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Kawaii-eek Boutique Mini Haul

Hello lovelies! It's been a while since I shared a haul post with you all, so I thought I'd show off the super cute items that I ordered back in February from an etsy shop that I'd been lusting over for ages! Rosewine's Kawaii-eek Boutique sells the most adorable items, including mugs, pin badges, purses, etc. My favourite products are definitely all of the pokemon themed merch. The artwork created by Rosewine is just so brillant! I hope you all enjoy today's post :) 

Rosewine Etsy Kawaii Haul

I fell in love with the gorgeous kawaii designs by Rosewine as soon as I spotted their Eeveelutions mug in my recommeded section on Etsy. I browsed the store and pretty much right away ordered myself some items. It was really hard to just stick to a few items because there are so many fabulous things for sale! However, I had to bare in mind the shipping costs from the US and also the annoying customs charges. So here's what I chose... 

Rosewine Etsy Kawaii Haul

I was so impressed with this Eeveelutions case that it was the first item that I added to my basket and I did it pretty much immediately after looking at it, haha. I mean just look at it!! I absolutely love Eevee and it's evolved forms, and the chibi illustrations of all of them are just so bright and adorable and awesome! I couldn't not get a button badge with my favourite pokemon on; I wish that I could have ordered one of each of the Eeveelutions. The last item I chose was a sweet little fox pin badge. As a collection of pin badges, it was almost impossible for me to not purchase at least one of the awesome pins that Rosewine has available. 

Rosewine Etsy Kawaii Haul

 Oh my gosh, how adorable is this Vaporeon illustration!? It looks so sweet rolling over like a puppy, and winking too! I just love it so much. It was only £1.86 for a single button badge or you could get 3 for £4.96, which I was very tempted by. The badge is a fantastic quality and bigger than I thought it was going to be, which is great because it just makes the design more visible. I can't wait to show it off on one of my bags. Which Eeveelution button would you choose?

Rosewine Etsy Kawaii Haul

Rosewine Etsy Kawaii Haul

 I love this item so flippin' much!! It's incredibly cute, and I am so so happy with the quality of it and how pretty and bright the design looks. All of the pokemon have such happy faces! It was definitely worth the £12.39 that I paid for it. It's a really good size (9''width, 6'' height) so it has a variety of uses. I'm going to use it to carry my meds and hygiene items. It even has an zip compartment inside. I think it would be perfect to use for carrying a Nintendo DS, especially since you could put your accessories in the zip compartment, too. 

Rosewine Etsy Kawaii Haul

Rosewine Etsy Kawaii Haul

Everything from this store is so very cute! I love the unique theme of this range of pin badges. There's several similar kawaii animal pins available in the 'Put a butt on it!' design, such as this fox, plus some cats and dogs. I want them all! I decided on the fox though because they are one of my favourite animals, and I loved the vibrant orange colour. I'm over the moon to add this fantastic pin to my collection; it's quality is great! 

Rosewine Etsy Kawaii Haul

As you can tell, I'm really happy with these items and I would definitely recommend this Etsy store to all my fellow kawaii lovers! If you order from Rosewine's Kawaii-eek Boutique, let me know... I wanna see what you choose! I'll definitely be doing another haul when I can :)

Thankyou for reading!

What's your favourite item from my haul? 
Oh and also,what are your top five Pokemon? 

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  1. As I said to you recently on Facebook I LOVE THAT POUCH! I want it to much, BUT MONEY AND SHIPPING AND ALL THE CHARGES! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO COST SO DAMN MUCH!?!

    Other than that I really loved all the goodies you picked up, including the Vaporeon badge (my favvvvv!) and the fox pin badge which is another item I'm lusting after too! I love that a little cross is his bum hole. xD

    Urgh I need that pouch case in the future, it's too gorgeous to resist and I'm sure worth EVERY penny. ^_^


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