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What I've Been Watching: December Edition

Hello lovelies! So here's my first post of 2018! I'm still not used to the fact that it's now 2018; I've written down 2017 about five times this week already, oops! Haha. After the challenge of blogging everyday last month for Blogmas, these last five days have been a very much needed break. I'm now ready though to get back to sharing with you guys and really upping my blogging game for this new year ahead of us! I thought I'd kick start the blogging year with my monthly edition of What I've Been Watching. I hope that everyone enjoys these posts, and that they give you some inspiration on what to add to your own watch lists. I wasn't sure if I should keep posting them to be honest, so your feedback would be very much appreciated! I hope you've all had a lovely first week of 2018. Enjoy reading :) 

Cracks (2009)

This movie was actually my favourite watch of the entire month! I chose to watch it because a) it's a period drama, they are just my thing :) & b) because it stars Juno Temple, and she's one of my favourite actresses. It also stars Eva Green, who I really liked in Mrs Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016), and I was intrigued to see her play another role. Cracks is an independent movie and I enjoy watching these kinds of movies, as I find that compared to mainstream movies, they have a lot more attention to detail and some very interesting and diverse storylines and characters. This one is set in an all girls boarding school in England back in the 30's and follows a group of students and one of their favourite teachers (played by Eva Green). When a new student arrives at the school from Spain, this particular teacher develops an obsession with her, and the movie is all about the consequences of this for both teachers and students.

I'm going to talk about a spoiler now (oops!) so please keep scrolling if you'd rather find out for yourself whilst watching. The movie includes a scene where we witness sexual assault committed by a woman, and this is one of the only movies that I have ever seen this in. When we see this crime being committed in the media, it's almost always a man who is the perpetrator, so it was very different and an important message to people watching that women can be abusers too. In today's society it is still something that's not really spoken about, and women don't get prosecuted as much as men for this crime :( Another interesting thing is that I don't remember there being any men in the entire cast of the movie at all, I could have just forgotten but there were no men in the main cast. Overall, this movie was definitely something unique and I certainly recommend it. 

Texas Killing Fields (2011) 

Whenever I'm bored, I always have a search through the filmography of the actors and actresses I like and watch some of their other roles. I was looking for movies starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has fast become one of my celebrity crushes after watching him play Negan on AMC's The Walking Dead (one of my favourite shows!), when I found this movie. Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon on the show will forever be my top #MCM but Jeffrey is gorgeous and thus, I was compelled to watch him playing another character. Chloe Grace Moretz is in it too and she's fantastic! Texas Killing Fields grabbed my attention because it's a crime movie and is based on actual events. Well, the area were it is set is a real location and is actually famous for all of the murders that took place there in the 70's. The movie tells the story of two detectives who are investing local murders of young girls in their hometown, and when a girl that they both know well gets abducted, they work to find her before she endures the same tragic fate. It was a pretty good movie, and it was interesting for me especially to see Mr Morgan playing such a kind-hearted character, the complete opposite of how his character is in The Walking Dead. It's a good movie to watch if you're not really a fan of horrors or thrillers, but still enjoy milder crime dramas! 

Hush (2016) 

I watched a lot of thriller, mystery and horror shows and movies in December, and this one was definitely the worst! And I don't mean worst as in it was the most shocking, I just thought it was a pretty crappy movie. I've included it anyway because not everything we watch is gonna be great and I wanted to save you all the time watching it, haha! It wasn't the worst horror movie that I've ever seen and if you weren't obsessed with the genre like me, spending pretty much all of your free time watching them, then you might actually enjoy it :) So don't just take my word for it, watch it for yourself and let me know what you think. If you've already watched this movie, I'd really love to know what you thought of it in the comments. Anyhow, Hush is about an author who is deaf-mute and lives alone, who ends up being the victim of a serial killer. The movie had so much potential to be great, because the storyline was a really interesting one. For example, we witness the first killing of the movie happen in front of the glass doors of the main characters kitchen, whilst she is preparing her dinner and is blissfully unaware of the atrocities that are taking place literally right next to her! If the serial killer was clever then it could have made for a brilliant plot, but unfortunately he wasn't. He was so bad! My friend & I certainly had a good laugh watching it, which is not the desired effect you want when watching a 'scary movie', haha! It's available to watch on Netflix, so check it out if I've made you interested enough :) 

Dark (2017) 

It only took me a couple of days to binge watch the entire series of this on Netflix, so I can definitely say that I liked it! The trailer made it look awesome, with a lot of it looking like something straight out of the mind of Stephen King, with sci-fi thrown into the mix. It actually ended up being more mystery and science-fiction themed than the trailer made it seem, but it was still a great watch nonetheless. The whole premise of the show was time travel, and how events in the past have influenced both the present and the future. In Dark, we follow the lives of several families in a small town in Germany, where there has been a history of children disappearing. I really like when shows give us an insight into the lives of all of the characters so that we get to see things through the perspective of individuals and how things can be viewed differently by various people. It also means that the storyline is usually pretty intricate, and I'm all about complexity  and the 'little details' when it comes to shows. This story is very centred around the town's police officers as they work to discover the root cause of the vanishing children and other strange occurrence taking place in the area. I absolutely love that the show was made originally in German because it got to watch it in the language that I'm currently learning :) It was actually the first original Netflix series to be made in German too. They've released an English dubbed option for those of you that prefer not to have to read subtitles and such. Has anyone else been watching this show? I'd personally give it a 7 out of 10 because I enjoyed it but it was got a bit slow in parts. 

8mm (1999) 

I always try to watch a selection of older movies as well as new releases. I stumbled across this one on a list of someone's favourite movies on tumblr and since it was another crime-themed one, I thought I'd give it a watch. It stars Nicolas Cage as the lead role, and I have so many mixed feelings about Nicolas Cage as an actor! He's been awesome in some roles and then in others, he's been laughable. I think that the actor himself is great but he keeps choosing to be in some seriously rubbish movies! Are you a fan of Nick Cage? 8mm is about a private investigator who is hired to find out the truth behind a film that a widow has discovered in her late husband's safe. It appears to be a snuff film (which is a movie in which someone is actually murdered) and it's the job of the P.I. to research it's origins and report back on his findings. As he delves deeper and deeper into his investigations, he gets himself in trouble with some sinister characters, but you'll have to check it out for yourselves to find out what happens. It stars quite a few other famous actors, including a young and very good looking Joaquin Phoenix ;) and also Peter Stormare, who I've enjoyed in every movie I've seen him in. There were some parts of the movie that were a little too unrealistic and annoying, but altogether I thought it was good and I'd watch it again :) 

The OA (2016)

It seems as though I've been getting into the habit of saving the best show until last, so here we go again, haha! The OA was my absolute favourite watch of all of the December. I just couldn't stop watching it, and I ended up binge-watching the entire series in one sitting! It stars and is co-directed by Brit Marling (oh, and also written by her too!), and it really like her as an actress! I have been a fan of hers since watching The East (2013) that she stars in with Alexander Skarsgard (one of my favourite actors). All of the movies she's been in have very interesting, quirky storylines and many of them include something to do with cults, which is another area of psychology and criminology that I find fascinating. I watch a lot of documentaries on the topic :) This Netflix supernatural/science-fiction/mystery drama series is all about a girl who goes missing and when she resurfaces again after seven years, she's a completely different person. She has endured some strange things and she is finding it very hard to deal with life away from the people she spent the last seven years of her life with. The show also involves some supernatural occurrences, like the fact that when the main character went missing he was blind, and when she comes home, she has full vision again! There's so much more I wanted to tell you all about the story but I don't want to spoil it! It was very unique and I just loved it. It's a 10 out of 10 stars from me, and I can't wait for the next season! 

Well, those were six shows/movies that I watched last month. It was actually really tough to choose which ones to include in today's post because I watched so so much, including a Netflix original thriller movie with the longest title ever: I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (2016). I think that's the longest movie title that I've ever seen... what other movies with super long titles have you guys seen? I also watched the notoriously shocking movie that has been banned in so many countries, A Serbian Film (2010). It definitely lives up to it's reputation and includes some very disturbing scenes :O I always let curiosity get the better of me and I wanted to see if the movie was as bad as everyone said it was, and yeah it certainly had several taboo and very gross scenes in it! On a lighter note, I watched the 2011 Puss in Boots movie on TV over Christmas and that was really good. It made me cry too! That cat is just too adorable! What was your favourite movie that was on TV at Christmas Time? I usually look through the TV guide magazine to see what's on over the holiday season, but I didn't this year and I regret it a little!

Thankyou for reading!

Have you seen any of the shows and movies I've mentioned today?
What was your favourite watch of December? 


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