Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Festive Drinks at Costa #2

Today, I made another trip to the local Costa to try out some more of the Christmas drinks, and as promised here is another review post all about what I thought of them. Have any of you tried the Christmas drinks for yourself yet? Let me know which and whether you enjoyed it in the comments! I hope you all enjoy this post :) 

Costa Christmas Drinks

The Christmas drinks range at Costa includes gingerbread latte, salted caramel cappuccino, toasted marshmallow hot chocolate, honeycomb latte, lindt hot chocolate, mint hot chocolate and black forest hot chocolate. So many flavours that sound delicious! Last month, I got myself a honeycomb latte and tried the black forest hot chocolate too, since my mum was with me and that's the flavour she decided on. You can read all about them what we thought of them here. Today, I opted for the salted caramel cappuccino since I've been drinking a lot of hot chocolate this month haha! My mum chose the mint hot choccie. 

Costa Christmas Drinks

I was intrigued about how this cappuccino would taste, whether it would be reminiscent of the caramel latte, which is my personal favourite hot drink, or not. I'm not actually a huge fan of salted caramel, not that I dislike it, I just wouldn't usually choose to eat something of this flavour, however I was curious about the drink. The Costa website describes the Salted Caramel Cappuccino as 'the frothiest of coffees with a dash of salted caramel syrup, topped with shimmery salted caramel fudge crumb'. 

I always really enjoy the froth of my cappuccinos, it's delicious especially when topped with chocolate. I don't know if my local Costa had the 'salted caramel fudge crumb available because my mum ordered our drinks whilst I found us a table, and when asked what topping she would like, she just asked for chocolate. However, it would been good if the crumb was still added before the chocolate, but nevermind! The Salted Caramel Cappuccino itself was great, although it had a lot more of a bitter taste than I usually go for. If you are a fan of strong, bitter coffee, then I think you'll definitely enjoy this Christmas flavour. 

Costa Christmas Drinks

I would have liked to order the mint hot chocolate for myself but I tend to avoid mint flavoured things whilst I'm out because they often irritate my IBS, which sucks. Costa state on their website, 'Costa Hot Chocolate with a dash of mint syrup, topped with freshly whipped cream and served with an elf-sized candy cane'. 

Although the description says a dash of mint, the mint flavouring in this drink was actually really strong. My mum said she enjoyed it very much as she loves anything mint chocolate, although it was very strong and because of this, the after-taste was a little too much. It was almost like too much syrup had been added. I had a little sip of the hot chocolate, and definitely agree, way too much mint haha I think it was very cute that they added a little candy cane! The barista even gave me a candy cane, too :)

Costa Christmas Drinks

I love Costa and I will definitely be going back to try a Christmas hot chocolate before they are no longer available. I'm very much looking forward to it! I might also see what the gingerbread latte is like because I've never tried a gingerbread flavoured hot drink before. What do you think of gingerbread lattes?

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What's your favourite hot drink? Which of the popular coffee shops is your go-to for hot drinks? 

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  1. Ooh the gingerbread latte sounds so nice and I love the little candy cane sticking out of the hot chocolate too, very cute! - Tasha


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