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Funko Pop Update

Hey everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely week :) Over the last few months, when I was taking a break from blogging and dealing with all sort of stresses including financial ones, I had to unfortunately cancel all of my monthly subscriptions :( I was really gutted about this because they were one of the little things that I very much looked forward to each month. It always put a huge smile on my face whenever the post would arrive and I would be greeted with a surprise package! It made my day because I love surprises! It would be even more wonderful when I was having a bad mental health day, having something to cheer me up even if it was just a little. 

Back in December, I treat myself for Christmas and did a haul on one of my favourite online alternative stores, EMP (seriously check them out). I ordered two Funko Pops that I've been after for ages now, searching for them at every Comic Con event I've been to but to no avail, so I gave in and bought them online :) I also received my last Pop in a Box subscription early this year and was also sent a Pop that they didn't have in stock for my previous Pop in a Box. It's been too long since I share a Funko themed post with you all! Enjoy reading my little Pop update guys! :) 

Funko Pop Update

Funko Pop Update

Here are the two Pop figures that I ordered from EMP. If you've been following me for a while and have seen my Comic Con posts, you'll know that I've been searching for this figure of Vegeta, my favourite character from the anime series Dragon Ball Z, for such a long time! For the last two years, both Comic Con's that I attended seemed to have every other Dragon Ball Z character in the collections, expect this guy. It was super annoying! I'm happy that I now finally have him in my collection; he just reminds me of my childhood so much because I was pretty obsessed with him for a while haha! I am a huge horror fan, particularly of 80's-90's movies. Hellraiser is one of my favourites and so I just couldn't say no to this adorable Pinhead Pop! 

Hellraiser Pinhead Funko Pop

Hellraiser Pinhead Funko Pop

 How cool does this Pop vinyl look!? I love it! They've managed to make Pinhead look so cute and chibi, so I'm impressive by that! I really like how close to the original horror character they've kept his outfit, and it's awesome that they made his weapons bloody. I also like that his fingernails are bloody, too. I wish that there was a little more detail put into the design of the puzzle box (Lemarchand's box), however I love that it's been added into the design of this Pop figure. The figure itself has an almost perfect paintjob, other than some marks on the back of Pinhead's outfit. The red ones I'm not too bothered about because they look like his clothes are bloody and that just adds to the overall appearance of the figure. One thing I think that would made this Pop even cooler, would have been a chain in his other hand :) I hope that they add the other cenobites into the horror classic collection. 

Vegeta Funko Pop

Vegeta Funko Pop

Oh my gosh, I am over the moon with this Pop :) I'm so glad that I have it. I love Vegeta's stance and that his arms are crossed, because it definitely displays his grumpy personality. His eyebrows are also frowning too, so he just look like his typical moody self :) Vegeta's outfit in the first saga/season of Dragon Ball Z was my favourite so I'm happy that's what this Pop figure was designed after. I like how vibrant the colour of his outfit is; it's really eyecatching. His hair also looks fantastic! My favourite detail about this entire vinyl figure though is Vegeta's eyepiece, his 'Scouter', which in the series is used to read people's power levels. It just finishes the overall look of the character really well. Fellow DBZ fans, who's your favourite character? I'd love to complete the entire collection of this series of Pop's. 

Funko Pop Update

Here are the last Funko Pop's that I received from my Pop in a Box subscription. Some absolutely fabulous characters to end on! 

Game of Thrones Tyrion Funko Pop

Game of Thrones Tyrion Funko Pop

In my previous Pop in a Box post (read here), I mentioned that they hadn't been able to send me one of my figures for that month because it wasn't in stock which was annoying at the time as I wish that they had just added another figure from my wishlist instead, but I didn't mean waiting for a figure that I wanted. The thing that annoyed me most was that they told me which figure I would be getting, which for a surprise subscription box wasn't the best move. However, my Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister Pop finally arrived! 

This guy is my favourite character from the novels and TV series, and I love this figure of him. I prefer this 'Battle Armour' version of Tyrion, VS the other one but that's because I think this outfit is much better. It's brighter and has a lot more detail. I really like the little lion head sigil of House Lannister on his armour, even though it's pretty difficult to make out. I really like his black gloves and boots too, and of course the axe! It might be my best feature of the figure. His scar isn't very bold or detailed, but I don't think it really affects the entire look of the Pop. This figure is in a very good condition, other than some tiny stratches on his face.

Sailor Mars Funko Pop

Sailor Moon Funko Pop

Sailor Moon Funko Pop Luna

Yayyy! I absolutely adore these Sailor Scout Funko Pop's! They are super adorable, well-detailed and so bright. Rei (Sailor Mars) was always my favourite of the Sailor Scouts when I was younger because she had long dark hair like me, and also my favourite colour was red back then. I love the design of her hair on this Pop figure, especially her fringe. It's great! I like the way she's holding her hands, like as if she was playing it was a gun. I think it looks cute :) Her earrings are sweet too, little mini red stars. The one thing I've never been keen on his Rei's shoes haha I prefer the boots that the other girls wear. However, her figure is designed perfect to character and looks fantastic. There's only a few tiny very tiny paintjob errors, like her right eyelashes, so I'm pretty impressed. 

This Pop figure of Usagi (Sailor Moon) looks soooo good! *insert lots of heart-eyed emojis* It's very pretty! I love her outfit, and all of the little details on it. I love the way her hands are held as they are just after she's transformed into Sailor Moon on the show. Her hair looks amazing, just everything about it. The yellow and red are super bright and I really like how her hair is a big as the entire figure. The curls are the ends of her hair are fabulous  too! My favourite part of this figure though is that it comes with a mini Luna! She's so tiny and adorable and I'm glad they've made her too because Sailor Moon wouldn't be the same without her! Again, there's only a few errors on this Pop figure, mostly stratches on Usagi's face which is annoying because it's more visible. Each of the Sailor Scout figures come with a clear plastic stand to hold the figures up. 

Sailor Moon Sailor Scout Funko Pop

Something I love about Funko's Pop vinyls is how photogenic they are! Who agrees? I hope you all enjoyed this post. I'm sorry that it will be my last Funko Pop post for a while until I am able to afford more T_T The next figures on my wishlist that I want the most are Freddy Krueger from the horror A Nightmare On Elm Street, Lagertha from the show Vikings and Sanrio's Hello Kitty. Let me know in the comments which Pop's are on your own wishlist.

Thankyou for reading! 


Which is your favourite Pop out of the ones featured in this post?

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