Sunday, 11 September 2016

Blindbox Haul

Happy Sunday everyone! Over the last few months, I have had quite a few blindboxes on my wishlist and I'm happy to announce that I've finally got around to buying some! In today's post, I'm going to be showing you the vinyl figures that I received inside each blindbox. So this is post is one for my fellow toy and figure lovers :) I hope you enjoy!

Blindbox Haul

As you'll probably know by now, I am a little (*cough* a lot) obsessed with the Unicorno figures by Tokidoki. I am collecting series 4 and I still don't have all of the figures, so it was time to get some more Unicorno blindboxes to try and add more to my collection. Tokidoki are yet to release a series 5, but they have created a new Unicorno collection. I featured the Mermicorno blindbox on my June Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist and I was over the moon to have finally been able to order one! As well as getting more Unicorno blindboxes, I also ordered another from the Tokidoki collection. What sparked this haul was watching unboxing videos with my niece on Youtube, and the first video we watched showed the Moofia Series 1 collection. I had strong craving for opening blindboxes afterwards and with Moofia starting it all, of course I had to pop one of those in my shopping cart too, haha! I get all of my Tokidoki blindboxes from an online called Collect & Display.

Blindbox Haul, Unicorno Blindbox, Tokidoki Blindbox, Moofia Blindbox, Mermicorno Blindbox,

It was a pleasant surprise to see that the Unicorno logo has been redesigned. I love this new one, it's so cute with the little unicorn heads inside the O's! I have purchased a Moofia blindbox before, although I forgot to blog about it, oops, but I was still really happy about the design of the box the second time around. I just think it is awesome how it's designed to resemble a milk carton. The Mermicorno box is so different to the typical Unicorno boxes. Instead of being made from cardboard, it's plastic, and it's also see-through. On the usual Unicorno blindboxes, all of the characters you can get are shown on the side of the box along with their names. However, with the Mermicorno blindbox you don't get this. I was super excited to open these boxes, yet I was also a little nervous about the Unicorno ones since I only have three more to collect, two of which are chasers (harder to get) and so there was a higher risk of me getting more duplicates. Without further ado, here are the figures that I got...

Unicorno Blindbox, Unicorno Series 4, Unicorno Series 4 Blindbox,

Yayyyy! I got Ruby! This unicorn was one of the figures that I was hoping for. She's so pretty too. I adore her design, I especially love how they've not only decorated her with little strawberries but have also made her mane red and tail green so that she resembles a strawberry, too! Looking at her makes me think of a strawberry Mini Milk ice lolly. I love the shade of baby pink they have used, and also her little red freckles. I received a duplicate in my other blindbox, a Yuki figure, and I gave it to my niece. I just need to get Kingsley and Elettrico to complete the entire series 4! 

Moofia Blindbox, Tokidoki Moofia Blindbox, Tokidoki Moofia,

I absolutely love the Moofia characters! I think they are adorable, and I have so much Moofia merch. I am actually wearing my Moofia PJ pants as I write this post! :) The Moofia series 1 collection includes ten figures, plus a chaser. I really wanted one of the milk carton characters as they are my favourite, and I'm not planning to complete this collection. I am still happy with the Half & Half milk though because he's cute. I love his horns and the sweet little coffee cup printed on his front. I also like that he's winking, and I'm glad that he stands up well on his own without falling over. Anyone else have any Moofia merch?

Mermicorno, Tokidoki Mermicorno, Mermicorno Blindbox,

OH MY GOSH! How gorgeous is this figure!!? I am really impressed! I had already watched an unboxing video of these new cuties, and I can't believe that I got one of my favourites in my first unboxing. This character is called Marina, and I love her purple, blue and pink colour scheme. I love the anchor bow on her mane, and the metallic blue used on her tail and mane. She's a very nice figure and I am now tempted to collect all of the Mermicornos! Watch this space :) 

You may think that this post is over now because I've shown you all of the Tokidoki figures I got, but I have two more blindboxes to show you. One of my nieces recently turned 11 and for her birthday, I bought her a My Geek Box Kids one-off subscription box. The boxes are aimed at 5-11 years old, so you often get items that are not really suited for an 11 year old but are perfect for a younger child. I opened the box prior to giving it to my niece, removed the items that I knew she wouldn't enjoy and replaced them with some items I'd bought. One of the items that I thought would be fun to put in was a blindbox. I decided on the Funko Disney Princess Mystery Mini's, and since I have wanted one of these for ages too I couldn't not order myself one. I was feeling particularly generous that day so I ordered another for my sister. 

Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis

Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis

Funko Disney Princess Mystery Minis

My sister got Anna from Frozen & I got Jasmine from Aladdin! Although my sister would have loved to get Ariel as she's her favourite Disney Princess, she was still happy to get Anna. I love her freckles and I think it's cool that they've included the white streak in her hair. I absolutely love her outfit, it looks just like the movie! Belle is my favourite Disney movie but I was more than glad to receive Jasmine. She's adorable and I think her outfit is fabulous, especially her shoes. I wish that I'd taken a photo of her hair to show you all. It's awesome, and so big. It makes the figure a lot more weightier than the Anna one. These figures looked adorable on the box, however they are so much more cuter in person. I'm definitely gonna be getting some more! My niece was really lucky with her box, too. She got Raja the Tiger from Aladdin, and he's one of the rarest figures in the whole collection at 1 in 72. Clearly there was some birthday luck going on there, haha!

I seriously need to get my shelving sorted in my bedroom, which I've been saying for months and months now. I have no where to display my figures until I have purchased some shelves, and I want to display all of my new fantastic figures!! I'd love to see photos of how everyone displays their figures and toys. Add me on snapchat and show me! (I'm at raiin_monkey). I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Let me know which was your favourite figure in the comments. 

Thankyou for reading!

Out of all of the figures in the Disney Princess blindbox, which would you more like to get?

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  1. These are soooo cute! I love the first unicorn that you got, the strawberry theme is adorable. And the Disney ones are the cutest! I don't really have a favourite Disney princess, but I think, if I were to try to get one of these, that I would hope for either the Jasmine or the Merida :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. Thankyou :3 she's so lovely, isn't she!? The Meride figure from these blind boxes is really awesome from what I've seen on YouTube! She has massive hair XD


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