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Tokyo Otaku Mode Haul

Early last month, I purchased a bunch of awesome things from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I've been eyeing up all of the lovely items on this website for ages now and so I decided to start saving some money to do a big order. I recently received the last of my order (they sent it in two shipments) and I've been looking forward to showing you all what I got. Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) is a great online store based in both the US and Japan that sells lots of awesome geeky and kawaii items. Otaku basically means nerd in Japanese slang, 'someone who has a hobby that they spend more time, money and effort than is seen as normal' in Japanese culture. hahaha I'm definitely an otaku and proud :)

This beautiful plush is the main reason I did a haul on TOM. I thought he was amazing when I first spotted him on a tumblr post, but he's even better in person. So big and cuddly and soft and just look at his adorable face! I found out that he's also really photogenic too. He is one of the adorable Amuse sloth plushies called Namakemono Mikke. I featured a smaller version of these on my first Kawaii & Geeky wishlist in October and I'm so happy that I've finally got one of my own.

How could I say no to a catbanana? It's so random and cute that I couldn't resist buying it. The cat reminds me a little of the cats from the game 'Neko Atsume'. These adorable little cats are named Bananya Plushies and there's five different ones; I chose Tiger Bananya.They are made by the Japanese company, Q-Lia. 

I think it's acceptable to say that I'm addicted to Amuse plushies! I just love them so much. They are well-made and so soft and/or fluffy; plus I think it's really great that they've made so many different animals. See the rest of my Amuse plush collection here. I'm not going to have enough room left in my bed to sleep in it soon! :D This lovely rabbit is listed as 'Pote Usa Loppy Sugar Plushie' and it's soooo silky soft. 

After the big sloth plushie, this is my second favourite item that I ordered. This wallet is just so pretty. I love Korilakkuma and floral patterns and just look at all those tiny strawberries? I really needed a new wallet, but I'm nervous to use it! I really don't want to ruin it! There's just one big section inside: in the middle, there's a zip compartment, then at either end, there are card slots. I've never seen a wallet set-up like this before and I think I'm actually going to prefer it. 

 Of course, I had to drop a few stationary bits into my shopping cart :) It was a good job that most of the stationary I wanted was out of stock, because I was aiming to get as close to $100 as could to get free international shipping and no more. Since I'm going to start using my filofax planner this month, I needed so more cute page tabs and I don't see much stationary with these kinds of birds on so I just had to buy these. 

The other stationary that I wanted was this San-x Sentimental Circus letter set. I've needed a nice new letterset for a while for penpaling, and I've been trying to find Sentimental Circus products that weren't too expensive because it's a really popular character. You get four different designs of letter paper, all of it lined which I need because otherwise my sentences are all wonky, and four different envelopes. You get 32 sheets of paper & 16 envelopes for what works out just under £3. I thought that was such a bargin! & I'm lovin' the 'Queen of Hearts' theme, because I'm a big fan of Alice in Wonderland. 

I spotted these cute little toys like the 'blind bag/box' style ones you get in those £1 machines, and they were too sweet to ignore. They are tiny hamsters that sit on the rim of your glass and look like they are trying to climb in/hold on. They look so much like real hamsters! This little grey & white hamster reminds me of one of the hamsters I had when I was younger, he was called Muffin and he was a nasty little thing! He tried to bite me all the time and all I wanted to do was love him hahaha he was also an escape artist and he always ended up on top of my wardrobe. I'm short so it was a task trying to catch him. Did anyone else have any mean pets when they were younger? Thankfully, I had lots of wonderful hamsters too, who were really sweet and friendly; one was so nice that we took him in for my sister's sort of show-and-tell day at Primary school and some of her classmates held him :) I miss having a hamster. 

I didn't have a glass handy when I took these photos so here's the ham-ham hanging onto the side of the 'plastic egg' thingie that he came in. I've never seen anything like these toys before, and I'm going to be popping him on my glass when I'm drinking before a night out with my friends because I'm just that cool

This is the last item I have to show you all. I was going to buy some new earphones because I recently lost mine so when I came across these, it as perfect. I've been meaning to look for a cute 'clip' or whatever they are called to hold all the loose wire of my earphones and I really liked how bright this little budgie was. I'm really happy with my TOM haul, and I recommend the website to anyone who loves all things kawaii, anime or manga related. The delivery was really quick considering it was coming all the way from Japan, but I have to warn you that you will probably have to pay a customs fee (Mine was around £25)

 Something that was fantastic about the TOM order is that they included a few freebies. These include plastic folders/wallets like the one above (I got three in total, in two seperate packages, all with a different animation on the front), a A3 poster inside each of the plastic folders (I got two of the same and one different, with an little explanation about the artwork) and either a sticker or a postcard. I thought this was an awesome addition to the packages. I absolutely adore the Happy New Year postcard. I collect postcards and it's the year of the monkey this year, which my year of birth was also; I need to find a nice frame for it.

 Thankyou for reading!


Has anyone else ordered from Tokyo Otaku Mode?  

What's your favourite Japanese cartoon/character? 



  1. That Sloth plush is so flipping cute!! I might have to check this site out next month! Love the bits you picked and that hamster is adorable x

    1. The sloth is amazing! :) I'm so glad I bought him. It's a great website, they have a twitter & instagram account too. Let me if you do an order, I wanna see what you pick haha Thanks :) x

  2. Omg these are all sooo cuttteeee! I was squee-ing with adorableness the whole way while reading that!


    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed reading :) hahaha good to know I'm not the one one that sits there squee-ing at cute posts :D x

  3. You looked like you got some adorable products! How cute is that little hamster?!

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥

  4. Oh my life that sloth plush!!

    Eeek. You got so many cute things. I'll have to avoid this site to save my bank balance haha.

    I had a hamster when I was little too. He was called spike and used to press his bum against the bars to poop out of his cage! :p

    I don't really have a favourite Japanese cartoon as I don't watch any, but that's just because I wouldn't know where to start haha!

    Lovely post xxx

    1. hahaha :D I know, he's beautiful, right?

      Yeah it was pretty pricey, I won't be ordering more anytime soon :D which is so difficult because they are constantly posting new awesome items on their social media!

      Aww that's cute! but I bet it was annoying to clean up :)

      Thankyou x

  5. Oh my God, what an amazing website! I am always on the hunt for new Japan goodies to buy online. :D

    The sloth you bought looks so damn cute. ^_^

    I love that they sell Nendoroids. Me and my boyfriend collect them like craaazy. xD


    1. Yeah, I love it! I want so much of what they sell but I didn't have the cash to get more! :(

      Nendoroids are really cute :) have you blogged about your collection?

      Thanks, I LOVE him so much! Well worth the whole order just to get the sloth :D I'm too obsessed with Amuse plushies :3

  6. These are sweet! I might have to take a look at TOM when I get paid.

    I never had mean pets but my mum's friend's rat bit me and I hate rats now because of it haha! Rodents can be so temperamental.

    As you know I'm a massive Ghibli fan - favourite character would either be Ponyo, Kiki or Satsuki. I also love everything Hello Kitty though, it's a mild obsession with both!

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