Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Tsum Tsums

Yay! It's Easter tomorrow :) It's been so hard to resist devouring my Easter goodies today. Bring on tomorrow! I hope everyone has a lovely day filled with lots of chocolate and Easter themed cuteness! I've been really looking forward to showing you all these adorable Easter edition tsum tsums This is going to be quite a pic heavy post!

Just look how bloody cute they are! I could not resist buying this set as soon as I spotted it on the Disney website. I absolutely love that the characters are dressed in baby animal costumes! I love all the little details of their costumes... the material, the colours. It's such a wonderful set. 

The basket that the tsum tsums come in is really nice. It feels so so soft, and the colour scheme again is great. I love the green and white gingham material used for the lining of the basket and the matching bows on the handle of the basket. 

No Easter themed set is complete without Easter bunnies, and this Minnie & Mickey pair is so pretty!  I love that they've included the gingham in their costume design. I don't usually like the typical blue for a boy and pink for a girl design but I think it looks nice in this case. Another thing I love on these tsum tsums are their rosy red cheeks :)

Even better, they have super cute bunny tails! I'm just really impressed with these fantastic bunny tsum tsums, but I'm also bunny obsessed so that's to be expected! haha 

Another adorable baby animal needed in any Easter set is a lamb. It's so fluffy, and it reminds me a little of the sanrio character Piano (even though she's pink!). I really love the sky blue and white gingham material used for this Winnie the Pooh tsum tsum's bowtie and ears.Sky blue is one of my favourite colours.

The final tsum tsum in this set is Eeyore dressed as a chick. I like the scratty style appearance of this costume and the little tuft of 'fluff' on his head. His bowtie and the inside of his ears is made from lilac and white gingham, which goes well with the grey of his body. Even though this tsum tsum is really cute, it's my least favourite of the set. 

Overall, I'm really glad that I purchased this set and added it to my evergrowing tsum tsum collection. It's lovely and is beautifully coloured and so kawaii, and I'm looking forward to displaying them around my bedroom throughout Spring.

Thankyou for reading!

Which one of these tsum tsums is your favourite? Mine is Mickey :) 

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  1. So cute!! I think the Pooh tsum tsum is my favorite. I need to buy more tsums tsums, but I can't find any at the store.

    - Courtney

    1. Thanks :) he's adorable, right? My hometown doesn't have a Disney store and whenever I visit other towns, they have never end up having all the ones I'm looking for so I've started ordering mine online :) x


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