Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Little Haul from Firebox

Hey everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful start to the week! Mine has been pretty great, probably because I've had my head stuck in a book for the last few days, and have been 'away with the fairies' as people like to say, since I'm currently in the process of planning and outlining an idea I have for a story :) Today has been an awesome day too, even though I slept through most of it, haha! I woke up to discover that I came 1st place in a daily photo challenge over on my toy photography Instagram account (you can check that out here if you're interested), so that was great! Also I played my first ever Japanese gem pusher arcade game through one of my favourite YouTube channels, Japan Award, and got some adorable prizes!! I received mail today too, yay! And that gave me the kick up the butt to finally blog all about one of my recent hauls :) If you're a fan of the cute and the quirky, then this is the post for you! Enjoy! 

A cardboard shipping box from Firebox

Early last month, I finally bought a couple of things off of, which, if you've never heard of it before, is a website that sells the most fabulous, unique products; there's something to suit every taste on there and I have lusted after so much of their stuff for ages! Being high quality and fantastic products, they can get on the pricey side, however I discovered they had a sale on and jumped at the chance to get some goodies! Even more amazing was the fact that one of my awesome fellow blogger friends has a code that gets you a fiver off!! Thankyou so much Nat for sharing it with me :) (You should all go and check out her content over at There Might Be Coffee). So yeah, here's what I got! 

Firebox Haul- Water Bear Plush, Crying Unicorn Candle and some free sweets!

All of my items came in perfect condition, and were packaged really well with lots of paper padding. The box that everything came in was also really cool as it was covered in lots of really random illustrations, which made me smile :D I thought it was super sweet that they included a tiny packet of Haribo inside my package! It was Super Mix too, which is my favourite Haribo! I love when stores include little things like this, it makes it feel so much more personal and like they appreciate your order. 10/10 for postage & packaging Firebox Team! 

The main reason that I placed my order was because I couldn't resist getting myself this Water Bear plushie whilst it was on sale! It's so so cute!! I then noticed, when browsing through the rest of the sale section, that a candle I fell in love with as soon as I saw it was reduced too, so I couldn't not add it to my basket! 

A blue plush toy of a water bear from Firebox

First, let's talk about the star of the show! My new super squishy, extra soft Water Bear! I love getting plushies of obscure creatures that not many people have heard of or that are not conventionally deemed as cute, so this one is perfect and just had to join my plushie collection :)  Water Bear is the 'nickname' of a microscopic animal known as a Tardigrade, they dwell in water and are strange-looking little things. They are pretty amazing because they can survive in some of most extreme environments on the planet too. I have always found unique animals fascinating and I'm really happy that I now have a Tardigrade in plush form :D 

A selection of kawaii plush toys, ranging from pokemon to a water bear plush from Firebox

Just look how adorable he looks amongst some of my other plushies!! He's so chubby and round, which makes him super cuddly. I just love him!! :3 He's usually £12.99 which I know is kind of expensive for a small plush, but he is brilliantly made and is very unique, so I don't think it's too bad a price. Plus I technically only paid £7.99 for him, as I was using the discount code :) I very much like the pale blue colour that they've chosen to make him as well. What do you think of this Water Bear plush? I still need to think of a name for it :) (Yes I'm 26 and Yes I name all of my plushies!). 

Firebox Crying Unicorn Candle- one porcelian unicorn with two rainbow horn candles

I am so over the moon that I finally have this Crying Unicorn Candle set, because I think it's gorgeous and have wanted it for the longest time! It is a Firebox exclusive item so you can't get it anywhere else (unless of course they've sourced it from Firebox), and I've seen so many candles popping up in stores that have been inspired by its design. It's very adorable!

I think it's awesome that it comes with two candles... I didn't read the item description on the website, so was only expecting to receive one. It was another item that was well packaged and I really like when a lot of thought has gone into the design of a box, like with this one! It's so lovely with its pastel shades, rainbows and stars, and the super cute crying unicorn cartoon. It's the type of box that I don't want to throw away, even once I've got the candle out on display :) 

Firebox Crying Unicorn Candle- one porcelian unicorn with two rainbow horn candles

One of the main reasons why this candle appealed to me so much was because of how it's subtle yet kawaii af! I love items that can be displayed as homeware in any room of a house, but still have a design that the kawaii lover side of me adores! Its simplistic design just makes it all the more stunning! I really like that its pretty white porcelain, and the rainbow horn just adds a splash of vibrancy to it! I need to get myself a little white plate to use with it, since the candle wax when melting runs down the unicorn and will end up all over the surface if there's nothing to collect it :D 

This item usually retails at £19.99 which I think is an excellent price for it! I was really lucky to grab it in the sale for just £8.99... like how could I resist at that price!? 

A white porcelian unicorn with a rainbow unicorn horn candle in it

Here's what the unicorn looks like once you've added the candle. Oh my gosh, how cute does that look though!? I'm so glad I got a spare candle, because I don't think I would have been able to bring myself to melt it if there was only one :D With two, I now get to use one and save one to just keep for display :) I can't wait to see what the candle looks like once it melts and runs out like tears. I bet its going to be so colourful and lovely! 

I hope you guys all enjoyed reading about my Firebox haul, even though I only bought two items. I had a little bit of money left over after the Christmas holidays to treat myself and am really glad that I was finally able to get some products from Firebox. Here are links to both of the items so you can pick them up for yourselves: Crying Unicorn Candle & Stuffed Water Bear. I'd love to hear what you think of the two items I've featured, in the comments... do you prefer the water bear or the unicorn candle? :) 

Thankyou for reading! 

What's the most random plush that you own?

Also, have you guys bought anything lately? Tell me all about it! 



  1. Oh my gosh the water bear is so cute! He looks right at home with the other teddies as well. Also, the unicorn candle sounds like an amazing idea and I can’t wait to see the pictures of what it looks like when it’s melted!

    Congrats on getting first place in the photo challenge!

    Great post!

    Jess xxx ||

    1. He really is! :3 I love how squishy he is!! I'll send you lots of pics when I use the candle :) Thanks dude! x

  2. Awwww the Water Bear is so cute and I love the Unicorn candle to, you have to show us photos when you use it I'm so curious to see what it will look like xoxo


    1. Thankyou lovely :) I definitely will! I can't wait to use it <3 x

  3. Aww I love that you picked up the stuffed water bear! It's so adorable isn't it? :)

    Aww you got the unicorn crying candle?! :D I can't wait for you to start using it, so I can see how it looks. ^_^

    1. I love him so much!! Thanks again for sharing your code with me :3

      I'll be sure to post a review or at least lots of photos on my social media when I use it :) Looking forward to seeing what it's like! x


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