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N:rem Sleep System Review*

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 If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I have fibromyalgia, a condition that causes all over muscle and joint pain, fatigue and a huge array of other symptoms. One of those symptoms involves sleeping problems. As a result of my fibro, I suffer from nonrestorative sleep and painsomnia, which is basically the inability to get to a decent night's sleep due to pain. Something that makes sleeping such a challenge for me is that I am not able to get comfortable in bed, and I find that I get a lot of pain in the areas of my body that I put any pressure on. For a while now I have been looking for ways to help me manage this problem and was considering looking for a mattress that was chronic pain friendly, so when N:rem offered to send me one of their mattress toppers/tablet systems* to try out via Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, it was perfect timing! 

N:rem Sleep System Review

The N:rem Sleep System mattress is great for chronic pain sufferers as it is made up of interchangeable foam tablets that you can rearrange to suit your own comfort needs. Each mattress includes five deep reflex tablets, two of a super soft density, one soft, one medium and one firm for you to swap about to create the best mattress for you. Something that I think is fantastic about the N:rem mattress is that all sizes above single come with two separate sections so that you and your partner can arrange your side of the bed to your own individual preference. The tablets are topped with Viscoool foam that is designed with an open pore structure to aid with temperature control and to add a further comfort layer to your mattress. 

My mattress topper came with an information leaflet with recommendations for how to arrange your foam tablets according to whether you suffer from hip pain, lower back pain or upper back pain. I suffer from all three, but lower pain back and hip pain for me are two of the most severe pains I experience, so I was unsure about which of recommendations to follow. I decided to use the hip pain arrangement for the first 15 days and the lower back one for the next 15 days (based on 30 day trial). So here are my opinions of the N:rem Sleep System mattress topper...

N:rem Sleep System Review

For the first few days using my new mattress topper, I found that it took a while for me to feel the benefits of it and I was still having difficulty getting to sleep as well as frequently waking up in pain during the night as I usually did. My first impressions of the N:rem Sleep System mattress topper was that it was really comfortable, also when I was sitting up in bed which was great as I often found with my normal mattress that I couldn't sit in the same position for very long without it getting too painful. I was really surprised with how quickly the mattress helped reduce my pelvic pain. Some days, I actually work up with little to no hip pain at all! I was also able to sleep much better in that I was not waking up as much throughout the night due to painsomnia. I believe that one of the things that contributed to this was that the mattress made me feel so warm and cosy. The foam material helped to maintain the best temperature and I slept more soundly as a result. 

As for the lower back pain arrangement, I personally felt little benefit from it when it came to reducing my back pain, which is such a shame. I think this may be due to the fact that I move around a lot in my sleep and more often than not sleep in strange positions, haha! I've woken up in some of the most odd positions; I don't understand how I can sleep this way :) I personally feel like the lower back pain arrangement didn't work for me because the recommendation says that the super soft tablet should go where your lower back aligns with the mattress, and I feel like I need a much firmer tablet underneath my back as it doesn't get the same support with the super soft density. I need to give the tablets a shuffle around and experiment a little to find out what is going to be best for me. Another negative that I discovered was with the initial assembling of the mattress topper, it was quite difficult for me to rearrange the foam tablets without having someone to help me. However, I think this is probably much easier with the N:rem Sleep System mattress versus the topper. 

N:rem Sleep System Review
The coloured-coded foam tablets found inside the mattress topper
 Overall, I'm really enjoying using the mattress topper from N:rem. It has helped to improve my sleep which is fabulous, and I'm hoping I can find out the perfect foam tablet arrangement to suit me soon. I recommend looking into getting one of these mattresses if you suffer from a chronic pain condition and/or disability. 

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Do you prefer a firmer mattress or a softer one? For me, it's definitely firm.

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  1. These tablets sound fantastic! I love products that are created to be mix and matched for different needs. And I love that it's doing you some good :) For myself I think I prefer a firmer mattress, but I don't have a lot of trouble sleeping based on mattresses. Pillows and environment, yes. But Not really mattresses!

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