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Illustrator Jake Pins

Hello & Happy Monday! I am so excited to share this post with you all! I was super lucky to win a giveaway over on Instagram from an artist that I have been following for a while!! They create the most adorable art and sell the cutest enamel pins! And guess what? I won some of their pins back in late 2019, and I just know you guys are going to love them as much as I do. If you're a fellow collector of pin badges, love Nintendo, or just like reading me ramble on about my nerdy interests, then this is the kind of post for you! :)

A photo of a business card from Illustrator Jake featuring artwork of Haku the dragon

The artist that hosted the giveaway I won is Illustrator Jake. If you use Instagram & browse the kawaii, geeky/nerdy or gamer hashtags, then it's very likely that you have come across some of Illustrator Jake's brilliant artwork. They create not only pin badges, but much more: clothing, stickers, backpacks, and most recently, a super gorgeous collection of dragon-themed ita bags! Head over to Illustrator Jake's website to have a look for yourself at just how cute they are!! 

Illustrator Jake is based in the UK, and makes fanart of all of our favourite characters, inspired by such franchises as Pokemon, Studio Ghibli (just look at how adorable Haku is on their business card!!), Animal Crossing, Zelda and lots of others. If you, like me, are a fan of all things kawaii, and the chibi art style in general, then you will seriously fall in love with the artwork by Illustrator Jake! I have been wanting to add some of their enamel pins into my collection for the longest time, ever since my lovely friend Natalee showed off an Aggretsuko pin by them over on her Instagram

I am so happy that I now have some of my own to show off, especially when I'm out and about (even though it's taken me forever to finally get this post written... 2020 has been fantastic...)! My post today is going to dedicated to a certain smol round pink cutie that we all know & adore :D Of which, Illustrator Jake creates such wonderful artwork... but you'll see that for yourself! 

A photo showing three Nintendo Kirby enamel pins by artist Illustrator Jake

TA-DA! I can't believe that not only did I win one pin, but three!! *squeee*. How lovely it is of Illustrator Jake to offer such an amazing prize in a giveaway! I can't put into words just how happy I was when I received my package from Illustrator Jake and saw just how gorgeous the pins were in person. They looked fabulous online, but wow! They are so bright and eye-catching... I LOVE THEM! 

A photo of a Nintendo Kirby enamel pin, he has a cheerful excited expression and is holding two stars

I am in love with the expression on the face of this Kirby. He looks so excited!! I can just imagine him dancing around like 'look at me, I've got stars'! This pin just makes me smile as soon as I look at it, so it will be perfect to wear on days when I'm having a bad mental health day, to cheer me up. I also really like the idea of this pin putting a smile on other people's faces. I mean, how could you not smile at this precious happy boi? :) 

A photo showing two enamel pin badges of Nintendo character Kirby, one is in the shape of a Nintendo Switch console

I'm very much lovin' how sparkly these two pins are! I've found with a lot of sparkly pins, the glitter can be too much but that is definitely not the case with these. The glitter is subtle but still stands out. My favourite of the glittery details are the clouds! It makes me picture sunshine shining through the clouds on a bright day!

Another thing that I adore about these pins is how colourful they are, and how much the colour pops despite being mostly in pastel shades. The rainbows on either side of the Nintendo Switch pin are super pretty!! As someone who dresses alternative, in mostly black clothing, I like to wear pins that really contrast my outfits, and so all of these Kirby pins are right up my street, as the saying goes. 

I usually opt for silver outlined pins, but the gold matches so well with the colour scheme of these pins and helps to give them an overall warm glow, which I really like. Sometimes when gold pins catch the light, they look almost magical and these pins do just that! I think the heart-shaped cheeks in the same golden colour are a marvellous touch, too. So sweet!

A photo showing three enamel pins by artist Illustrator Jake. They are all of Nintendo's Kirby

It was tough to choose, but my favourite of these three Kirby pin badges is the Kirby X Deku pin (the one in the green jacket). Deku is a character from the anime, My Hero Academia, which I still haven't watched... oops! However, I just love the look of the jacket that Kirby is wearing, it reminds me of the puffy coats that kids used to wear in the 90s (nostalgic much), and I also really like the colour combination of green & pink. Another detail I like about the Kirby X Deku pin is how big it is. I feel less worried wearing pins of this size when I'm going out, as I feel like I'd notice if it somehow fell off. All of these pins are very well-made and feel super sturdy though! 

I hope you all enjoyed checking out these stunning pins by Illustrator Jake. If you haven't already, be sure to give them a follow over on Instagram (they have a twitter as well), and if you can, treat yourself to some of their incredibly cute merch! It's even more important than ever now to show your support to small/independent businesses & artists, because of this silly virus. Why not surprise your loved ones with a gift? :) 

A photo showing three enamel pins of Kirby by Nintendo, they are made by artist Illustrator Jake

I totally forgot to take a photo of the pins without the backing cards, so here's a shot I got when I actually realised, haha! Before I finished this post, I wanted to mention how much I love the backing cards themselves... all of those sweet little illustrations on it! I really appreciate it when its clear to see how much thought and attention to detail has gone into every aspect of an artists' products :) Seriously though guys, how much do these pins stand out!? I'm over the moon with them! I've decided that I'm going to keep two and gift the Switch one to a friend of mine, because I know how much they'll love it! Not that I don't love it, but I can't afford a Nintendo Switch at the moment and I have the blues because I WANT TO PLAY AC NEW HORIZONS *cry cry*. Plus sharing is caring, right?

I just want to say a massive thankyou to Jake from Illustrator Jake for hosting such an amazing giveaway! It's so kind of you!! I adore my Kirby pins and I cannot wait to add more of your pins to my collection in the future ^.^ Let me know which is your favourite of these Kirby's, guys, and I wish you all a wonderful week! 

Thankyou for reading! 

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  1. I love Illustrator Jake's designs so damn much! From the pastel colour palette, to the kawaii AF designs he creates. Everything is amazing! I recently ordered some Animal Crossing stickers and a pin (which was a pre-order so I'm still waiting for it to arrive). I'm so excited for it! :D

    I love that you won these, as you deserve them. <3


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