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Christmas Lush Haul

Happy Saturday Everyone! I can't believe it's a week away until Christmas; time has flown by this month! And I guess what? I still haven't finished doing all of my Christmas shopping! hahaha please tell me some of you are in the same boat right now. I'm going to spend the next few days gathering the last of my presents and sending out Christmas cards, and it will be feel so good when I'm finally all prepared for the special day :) Today, I'm going to be sharing with you all of the lovely products I bought in my recent Lush Haul. The Christmas range at Lush is always amazing, and I've been really looking forward to showing you guys which ones I chose. I hope you enjoy reading. Happy Holidays! 

Lush Haul

As usual, my haul is made up of mostly Bath Bombs because Lush Bath Bombs are literally one of my favourite things in the world! They are such fantastic quality, the fragrances are lovely and strong too, and the colours that these bathbombs contain always surprises me! They leave my skin feeling smooth and smelling great. I literally can't stop smelling myself after I get out of the bath. You know you all do this too ;). 

Since there is no Lush store in my hometown, I visited the store in the Manchester Arndale shopping centre when I went over to visit the Christmas Markets with my mum. I had a budget for the day, which included money for the markets and to pop into the Build-A-Bear-Workshop to buy the new Charmander plushie. However, I spent so much in Lush that I barely had any left for the markets, oops! Even though I also had a £10 gift card for the store that one of my amazing friends bought me for my birthday back in October! haha. So here's what I bought, as well as a couple that I got as Christmas presents for my loved ones that I can't show on here :) 

Christmas Lush Haul

 What I bought in my Lush Christmas Range Haul

• Northern Lights Bath Bomb
• Mistletoe Bath Bomb
• Father Christmas Bath Bomb
• Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
• Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb
• Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb (I got one for my nephew's birthday, and one for myself to try out)
• Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb (I really loved this product when I bought it at Halloween, so I couldn't resist getting another!)
• Santasaurus Bubble Bar

This adorable little dinosaur was the only bubble bar I got. I'm not a huge fan of bubble baths so I only buy a bubble bar if it looks really pretty or if it smells amazing! I got this one because it's a dinosaur, and I bloody love them! It was impossible for me to walk past them and not get one. It smells great too, a lovely citrusy scent. The ingredients includes Brazilian Orange, Cream of Tartar, Glycerine and Bergamot (another citrus fruit). He's almost too cute to use!

Above you can see the Ickle Baby Bot; it's another really sweet little bath bomb that's shaped like a robot :) It's specifically made to be used for children (any age over 6 months) with a mild formula that is gentle on their skin. It's intented to be used before bedtime and includes ingredients such as a lavender, chamomile and sandalwood. I'm not personally a huge fan of lavender but I wanted to see what it was like since I bought one for my nephew. It was also so cheap at only £1.95!

Christmas Lush Haul

These two bath bombs (plus the Ickle Baby Bot) were the only products that I knew I wanted to purchase before I went into the store. I was drawn to the Mistletoe Bath Bomb mostly because of the fact it was a Christmas edition and it was a pretty colour so I was curious to see what bath art it would make. It has a strong floral fragrance made up of jasmine, ylang ylang and vetivert. I can't wait to try it! Last year, I spotted the Father Christmas Bath Bomb all over instagram and was gutted that I hadn't got myself one, so that's why it was at the top of my list this year! I'm saving him to use on Christmas Eve or Day. I absolutely love his design, it looks so cool. The ingredients are: sodium bicarbonate, synthetic musk and gardenia. Fellow lushies, which is your favourite out of the two?

Christmas Lush Haul

I really love the pink and yellow colour combination so it was impossible to ignore the Never Mind the Ballistics Bath Bomb. Upon closer inspection, I also thought it was so cool because the pink part feels something like wax, which I've never seen on a Lush Bath Bomb before! It's another fabulous fragranced product too containing fresh banana, orange and lime oil and fair trade cocoa butter. I'm excited to find out what happens when it's dropped into the bath :) 

The Northern Lights Bath Bomb is another unique-looking product. The name of it definitely interested me because I imagined it would be very colourful inside. It has always been a dream of mine to visit Iceland or Norway and see the Northern Lights for myself. One of my best friends recently went to Iceland and saw them, and I'm super jealous! Before I get carried away with myself, the ingredients inside this Christmas Bath Bomb are ylang ylang and jasmine, oh and cream of tartar. 

I came across the Lush Luxury Pud Bath Bomb on tumblr and just needed it! It was the first Bath Bomb that I deviated from my shopping list to get and it kickstarted my spending spree, oops! It was too colourful to resist, and I thought that the little holly detail on top was so sweet. If it didn't look so awesome, I'd probably not have bought it because it contains lavender, as well as benzoin, ylang ylang and tonka. I've actually already used my Lush Luxury Pud because it was too tempting to wait until I wrote up this post. To see what it looked like in the bath, head over to my instagram. It is one of my favourite Lush products so far and I couldn't really smell the lavender in my bath, which I was very pleased about. 

Christmas Lush Haul

Well, I am certainly all stocked up on Bath Bombs for a while now. I'm really impressed with the amount of Christmas bath products that Lush releases each year. Usually you see maybe two seasonal Bath Bombs released by other companies, but Lush make so many different ones. It's very awesome! There's something for everyone, and seasonal items pretty much across their entire product range. There's more Bath Bombs that I didn't get, however I think I'll see if they have them next year :) 

Thankyou for reading!

 What's your favourite product from the Lush Christmas range?
Which Bath Bomb that I've mentioned sounds/looks most appealing to you?

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  1. Aww I love your little Lush haul! The one thing I really wanted to try this Christmas from Lush was the Santasaurus bubble bar and I never got the chance to pick one up. Gutted! :'(

    Did you pick up any goodies in the sale? I grabbed quite a few things which I'm really pleased about. ^_^


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