Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Lush Haul

I've been a busy bee today and I can't believe how quick the day has gone! I've been excited about showing everyone the lovely lush products I purchased a good few weeks ago. They are all really pretty, smell so good & I can't wait to start using them. I'm looking forward to seeing what lush will bring out next! I hope you all enjoy today's post :) 

I bought a selection of bath bombs and bubble bars that I'd spotted on instagram or that my friends had recommended. I love how colourful the Easter range is, and how many different shapes and styles they have in store. I especially love the flowers that decorate quite a few of their products and that some of them are egg-shaped! Have you spotted my little Easter sequins? They are so cute! I'm considering sprinkling them around my room. Just looking at them makes me smile! 

 The first item on my shopping list was the 'bunch of carrots'. I loved the unique design of these bubble bars, and I liked that they came in three different colours. I love how they are attached by string; they just look awesome. They contain a mixture of buchu oil, lemon oil and bergamot oil so they have a lovely citrusy smell to them, and I'm a big fan of citrus. The next bubble bar I wanted to grab before they sold out is the Ladybird. It was part of the Mother's Day range and it was just too cute not to buy. It smells really nice, a mixture of peppermint and geranium oil. It reminds me of the smell of my garden in summer as we always have lots of geranium flowers. I love how bright the red body of the ladybird is!

Another adorable lush product that I really loved was the Humpty Dumpty bathbomb. I mean look at it... It's got a bowtie and a massive cheerful smile! I love the blue and white colours and how big this bathbomb is, but I'm a little sad that mine doesn't have a bright yellow bowtie as is advertised. It's still awesome and I'm really interested to see what it will do once added to the bath. It's another citrus-fragranced product, containing bergamot oil and brazilian orange oil :) 

I ordered two items that are not part of the Easter range but were on my wishlist. I was recommended the Fizzbanger bath bomb by several of my friends so I thought it was about time I tried it for myself. I've seen a few photos of what it looks like in the bath so I'm really excited to use it, but I'm not a huge fan of the scent which is a combination of cinnamon leaf oil, ylang ylang oil, oak moss extract, petitgrain oil and cream of tartar... I think it's a bit strong. It also contains popping candy, which is great! I picked up an 'Elbow Grease' moisturising bar becasue I've heard so many good reviews about it, and I'm intrigued to see if it will brighten up my tattoo and help with my dry skin. 

The Fluffy Egg is my favourite item in this lush haul. It's so pretty, plus I'm lovin' the bright pink colour and zig-zag detail. It smells really sweet too, with a mild hint of citrus. I choose the Creamy Candy bubble bar mostly because of the name, and then I saw that vanilla and cocoa butter were some of ingredients, as well as almond oil. It just sounded so perfect for Easter and I LOVE vanilla (it's my favourite scent!). The description is 'bathing confectionery' which also makes it sound super sweet, and the little flower just completes it. 

 The final product I chose was the 'Pop in the Bath' bubble bar, purely because it had a big flower on it and it thought it looked lovely. It did have a little yellow piece in the centre of the flower, but it fell out and I have no idea where is it :D I love the shade of blue used on this bubble bar and again, it's ingredients is a selection of different citrus fruit oils: lemon, bergamot, mardarin and orange flower, so I'm going to be a very happy bunny using this in my bath. I'm very happy with all of the items I got; let me know if you'd like me to write some reviews for them :)

Thankyou for reading!

Have you bought any of the Lush Easter range? What's your favourite product? 



  1. I think the bunch of carrots are so cute!

    Nicole |

  2. I want so many of these, haha! I love the ladybird, I haven't seen them available in Canada, though :( THhe carrots are adorbale, and a really great design idea, too.Everything is so colourful and happy, they're great for spring! Enjoy your baths!


    1. That's a shame that you've not spotted it in your stores. I absolutely love the little carrots, it would be even better if they are all a different scent! :) Thankyou, hope you have a wonderful Spring!

  3. These are so cute. That ladybird is amazing :)

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

    1. I couldn't resist buying it & it's so sweet that I'm going to be really sad using it :) might just have to keep it in my drawer forever hahaha


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