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January/February 2019 Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Hello lovelies! And Happy Love Day to my fabulous readers and fellow bloggers :) I decided to share my Kawaii & Geeky wishlist a little earlier this month, considering it's going to be a joint wishlist... you may have noticed that I didn't share a wishlist in January, and that was because there was barely anything that I wanted other than books!, with it just having been Christmas. So for today's post, I am combining the couple of items I was after in January with what I want at the moment. I hope you all enjoy reading! 

1. Funko Dragon Ball Z Android 17 Pop! Vinyl I was so over the moon when I discovered that Funko were planning to release more Dragon Ball Z characters, and especially excited when I learnt that Android 17 & 18 would be in the line up! These two were in my top 5 characters from this amazing anime series when I was a kid, specifically Android 18, and so I can't wait to add their Pop! figures to my collection! It won't be long until I reach 100 Pops! :O 

2. Funko Dragon Ball Z Android 18 Pop! Vinyl The design of Pop! figures is getting better and better over time, and I really love the stances that they are now creating their figures in. I really love the sass in Android 18's stance! It is so perfect for her character, and these two look great together on photographs as far as I've seen :) After Vegeta and Cell, Android 18 is my third favourite character. My fellow DBZ fans, who are your favourite characters? I also love Piccolo and Gohan! 

3. Pokemon Saiko Soda Series Vaporeon Plush This super adorable plush, along with the Android Pop's, is one of the items that I wanted back in January, however after Christmas, I was skint! But hopefully I can now get my hands on this lovely Vaporeon from the Soda Pop/Mix Au Lait collection. To be honest, I want all of the Eeveelutions, and even the Pikachu, from this collection, but that would cost so much! T_T I might just get a Leafon too... (I have too many plushies XD). 

4. Amuse Usa Dama-Chan Vinyl Figures As my regular readers will know by now, I have a little bit of an obsession with vinyl figures, especially when they are kawaii! I recently spotted these Amuse ones on Tokyo Otaku Mode and oh my gosh, they are so cute, I need them!! I just love everything made by the Japanese brand Amuse, and think these sweet little bunnies would look perfect all lined up on a shelf. Not that I have any space left :D but I WILL find a way to allow for more figures, haha! Which colour would you choose? My favourite are the yellow and the orange & white one :3 It's a shame that the website is an international one, which for me in England means pricey shipping, because these figures are so cheap! 

5. Sass & Belle Chasing Rainbows Notebook I'm a sucker for new notebooks, and I am yet to own one from Sass & Belle so I am very tempted to get this 'Chasing Rainbows Spread Happiness' A5 notebook, to pop into my bag to jot notes and blog ideas down whenever I'm out and about. I really like the mixture of vibrant and pastel colours on the cover, and the design is really pretty! It's very photogenic, perfect for those Instagram shots :p Chasing Rainbows instantly makes me think of a line in the UK's 2018 Eurovision song by SuRie, and that makes me happy :) 

6. Harry Potter Letter Set I have wanted this letter set every since I spotted in when having a nosey for Christmas presents online. I think it's lovely and you can never have too much fandom merch, right!? One of my hobbies is snailmail/penpal letter writing and so I am always looking for new letter paper to shock up on :) I very much like the old-fashioned style of this Harry Potter set, and love that it comes with stickers that resemble the Hogwarts Crest wax seals!

7. Weishi Art Ninetales Pin I recently came across this wonderful artist over on Instagram, and I am in love with their illustrations and products. There's so much on their website that I want, including this fantastic Ninetales pin! It is the cutest Ninetales pin that I have seen, and I have a mighty need to add it to my pin collection!! That big red eye though, melts me heart :3 Also if you're a fan of Pokemon, you'll hopefully enjoy my last post which you can check out here. We love a good shameless post link :D 

8. Happy House Animal Mechanical Sharpener I have wanted one of these mechanical pencil sharpeners for the longest time, but all of the designs I've seen for sale in the UK are boring, plain, dull-coloured ones that didn't appeal to me. I am so messy when it comes to emptying shavings out of sharpeners, no matter if I'm standing over a bin, I still without fail somehow manage to cover myself and/or the floor with bits! :D So I would love to own one of these sharpeners which have a much bigger tray inside, so I don't have to empty it as often XD Also, I just love the novelty of the lever thingie, haha. Thankyou Tofu Cute for stocking these pretty versions!

9. Amuse Fuwaneko Mew-Chan Plush JUST LOOK HOW CUTE THESE KITTIES ARE!? Mew-Chan!! How cute is that name too!? I literally squeeee'd when I came across these plushies on the Tofu Cute website. Does anyone remember those 90's cat plushies called 'Kitty, Kitty, Kittens' by Tyco? :) I have a grey one which I've had since I was at nursery and his name is Whiskers! Then when they re-released them back in the 2000's, I got another, a ginger & white one. They have the sweetest little expressions on their faces :) Anyhow before I get off topic, these remind me of the Japanese equivalent of them! I need the grey and white one in my life, because I love grey animals! Three of my precious hoppy furrbabies are grey! This cat's name is 'Grey Gretel' and that is just the sweetest name too. I. NEED. IT. 

10. King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo The final item on my wishlist is one that was brought to my attention last week, again on Instagram... which is going to be the death of my bank account at this rate :D I am looking for more fantasy books to read this year, and I like that this one is new and is one of two books (I think?) so I can follow along with the series from the start basically. Plus, that cover and title is giving me Song of Ice & Fire by George R.R. Martin vibes, so I am very curious. Leigh Bardugo wrote the Six of Crows series and people seem to love that, so I want to read some of her books and I'm gonna start with this one. Who's read it? Would you recommend? Any other fantasy recommendations would be most welcome :) 

Thankyou for reading! 

I hope you've all had a lovely day, and that you've given yourself some love & brought something nice as a present to yourself! 

What's on your wishlist this month guys?
Also, which is your favourite of the items I've featured?



  1. Everything is super cute, I love that sharpener reminds ne of something I used to have when I was a kid xoxo


  2. This is a great wish-list there is so much cute stuff! I can’t get over how cute the cat teddies are, I love the pink kitty so much! The Harry Potter letter set looks awesome I would love to be able to write a letter using the set, whilst sobbing quietly to myself that my Hogwarts letter never arrived *cry cry*

    Jess xxx ||

  3. Oh my gosh that Ninetales pin is gorgeous! I've already added it to my wish list. :P

    I also really wanted one of the Eeveelution plushies from the Milk Au Lait range but I couldn't settle on which I wanted so left it. :( I'd still love to get one but I'm still torn! I rather like Umbreon, Espeon and the Pikachu. :)


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