Saturday, 23 January 2016

Filofax Saturdays

If you've been following my Filofax Friday's posts, you'll have probably noticed that I didn't post one yesterday. The reason behind this was that the things I'd ordered for my planner hadn't arrived yet for me to show you all. Oops! Thankfully, everything arrived this morning! So I've quickly snapped some photos and decided that I'd do a one-off Filofax Saturdays post instead :) Enjoy!

I was so happy when I finally found the perfect dividers for my filofax! They were just what I'd been looking for, and were really pretty. I purchased them from the etsy store My Pretty Week which has the option to mix 'n' match any four designs from throughout the shop to create a perfect set to match your planner. There's an option for whether you'd like your dividers to be one-sided or double-sided. I chose four double-sided dividers for £9 and I bought an add-on so they'd be laminated, which works out at £1 per divider. I think this was a great price because I'll use the dividers for a long time and they are really good quality. I just want to say, I love how the dividers were packaged; I really appreciate pretty packaging and I also really like paper bags. I always keep any of the pretty ones that I get in shops or from online orders, is that weird? :) So, here are my dividers...

They are so bright and gorgeous! I can't wait to get them set up in my filofax. There's an option on the order listing for whether you would like your tabs on the side or the top of your dividers, and I opted for the side. I've decided that tab 1 is going to be for montly calendars, tab 2 is going to be for weekly calendars, tab 3 for to do lists and tab 4 for expenses and other important bits & pieces, such as dates to remember and pet care notes for my rabbits and my lizard. I am very happy with these dividers and now that's one more thing ticked off my filofax check list

My next order is from Cloudy Cow, an online shop run by one of my favourite youtubers MyGreenCow. I absolutely love her planner and stationary-related videos and I've been watching them for ages! I'm happy that I finally had the chance to buy some things from her store. One of the things that wasn't on my checklist but I was looking for was a nice magnetic bookmark to hold some of the loose pages together and to make my planner nice and neat. How adorable are these totoro bookmarks!? Although Princess Mononoke & Howl's Moving Castle are my favourite Studio Ghibli movies, Totoro and his two little friends, Chu-totoro & Chibi-totoro are my favourite characters! These bookmarks will match the colour-scheme of my planner, too. This was another lovely packaged order! 

As well as the magnetic bookmark, I also ordered some more washi tape for my filofax. The green/blue and white pattern because it fits in with my theme, and the bunting one because I've seen lots of people use this in their planners and I think it looks fantastic! All the items I ordered were £1.80 each and you get lots of tape on each roll. I'll definitely be ordering more washi tape from Cloudy Cow :) 

 The other day, I was rummaging through my sticker collection to find something to decorate the birthday package I was sending to my friend and I found these shiba inu page markers that I purchased from Tofu Cute last year in preparation for getting my planner. They are so cute and I'm glad I found them again. I also found my adorable tiny puppy stickers which will be perfect to use in my filofax. I also have some very similar ones, which are little cats and I think they were from Clintons. All I need now to complete my filofax check list is a dashboard. I'm looking for a cute animal themed one, so if anyone can recommend any online stores, please let me know in the comments. 

Did you see my last Filofax Fridays post, find it here

 Thankyou for reading!

 If you have a planner, what do you use each of your sections for? Can you recommend anything else I might need for my planner.


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