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Prestige Flowers Review

Hi everyone! I have flowers on the brain so much lately! One of my favourite things about Springtime is all of the flowers popping up everywhere, and I'm so happy that I can now get outside more and do flower photography :) I took lots of photos of the bouquet that I got my mom for Mother's Day and they've just been sitting around on my laptop for over a month, so I thought I'd put them to good use and share a review! I'd never ordered flowers online before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but being a spoonie means my ability to go out is limited and so I had to look for alternative ways to get a nice gift that didn't require a shopping trip into town. After a search around on google, I came across Prestige Flowers and not only did their bouquets look gorgeous but they also had great reviews, and I wanted to give them a go. Here's my experience... 

Packaging from Prestige Flowers

Firstly, I'd like to talk about the packaging and presentation of the bouquet I ordered. One of my main concerns I had about ordering flowers over the internet would be that when they arrived, they would not be all in one piece. I'd seen lots of photos around online in the past of bouquets arriving in this way and people being unable to give them as presents to their loved ones. I ordered my flowers at the last possible date to ensure they arrived before Mother's Day as it took me a few days to decide on which bouquet to go for and make my decision about placing an order in general, and so I was anxious that I wouldn't be able to get another gift in time if they did end up being damaged upon delivery, oops. 

However, I was very delighted to receive a beautiful bouquet, packaged very well and shipped in a big pretty box too. I am such a sucker for detail and I love when companies put effort into the design of their packaging, and I love the monochrome flower print on Prestige Flowers' Box! Inside the box, the space was big enough so that the flowers were not squashed but small enough to prevent them moving around in transit. The bouquet itself was plastic wrapped to keep it protected. I forgot to get a photo of how everything looked inside the box, but it's a 10/10 for packaging and presentation from me! 

A photo of a spring time mother's day bouquet from Prestige Flowers

So here's the bouquet that I purchased from Prestige Flowers... look how gorgeous it is!! The product that I settled on was called 'Best Mum', but after re-visiting the website when planning this post, I discovered that it is usually called the 'Pink Blossom' bouquet. I ended up choosing this one as it includes Chrysanthemums, which are one of my mom's favourite species of flower. The other flowers that make up the Pink Blossom bouquet are: snapdragons, roses, gypsophilia (more commonly known as 'baby's breath'), topped off with a single orchid flower. It was such a pretty mix of flowers, that looked perfect together! The bouquet also included one of those fancy picks, a sparkly butterfly on a stick, which made a lovely addition to the finished product :) I was really happy with how the bouquet looked and I couldn't wait to give it to my mom! 

The bouquets by Prestige Flowers are available in a standard, medium or large size, and I opted for a standard one. All bouquets come with a free gift, a little box of handmade chocolate truffles. I think this is brilliant!! They also come with a sachet of 'premium flower feed' that can be added to water to help the flowers last longer. I added a message card to my order, and that was 50p, so altogether I paid £23.49 for my bouquet which includes the £5.80 next day delivery fee too. For just over £20 to get a gorgeous bunch of flowers, a box of truffles and quick delivery (you can even select the day you want it to be delivered), I thought that this was a fabulous price! Anyhow, let's take a closer look at the flowers! 

A photo of a big pink crysanthamum in a bouquet from Prestige Flowers

A photo of crysanthamums in a bouquet by Prestige Flowers

A photo of babys breath flowers, in a bouquet from Prestige Flowers

A photo of an orchid, amongst a bouquet from Prestige Flowers

Looking back at these photographs makes me so happy because I remember how impressed I was with the bouquet and how much my mom loved it! It was really photogenic and looked gorgeous as soon as we removed the plastic wrap and added it into a glass vase. The colours were so vibrant and the overall quality of the flowers was great! If there was anything that I would have liked a little more of in this bouquet, it would have to be more pink. Although there were pink flowers, the majority of the bouquet was made up of green and white blossoms vs pink blossoms, but regardless of this, I was still made up with the appearance of the bouquet :) 

I'm not sure if you guys noticed this, but can you make out the green plastic instead of a stem on the orchid? The singular flower arrived as just a head with a little bit of stem remaining, which was added into what I can only describe as a tube filled with water. This was attached to a green plastic stick, which was used to display the flower in replace of a long stem. I had never seen anything like this before! I can only assume that this method of displaying the singular flower keeps it looking fresher for longer. Have any of you seen these before? Here's a close up of the tube thingie...    

A photo of a bouquet of flowers by Prestige Flowers

I don't know about you but I think it's super cool! We've decided that we are totally going to keep it to see if we can re-use it in summer for displaying bigger singular flower heads that we have picked from our garden. It really did work in keeping the orchid fresh and looking great for at least a week! Overall the bouquet remained in fabulous condition for a week, but was still looking pretty good when it was approaching almost two weeks after Mother's Day (although the roses were the first flowers to drop their petals and we removed them as they did). I thought that by ordering the flowers in the post, they wouldn't last as long as when we pick flowers from our garden, however they lasted just as long and it was lovely to have them brightening up the living room for several days after Mother's Day :) 

A photo of a glittery butterfly pick in a bouquet of flowers

A photo showing a pink rose amongst a bouquet of flowers

A photo showing a box of chocolate truffles and a flower bouquet care guide

A photo showing four chocolate truffles, a free gift from Prestige Flowers

*nom* Yay for freebies! Especially when they are food freebies! With my order came a little flower care guide that just explained how to care for three of the main flowers that I assume the company sells, including roses, and then on the back there was a general step-by-step on how to care for any bouquet in the best way. Also in the box, along with my flowers, there was a coupon for £5 off my next order, as well as my box of handmade truffles! How awesome though that they give you these, so that you can gift your loved ones two things for the price of one!! My mom let me try one, and they were very nice. 

When purchasing a bouquet, there are some options available on the website to add various gifts to your order, such as a glass vase for £5.99. They are pretty pricey in my opinion, but they would cost around the same if purchased in a florist or a gift shop such as Clintons, and it's not too bad if you want to get an addition last minute gift along with your bouquet. I didn't opt for any of these, but as I mentioned earlier, I added a 50p message card to my order. It's always nice to have a little card nestled in amongst a bunch of flowers, usually attached to a stick. My bouquet came with a stick thing that I guessed might be to attach the message card, however we couldn't figure how it attached so we just ended up using a bit of cellotape to attach it in the end :D 

The only downsides to my order were pretty minor but they were that the little card was made of very flimsy paper/card, which was a shame when you can pick up a 39p greeting card from Card Factory that is printed onto better quality card, and also that the personalised message printed inside was very small. It would have been better if the company would have enlarged the font as I only wrote a small message, and it was fairly difficult for my mom to read without the help of her reading glasses. By printing the message small, they didn't utilise the space much, but these issues are not very significant and they didn't really change my opinion of the service and product quality. 

A photo of a bunch of flowers by Prestige Flowers

All in all, I loved the bouquet and I was happy with my first experience of ordering flowers online. I would definitely shop with Prestige Flowers again in the future, and I would recommend them if you're looking to get your friends or family a pretty present :) My Pink Blossom bouquet arrived in excellent condition and looked so lovely. Even though my mom loves chrysanthemums, I think her favourite flower was the orchid and that was my favourite of the bunch too. It was just so pristine and eye-catching, and I thought the tube thing was interesting! Which is your favourite flower in the bouquet? I hope you all enjoyed my review guys, and Thanks Prestige Flowers for putting a smile on my mom's face! :)

Thankyou for reading!

How often do you buy bouquets? 

Have you ever ordered one online before? Where did you shop & what was your experience?

Do you have a favourite flower?

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