Friday, 15 January 2016

Filofax Fridays #2

It's time for my second Filofax Friday :) I hope you all enjoyed last week's post (find it here). Sorry if you were all waiting for my baking-themed post... I had a bit of a baking disaster this afternoon! I followed the recipe to a T but the food colouring I was using just wasn't taking to the batter :( I'm going to have another go tomorrow using gel food colouring rather than liquid and will hopefully have a batch of yummy baked goods to show you all how to make. Fingers crossed haha

Today's post is going to quite pic heavy, and I'll be showing you all more things that I've bought or been given as presents in preparation for using my planner. I was supposed to be getting some lovley dividers for my filofax this week, however my bank had other ideas! I had an annoying problem with my card >.< because I had made quite a few transcations to other countries, my bank thought there might be a problem and decided to block my card! Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Thankfully, it's all been sorted now but I had to order my dividers late. They should be here to show you all by next week :) 

One of the items on my filofax checklist was some sticky notes so whenever my family asked me what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas, these were one of the things I asked for. My mum has gotten me some amazing sticky note sets and I can't wait to start using them in my planner. How adorable are these kawaii fruit sticky notes and tabs? They are the perfect size to fit neatly on my diary sections. They are from The Works.

Here are some more adorable food-themed sticky notes I got for my birthday. I think they were from WHSmith. They will be great to stick to my flyleaf (which in planners is a clear plastic sheet that many people use as sort of a page marker and cover it with sticky notes and little reminders). This little set came with 200+ super cute stickers, too!

 I absolutely adore these pretty teacup & flower sticky notes and tabs! They are just gorgeous, which makes me almost want to never use them!I just love fancy teacups. I can't wait to find a way to incorporate them into my planner. These were also from The Works. We love The Works! 

On my recent Tsum Tsum update post, I mentioned that I had some of the stationary. Wilkinsons released a range of tsum tsum stationary and as soon as I heard about it, I needed to get my hands on some. My awesome mum got me all of the stationary for Christmas and I am so happy. These will definitely be being used as soon as I start writing in my planner. Which is your favourite tab? Mine is the Daisy Duck one :) 

 I ticked off another item on my filofax checklist today. My sister showed me the lovely washi tape that she picked up at The Works the other day and I couldn't resist getting some for myself. It was such a bargain at only £1 for a 3-pack and they have really cute designs. My favourite is the blue and white polka dots. Where do you buy your washi tape from?

 YAYY! More planner stickers arrived in the post :) Another Etsy order, this time from The Hummingbird Planner. I really liked the style of the last stickers I purchased so I wanted to look for similar items sold by another store and I came across this lovely shop.  I liked how the stickers were different in colour to the other stickers I bought for my filofax.

This time I was looking for stickers I could use to organise and plan my outgoing letters, birthday cards, postcards for postcrossing and snailmail to my penpals. The envelopes come in 25 different colours which is cool and you could choose between a darker or lighter coloured sheet. They were only £1.95 which is great for 77 stickers! The other sheet I purchased was for noting the dates of my medical appointments. I wish I could have purchased seperate sheets for doctors and dentist stickers, because I will use the doctor ones pretty quickly #spoonieproblems. You get 44 doctor and 33 dentist stickers, again for £1.95.

Also included with my stickers was a little thankyou note from the shop owner containing a mini sheet with some sample stickers, which is really sweet I love these stickers and the delivery was super quick. I recommend getting your planner stickers from this store. 

Thankyou for reading 

 Where do you buy your planner stickers from?


  1. so glad you love stationary like me haha, I would love to get a filofax

    1. Stationary is awesome! I can't stop buying it haha I hope you can get a filofax one day :) x

  2. Gosh, those post its are the CUTEST things ever! It sucks when baking doesn't go your way doesn't it? Ahh!

    May x | THEMAYDEN.COM | bloglovin'

    1. Thankyou :) It' so annoying! I'll get them right eventually haha

  3. Aaaaaaaaahhhh I love your blog. Die from cuteness everytime I come over here. xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog


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