Saturday, 22 April 2017

Spring Time In The Garden | Earth Day 2017

Happy Earth Day Everyone! I hope that you've all managed to get outside today to appreciate the beautiful natural world around us, whether you went to your local park, sat outside in the garden or even just took a scroll to the shops and noticed the trees or plants growing on the street. Today is a day to celebrate nature, and to educate others on ways they can help nurture and protect the World's flora and fauna. Today marks the 45th Earth Day. Since 1970, organisations and charities across the globe have used this day to show people how they can be more environmentally friendly by making even the smallest changes to the way they live, spreading the message about the importance of campaigns like Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. You can find out more about Earth Day here :) 

I always like to spend Earth Day surrounded by plants and trees and flowers, usually with my camera in hand as nature photography is a favourite hobby of me. Unfortunately I've not been feeling too well over the last few days so I couldn't go for a walk in the woods, but I decided instead to appreciate nature closer to home and spend an afternoon taking in the sights and smells of Spring Time whilst relaxing in my own garden. There is something really quite magical about nature and how it has an effect on our mental health. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and the grass in between my toes today, listening to the birds tweeting and watching insects hopping from flower to flower was so therapeutic. I decided to share some of the photographs I took with you all, like I did for Earth Day 2016. Enjoy!

I was so excited when I spotted my first butterflies of the year today! It was tough to photograph them, so I was over the moon when I finally managed to sneak up on a tiny Speckled Wood (Pararge aergeria) that looked like it hadn't long left it's pupa. It was so pretty! I'm really happy that our Apple Blossom tree has finally bloomed and is now covered in a mix of unopened blight pink buds and gorgeous white flowers. It's gorgeous and it's such a shame that the blossoms don't last very long. The little garden birds are enjoying the tree too, and I saw my first Blue Tit of the year too. I can't wait for all of other flowers in my garden to grow and bloom, and for more gloriously sunny days like today. Be prepared to get spammed with lots more flower photography this year, haha. What's everyone's favourite flower, plant or tree species? I personally adore bluebells (another flower I can't wait for the arrival of!), sweetpeas and ferns. As for trees, I love Japanese cherry blossoms, wisteria, oak and Japanese acer. I hope you all have a lovely Spring! 

Thankyou for reading!

Where was the last place you went to appreciate nature?

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