Sunday, 14 February 2016

More Unicorno Blindboxes

I knew that as soon as I ripped open my first unicorno blindbox, tore the silver packaging and revealed the adorable unicorn vinyl figure that was waiting inside, that I would be hooked. After watching people open these blindboxes on youtube for months, I was so excited to get my hands on one of my own! I was aware that they would be cute, but in person they are so much better! I love how every individual unicorno 'character' has so many little details that make them unique. Since opening my first two unicorno blindboxes, I've purchased six more. I get all of my unicornos from Collect & Display. I decided I wanted to complete the set and collect all twelve unicornos in the series 4 collection. I can't wait to put up a little shelf in my bedroom and line up my kawaii unicorno army! So anyhow... here are the newest unicornos to my colleciton :) 

The first new unicorno I got was 'Yuki'. She's so pretty! She's like the Elsa of the unicorno world :) I love the colour of this unicorno, the blues and whites and the silver horn, hooves and tokidoki logo. The little snowflakes are adorable, with their little smiley faces, especially the one in her hair. 

The next unicorno I got was 'Hikari', which means 'light' in Japanese. This unicorno is so lovely and is designed with a goldfish theme. The colours are very bright, with a mixture of dark and light orange, and silver patches to represent scales. I love how her cheeks are tiny orange hearts and the expression on the fishes face is cute; it looks in awe! 

 This little beauty is 'Pallina'; she wasn't one of my favourites from the pictures on the side of the box but she sure is one of them now. She is just so gorgeous! I love everything about her design. I love the bright coloured stars dotted all over her, her multi-coloured hooves, the little pink detail on her ears, the star design of her cheeks with whiskers on, the pale pink colour of her horn and how her eyelashes are a different style to the other unicornos.

She is a cat themed unicorno, how adorable is her cat nose? She also has the prettiest bow on her tail. She has a little bit of damage on the end of her horn, the point is missing, but you can barely notice it. She's just an all-around fantastic unicorno!

This unicorno is called 'Yuma' and she was one of my favourites that I really want to get! She's designed in the style of another of Tokidoki's characters, the Cactus Friends, which I've absolutely loved since I bought my hello kitty X cactus friends collaboration plushie :) I really like the illuminous pink colour of her hooves and horn. Green is also my favourite colour so that's another thing that drew me to this unicorno in particular and I just think the spikey design of her is so cool. 

 Her tail is also spikey, which is awesome! She's a great character and I really like her name.

 I know this unicorno is a really popular one, and I'm not surprised! Her colour and overall design is gorgeous. I love the mint colour of her is so pretty and the butterfly cartoons that decorate her body are so sweet. I love the mixture of pink and lilac that cover the rest of her body, and the butterfly in her hair is adorable. She's a really girly unicorno, even her eyes and eyelashes are designed in a way that makes her resemble a Disney Princess. 

She has a different decoration on the other side of her body, a butterfly and some colourful diasies. I like how two of her hooves are pink and two are mint. 

So far, I was really lucky not to get any duplicate unicornos, but my luck didn't last! My final blindbox contained one that I already had, 'Can Can', which I got in my first unboxing (see her here). Unfortunetly, this vinyl figure of Can Can was damaged and when I let the company know, I experienced fantastic customer service. They replied to my email very quickly asking if I'd like a new blindbox or a refund. Of course, I wanted another blindbox and they sent me a new one right away. I was very happy with how polite and facilitating the company were. This new blindbox also contained Can Can!! hahaha it made me laugh. Although it is a little annoying when you get repeats but the point of blindboxes is that you can get any of the unicornos so you have to be prepared to receive duplicates. I will save this unicorno to use for a future giveaway :)

 I have five more unicornos to collect to complete my entire set and two of those are chasers, which means they are harder to get! Wish me luck :) I hope you enjoyed reading today's post. 

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 

Which of these unicornos is your favourite? Do you collect any figures: other tokidoki characters or something different? if you've blogged about them, please leave me links :) 



  1. Love this post, I really want to get them all, I love Yuki and Pallina.
    Kat x
    Kittie Kat

  2. These are too cute! The cactus theme is the sweetest!

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

    1. Thankyou :) They are adorable, aren't they? I think the cactus one is awesome too! x

  3. The butterfly one is adorable! :D


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