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Pokemon Mask by Igor Canova | Review

Hi Everyone! Happy September!! It's now one step closer to my favourite season, and I am so excited! I've said this every month of 2020 so far, but I am seriously gonna give it my all to get my blog back to normal this month. Definitely quote me on that :D. Well, things will be back to normal with some changes thrown in; I've now decided to get myself back into a routine, since this year has been a bit of an unorganised shambles (which I'm sure most of us can agree with!). I need some structure... not even kidding, my brain fog just had me like ?? structure ?? how's that word go again? So it's safe to say, I am in dire need of some in my life, haha! I'm going to be aiming to post every Tuesday and Saturday. We'll see how that goes! It's awesome that this month is kick-starting on a Tuesday because there's just something so satisfying about blogging on the first day of the month. I don't know why. Can any of my fellow bloggers relate? 

Today's post is going to be all about the super cute reusable mask I picked up a couple of months ago because I can't not blog about it! I hope you all enjoy reading this review :) 

A photo showing a water type pokemon fabric mask

So, I got this mask quite a while ago now but that's allowed me to get a good impression of what it's actually like to wear, etc. It arrived during the first week of August, after I purchased it back in mid-July. So it got to me really quick! I came across these wonderful masks over on twitter and discovered that there had been so many gorgeous Pokemon designs created by the artist! Igor Canova is based in Brazil and can be found at twitter, instagram and tumblr. Be sure to go check out their social media (give them a follow, too), since it's even more important than ever during these hard times to show your support for small businesses and independent artists. And you should totally get yourself a mask! I mean, how could you not want one of these Pokemon designs? 

A photo showing a water type pokemon fabric mask

Look how brilliant that design is though!! I opted for a water type design because it represents Vaporeon who's my all-time favourite Pokemon (I so wish my little water baby was included in the design!!), and also because I felt like this colour would match well with most of my outfits, and also my eye colour, which would be cool since that is all people would be seeing of my face whilst I'm wearing it :D It was seriously tough though to chose only one design... they're all fantastic! I very nearly opted for a purple ghost type mask instead, but it was the little Wooper and Panpour that sold me the one I bought in the end. How sweet are their happy little faces!?

The masks cost $16.99, but I only paid $11.89 at the time since I googled around for a discount code before making my purchase. I always do this now when I shop online! Igor's shop is on Society6, which actually has the masks at a reduced price right now, so you can get one for the same price that I paid without having to go search for a discount code yourself :) The P&P cost me $5.00 (around £3.70) which is reasonable for worldwide shipping and handling costs. All in all, I paid £13.97 for this super adorable mask & I'm happy with that! Here's what I love about my 'new' mask... 

A photo showing a water type pokemon fabric mask

The reason I chose this mask, apart from the lovely design, was because I saw it was machine washable. A lot of masks I've seen around are for hand-wash only, but as a chronically ill person it is much more suitable for me if I can just throw it in the washer. I'm assuming that all of the masks of this particular style available on Society6 are washing-machine safe, too. Another thing I love about this mask is how soft the material inside is! I have sensitive skin and have even found my face getting irritated by those disposable paper masks, so it was a lovely relief to find that my new mask was perfectly fine in this regard :) 

A feature that I was also looking for when trying to find a mask was the structured type- I don't know how to explain it; hopefully you all get what I'm trying to say! I wanted a mask that has folded horizontal seams that expand to cover your face. I have come across many cutely designed masks that I was put off buying simply because I'm not a fan of the kind with vertical seams down the middle. It sounds fussy, but I was quite concerned that my piercings (I have snakebite piercings, with very long, pointy studs in them) would catch on a mask, so that's why I wanted one shaped this way. 

a photo of myself wearing a water type pokemon mask

As you can see, the mask has a very nice fit. I really like how it looks on, as it's shaped very well and is super comfortable The scraps are elasticated and sit great on my ears, so they don't annoy me. Obviously, I would have endured any annoyance to be safe and keep others safe, but it's a bonus to feel snug and secure at the same time. I have always had an aversion (if that's the right word?) when it comes to certain textures rubbing on my skin, such as labels in clothing and sunglasses behind my ears, so it's a big deal for me that I find wearing this mask okay :D 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that there's a gap in the front of the mask for you to slide in one of those filters that I've seen people mention online, but I'm happy with mine as is. I don't leave the house much, even before the pandemic, because a n x i e t y, but when I do occasionally, I feel protected just fine in my new mask. 

A hello kitty plush toy wearing a water type pokemon mask

Even Hello Kitty suits it, don't you think guys?

I'd show you the inside, but I've managed to stain it a little already with concealer. Oops! In hindsight, I should have scrubbed it before putting it in the wash... nevermind! The lovely, soft inside fabric is white in colour, which gives it that surgical feel almost. And that helps to relieve worries for many people, or so I've heard. It's always nice when medical-related things look blank and sterile, it makes them seem that much more hygienic or whatever. 

The only negative thought I initially had about the mask was that the print didn't look perfect quality because it had been enlarged to fit the mask. It's still adorable though, so I can't really complain! Also, the colour did fade a little in brightness after just one wash, which was a shame, but I guess that could just be because of something I specifically did? Either way, I think my mask still looks awesome! 

How do you think my water type Pokemon mask looks on me? I like that there's a range of colours incorporated into the print, so I can coordinate my make-up whilst still being able to do something different with my eye look each time I wear my mask. I know this isn't important, however it always helps you face the day when you feel like you are rockin' your mask! 

Well, that's all I have to say about my Pokemon mask by Igor Canova. Don't forget to give them a follow! Wishing you all an excellent month, filled with sunshine and all of the wonderful things that come with the lead up to Autumn. Let me know what you're most looking forward to this month :) And remember guys, no matter what the government advises, it's still really important that you keep wearing a mask when you go out in public. Wear the correct PPE & help save lives! 

Thankyou for reading!

What's your mask(s) look like? 

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  1. Such a cute mask , I just have plain ones but I'm probably gonna get myself some cute ones soon to xoxo


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