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Another Kawaii Haul: Kuma Crafts

Hi guys! How freezing is it today!? I usually never wear socks indoors but I'm finding that lately it is a must because my feet are so cold even when I'm in bed! Today though, I have felt like putting gloves on despite the fact that I spend pretty much the majority of my life indoors. It's just ridiculous >.< However before I get distracted complaining about the weather, on with today's post! I received this order a month or so ago, but because of sorting my bedroom out for decorating and all of the Christmas Time festivities and such, I decided to wait to show you guys. It was really tough, because I am so excited about the wonderful kawaii products that I got from Kuma Crafts! They are so so pretty and I'm super impressed. Anyhow, enjoy! 

Kuma Crafts Kawaii Haul

This fabulous store was first brought to my attention over on Tumblr, which to be honest is where I am highlighted to most of the amazing kawaii artists (and their shops) that I buy stuff from :) Tumblr is really wonderful for that! Especially for finding the less well known artists, and I like to support small businesses. Tumblr is full of so many talented and creative people, and it's one of my favourite social media websites. What initially attracted me to the super cute Canadian store, Kuma Crafts, is all of the alpacas! Plus they make a lot of adorable cat products too, so I was literally in love with the store after a few minutes of browsing! 

As you can imagine it took me a while to settle on just a few items because I honestly wanted one of everything they make, haha! After adding so many items to my cart and then having to sort through which ones I wanted the most, whilst keeping to my budget as best I could, I eventually chose three delightful products. Here's what I bought... 

Kuma Crafts Kawaii Haul

Kuma Crafts Kawaii Haul


I bought two necklaces and a t-shirt, and they also threw in the sweetest little jewellery cleaning cloth for free (I think that's what it is anyway!). I really really adore the design of Kuma Craft's characters; they remind me so much of Amuse plushies and we all know how much I love those, haha! If you didn't know already, I have been obsessed with alpacas since I was a teenager and it is amazing that there's so many kawaii versions of them being created by artists. Thankyou guys for fulfilling a mighty need of mine, to fill my life with all the chibi alpacas XD 

This super sweet 'Baby Alpaca Pendant' was the item that I saw on Tumblr and that sold me right away! I went onto the website determined to purchase this, and the other items were just delightful addictions! I love this tiny alpaca with it's pointed ears and the most adorable eyelashes and pink ribbon. I love how it's woolly body resembles a lamb so much too! I really like it's simplistic design with a minimal colour scheme, because it makes it really stand out in my opinion. I like that the pendant is small to because sometimes you just want to wear a nice little necklaces to complete an outfit rather than a big flashy one! Not that I mind those kinds of necklaces, I actually prefer them, but this was a nice change :) 

The caption on the Kuma Craft website says 'Now you can have your very own alpaca friend to keep you company whenever you go!' and that's such so cute! The pendant is available in light pink, light brown or white (the one I picked), and comes on an 18'' chain which I was very glad about because I prefer long chains. It was $10 but it's fantastic quality and unique so I think that is a really good price! It was a nice surprise to find the little bow charm detail on the back of the chain, it's pretty. 

Kuma Crafts Kawaii Haul

I make an excitable 'squeee' sound literally everytime I see this necklace, because I think that the little cat's face is beyond adorable :) It's such a eye-catching design, with it's bold detailing and bright colours! It's beautifully-crafted out of acrylic, and I really like how it's chunky and looks like it won't break easily. Even though it's a Halloween product, I will happily rock it all year round... I mean, who doesn't love an adorable kitty sitting in a pumpkin with the most cheerful expression on it's face ever!? Just looking at it makes me happy! Almost forgot to mention how much I like that the kitten is wearing the top of the jack-o-lantern on it's head like a hat; the cutest detail ever! 

I think that the gem detailing on the cheeks of both the cat & the jack-o-lantern is lovely, and makes the necklace stand out just that little bit more! I'm pretty sure that the photograph on the website showed these crystals as purple, but I like the orange ones much better so I don't mind that they are different :) In my opinion, they look prettier than the purple ones. I wasn't sure about the gold chain because I'm really not a huge fan of gold. I always go for silver jewellery, however the gold goes really well with the orange theme of this necklaces :) This necklace is called 'Pumpkin Surprise' and it's unfortunately out of stock because it's not Halloween anymore, but if you're interested in getting one for yourself, you should check back in Autumn later this year to see if they have it back in stock! It was more pricey than the other necklace I bought, at $22 but you're paying for the design of it and it's totally worth the price. 

Kuma Crafts Kawaii Haul

Here's a look at what my new alpaca tee looks like on :) I always get a little worried when I'm going through the clothing sections on websites for the first time because I will end up coming across something I really want, only to discover that they didn't think about their plus size customers and thus they are not available in sizes that cater for everyone! So you can imagine how pleasant it was when I spotted this tee and found out that there's a 2X and a 3X available. It's so tough to find kawaii clothing when you're plus sized and it really sucks, but yay! I now have these amazing alpaca t-shirt in my wardrobe! 

I thought it was very awesome design, incorporating all three colour variations of the 'Baby Alpaca', these are the colours that I mentioned earlier when taking about the alpaca pendant. What I like most is that the print is big and the arrangement of it's design means that it utilises so much of the space on the tee. I also love how each of the alpaca's have a different facial expression. I don't own many coloured clothing so it is a nice change to have a sky blue tee, and sky blue is one of my favourite colours too! The material used is soft and cosy, and overall it's just a brilliant product! 

Oh, and the shirt is usually $25 but it's reduced to $15 so go grab one for yourselves whilst it's still reduced! 

Kuma Crafts Kawaii Haul

I am really happy with my entire haul from Kuma Crafts, and I can't wait to shop there again in the future. Altogether, including postage & packaging, I paid a little over £40 and as far as I can remember, I didn't get charged a handling fee by customs, but I'm not 100% about that because it was ages ago and I order a lot of stuff online! Something that I loved about my order was how pretty the presentation of my items was. I really like the pinky-lilac display cards for the necklaces! What do you think of the products I picked? I hope you've all enjoyed this post ^.^ 

Thankyou for reading! 

Have you bought anything cutesy lately? 

Can you recommend me any other kawaii stores that you like?

I'd love to hear about anything that you've bought lately online & what you thought about it!



  1. Eeek those are all adorable! The t-shirt looks so sweet and I really like the pumpkin kitty necklace too. | geek lifestyle blog

  2. Everything is so cute! I really like the expressions the alpacas have and the pumpkin kitty is adorable. I think the cloth is a microfibre cloth? You can use them for cleaning glasses or camera lenses or your phone and laptop screens.

    1. Ooo Thankyou for letting me know about the cloth :) That's perfect actually, I need one of those for my new laptop, yay! x

  3. Aww everything you bought is so kawaii! I especially love the t-shirt you picked up, which may I add you look adorable in! :D

  4. Everything is so cute! I love the pumpkin kitty and that t-shirt is adorable you can never have too much kawaii in your life haha! xoxo


  5. I always love your haul posts. You get the cutest stuff. I think the t-shirt is fabulous!! And I'm a sucker for anteing with cats on! xx


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