demon, or specifically a succubus ;) Even though I couldn't stop looking in the mirror today at my eyes, it's still kind of surreal to see them on the photos. I think they are mesmerizing, although quite a few of my friends and family told me they looked scary af today XD What do you think? 

This costume was pretty easy to put together, because the 'accessories' are what really made the entire look come to life! Other than making my skin appear more ghostly, I applied my typical go-to eye makeup look. I use several shades of eye shadow, applying white to the inner corners of my eyelid; from this inner corner I apply the white  eye shadow to just under a quarter of my eyelid and then a silver/pale grey to the reminding three quarters. Coming from the outer corner, I then apply a charcoal grey shade to around half of the eyelid, before I finish by putting a little black to the outer corner. I hope that makes sense... you can tell I'm not a beauty blogger, haha! To top it all off, I apply liquid eyeliner with a wing to each eye and a little kohl pencil liner to the waterlines. 

The accessories that I used to create my demon look were Wildcat Fashion White Eye lenses, which I purchased online from EMP (find them here). I used red Wildcat lenses last year to create a vampire look and I was very happy with the quality so I opted to go with them again. For the last three years, I have always bought vampire fangs for Halloween by Scarecrow. I've written a review all about them which you can read here if you're interested. They are so awesome and I think they look super realistic! They are custom fangs so you are given the ingredients to make a paste that you then use to make the fangs a perfect fit for your teeth. Whenever I put them in, I never want to take them out! (I'm literally still wearing them now!). 

All of the makeup that I used to create this look is by brands that are available at drugstores, like Boots, Superdrug and Savers, so they are very affordable and other than the two Halloween-specific items in my photographs above, I use the products all year round. For my eyeshadow, I used shades from two palettes by Makeup Revolution: Acid Brights & Redemption Iconic 1. To add a little colour to my neck, I used the Makeup Revolution 'Spectre SFX Palette Face Paint' that they brought out last year for Halloween, along with the 'Ghost Powder' too, which is what I used to make my skin paler (I applied it over the top of my usual base makeup). :) 

This year I finally decided to try some Nyx liquid lipstick for the first time, including this one from the 'Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick' collection. The shade is called 'Alien' and I love how it looks on! It has a little bit of a blue tinge to it in my opinion, which I think made it match with my eyes even more! I've not used it for long enough for me to give you much of a review of it though, but I like the brush because it makes it easy to apply and I like how smooth it feels on. I'm curious to try more shades from this collection. I'm very happy that Boots are now stocking Nyx products, yay! 

No demon look would be complete without horns, and this year I decided to get goat-esque ones because they are more true to what demon horns look like in mythology. Plus after watching the 2016 horror movie The Witch, I, like many other horror lovers, became a fan of the character Black Philip. After getting the Funko Pop figure of him earlier this year, I just had a mighty need to get some horns like his! Well, whatever equivalent I could find on my budget... there are some epic cosplay horns out there, that look incredible! 

I bought my horns in the end from Attitude Clothing. I had my eyes on another pair of horns that they had in stock, however I had to wait until my last payday before Halloween until I could get them and unfortunately they were sold out. However I managed to get these instead and although I admit I wasn't very keen on the flower clown/headband, when they arrived and I tried them on, I changed my mind! I really liked how they looked! I also loved how the headband is one of those wide types, because they are much more comfortable. Here is a link to the horns. They are made by a brand called Restyle and are just over £20.

So that's everything I used to recreate my demon look! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments :)  

This evening, I carved my pumpkin and although I always want to create something fancy, I know that I will fail so much if I attempt to, so I went with a simple option as usual :D Dyspraxia and intricate carvings don't go work so well together, in my case anyhow! I usually try to do a happy Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, because it's not too complicated to do. I say that, even though I almost snapped my pumpkin knife tool and nearly gave Jack a crater instead of a nose, haha! Nevertheless, pumpkin carving is very messy and very fun, and I even if I mess up my design, it's still a tradition that I enjoy! Here's my finished Jack-O-lantern guys! Do you carve a pumpkin for Halloween? 

I think he's cute, even if he has one eye bigger than the other and a lopsided mouth! It could have been worse :D That's it for my Halloween post of 2018... I hope you enjoyed reading it and that I didn't ramble on too much! I'm now going to spend my evening watching horrors and eating chocolate. Halloween is over soon, but I'm a fan of all things spooky all year round so it's never really over for me! I just wanted to end my post by saying Blessed Samhain to all of my fellow witchy folks I hope that everyone has a wonderful November! 

Thankyou for reading!

What's your favourite thing about Halloween? 

Also, what's your favourite holiday of the year, and do you have a favourite horror movie?

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  1. You look amazing, such a perfect way to celebrate Halloween, sadly I didn't do anything this year but hopefully next year I'll be able to get into the spirit of things, Halloween has always been one of my fave holidays xoxo


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