Wednesday, 23 March 2016

March Pop! in a Box

It's time to show you all which Pop! vinyl figure I received in this month's Pop in a Box! I'm really lovin' this new subscription; it's so exciting opening the box to discover which figure I've received. I definitely recommend subscribing if you want to grow your Pop! collection but cannot decide which ones you want to buy most. 

Yayy! I am SO HAPPY that I got Severus Snape :) he's always been my favourite character from Harry Potter (closely followed by Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger). I am impressed everytime I get a new Pop! figure by the quality of the detail that goes into each of them. I especially love Snape's hair, it makes him look so adorable! Also, how cute is his wand!? 

 I love the appearance of his robes, especially the navy blue colour of his 'shirt'. I also love the gathered effect they've used to replicate the look of a real robe! All of these little details perfect the overall look of the figure. The tiny buttons on his shirt just look awesome! I'm really glad that I've now got this fantastic Pop! in my collection :)

 The only problem with this figure is that there's a little mistake on his left sleeve; there's a tiny blob of beige paint that was used for his hands dotted just above the wrist. It's kind of annoying, but not very noticeable and doesn't change my opinions about how much I like this figure! Writing this post made me think about Alan Rickman and the amazing job he did as Snape. He was such an incredible actor and I was always very attracted to his voice :) I can't be the only one? Rest in Peace

Thankyou for reading!


If you're a subscriber to Pop in a Box, which figure did you get this month? 

Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?  



  1. This is so cute! Still upset that he's no longer with us, what an actor. xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog


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