Saturday, 27 April 2019

March/April 2019 Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Happy Saturday Everyone! It's approaching the end of another month (where is this year going!?) and so I thought it's about time I shared another Kawaii & Geeky wishlist with you guys! I decided last month that I was going to share another combined wishlist, since I'm finding that most of the items I want are toys & figures, and I don't want to bore you all with a list full of those, haha! Although if you're a fellow Funko fan and would like me to post a wishlist dedicated to those, then please let me know in the comments :) I know that I have sucked at blogging this month (sorry!) >.< but hopefully next month will be better. But for now, here is a long-awaited post! 

1. House Stark Winter is Coming Zip Hoodie I am in serious need of a new hoodie! I am one of those people who will continue to wear my hoodies until they are literally falling apart XD However, a catalogue from EMP came through my door yesterday, and it was filled with Game of Thrones merch, including lots of hoodies & tees. This hoodie is kind of pricey, considering it's not an official branded product (I think), at just over £40 but if it's great quality then it's worth it for me! I used to have an official HBO Stark sigil hoodie, and I would love another to help me rep my love for the franchise. 

2. Unicat Lined Notebook by Paperchase I am in love with all of the items in Paperchase's 'OK Play' range! I really love the colour scheme, and of course the unicat is absolutely adorable! Its tail reminds me of one of those Flump marshmallow treats, and I love those. I like the sparkles around the unicat too, as they look like the emoji, which I definitely overuse :D What are your most overused emojis? I am always happy to get more notebooks and I feel a mighty need to add this super cute one to my collection! 

3. Vaporeon Enamel Pin Badge by LyericWorks I am in love with all of the Eeveelutions pins by this fantastic artist! They are so bright and the design is just so sweet!! Vaporeon is my favourite Eeveelution, well in fact it's my favourite Pokemon of all, so I would love to own this pin the most :) To be honest, I just want them all! *Was totally considering making a 'Gotta catch 'em all' pun then* 

4. I Heart Revolution Easter Egg Palette I know that this isn't necessarily kawaii, but I thought I'd include it on my wishlist anyway, since it's something that I want :) Last month, I spotted that Superdrug had some awesome little Easter Egg palettes available. They contain five eyeshadows and two highlighters, and are only a fiver! I love things that have a novelty shape. There's four varieties that are each a different colour and theme, and I'm a sucker for wanting to complete a full set, so I will probably try to get them all! My favourite, the pink one, is called 'Flamingo'; it has peach and coral tones and I think these will be perfect for Summertime. But there's also Chick (featuring reds and ambers), Candy (featuring pinks and purples), and Chocolate (with browns and neutrals). Which one appeals most of you? My go-to would usually be browns and neutrals (unless there was a grey and black option), but I want to try something different. 

5. Hamtaro Button Badge Set by Mi-Eau Oh my goodness! I literally squeaked when I first came across these button badges!! I was pretty obsessed with Hamtaro when I was around 11 or 12. I used to watch it every night after school on Fox Kids, and I would constantly be drawing the characters. I even named one of my pet hamsters Hamtaro :D I barely ever seen merch of this adorable anime, so when I do, I get to excited! Mi-Eau has two sets available, each with six different characters. I prefer this one, but I need them both in my life! 

6. Funko Pop! Charmander Vinyl Figure I am so over the moon that Funko have been releasing Pokemon Pop! figures, and I finally got my hands on the Bulbasaur one! It's just so pretty and I love it so much!! I aim to add the other two Pokemon figures to my collection, including Charmander, who is the newest one and a Pop in a Box exclusive. It's super annoying that only the US and Canadian Pop in a Box websites have released it, because I'm a subscriber to the UK one and they should make it available to all of their customers! But since I managed to get the Bulbasaur one on the US Amazon, that's where I'll get Charmander from too! There's a Pikachu one, but it was a Target exclusive over in the States and it's proving harder to source for a reasonable price! 

7. Radish Spirit Acrylic Keychain by BrightBat I am a big fan of Studio Ghibli and Spirited Away is one of my favourites, especially because of all of the marvellous 'creatures' in it! I always thought that the Radish Spirit was so unique and cute, and it's not one of the main characters so you don't find much merch of it, which is a shame! I really love this design of it by BrightBat, it looks so chubby and cuddly (can radishes even be cuddly XD). It reminds me of a little sumo-wrestler, and I am yet to own an acrylic keyring so it would be great if this could be my first :) even if I might not be able to bring myself to actually attach it to one of my bags. Are any of you guys guilty of buying accessories and never actually using them for their intended purpose? 

8. Funko Rock Candy Daenerys Vinyl Figure I told myself that I wasn't going to start collecting Rock Candy figures, which are another line of figures by the brand Funko, because I already collect their Pop! Vinyl's, Mystery Minis and Pint Size Heroes, but I cannot help myself XD I have a problem! I bought my first one when I went to a Harry Potter Convention last year, and after seeing how photogenic that figure was, I'm now lusting over so many of the others! I keep seeing photographs featuring this Daenerys Targaryen one around on the Instagram Toy Photography community, and it's so gorgeous :) Game of Thrones is taking over my thoughts lately and I feel really motivated to do some themed photography, especially with this figure so I need it! Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? If so, I'd love to know who your favourite character is ; let me know in the comments! 

Thankyou for reading! 

What's on your wishlist this month? 

Have you bought anything nice lately? 


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  1. Aww that Vaporeon pin is adorable! I remember when the Kickstarter was open for this how I was going to back it, but I left it in the end. :(

    I'm loving the Pokemon pop vinyl figures but as of yet I haven't picked any up. :( The starter Pokemon are so cute! :D I need an Eevee and Mew! :D


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