Monday, 22 February 2016

My First Pop! In a Box

Yayy! I recently received my first Pop! in a Box and I've been looking forward to showing you all what I got! Subscribing to Pop! in a Box means that you will receive a random Funko Pop! Vinyl figure each month, although you can choose to receive between 1 and 12 figures and the more you buy, the cheaper you'll get each individual figure for. You may be thinking, what if I get a Pop! figure that I don't like? Well, when you sign up, you can go through the huge selection of figures on the website and select which ones you want :) You put a thumbs up to all the ones you'd be happy to receive and a thumbs down to those that you never want to get, plus there's also an option to list all the Pop! figures that you already have.  So... which Pop! figure greeted me inside the box this month? 




I got CATBUG! Catbug is an adorable character who is half cat, half ladybird (or ladybug as they are known in the US) from the comic and cartoon 'Bravest Warriors'. I first started watching this awesome cartoon when I was at university but soon after I got wrapped up in the stress of having so many assignments and revision to do, and so I've not long started re-watching it. Catbug is my favourite character! He is soooo cute! 

I love Catbug's serious, determined face on this Commander edition figure.I also love his chubby design and the colours of his outfit. I love the feel of Pop! Vinyl figures... is that weird? I have to admit that I wanted a Catbug Pop! figure so I clicked thumbs up to this one, then later spotted the original Catbug and wanted that one so much more and so I selected a thumbs down to this one, because I don't need more than one Catbug, but it was too late. This one was already on it's way to me. I still think it's really sweet, though?

Omg, his ladybird back is adorable! ^.^ I paid £8.49 plus P&P for one figure a month, but I'm going to order two next time round. I'm a little worried that I'm going to become addicted to collecting Pop! figures! :D especially with the help of this subscription box. I got a really good figure because I can see no marks or mistakes on him at all, and the box was in great condition too. 

I really like this subscription box because you get the figures for a great price! I've been watching unboxing videos on youtube for Pop! in a Box for a few months now so I know that I should have gotten a tiny packet of popping candy. I got lots of advertisement leaflets but no poppping candy! haha I want my candy :P I recommend this subscription box if you love Pop! vinyls and I'll be blogging about my box each month from now on :) I can't wait to see which figures I get next time!

Thankyou for reading! 


Do you collect Pop! figures? 
Are you a subscriber of Pop in a Box? If so, what's your favourite Pop! that you've received so far? 



  1. I am so jealous. I've wanted catbug for ages! You got a great pop :)

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

  2. I was debating doing this but Josie has so many, and my collection growing was painful ticking them. Looks fab though!

    Stacey xxx

    1. Thankyou :) Maybe just sign up for a one off box or a couple, because it's so fun to see which random one you get! haha I can imagine my collection will be the same by the end of this year! I have no where to put them either :D


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