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Japanese Sugar Candy | Review

Happy Tuesday Guys! Don't you just love when you find something that you'd forgotten buying!? This happened to me last week, whilst searching for some craft supplies I needed I found a box containing some things I'd ordered online last year. One of those items was a packet of Japanese candy that I've been waiting so long to try! Luckily, the best before date on these sweets was still months away and I've been so excited about finally getting to find out what they taste like! If you're a fellow Studio Ghibli fan, you should recognise these colourful sweets right away! I hope you all enjoy reading :) 

Japanese Konpeito Candy

 First off, how pretty do these sweets look!? I love how colourful they are, and they are such a cute shape too. They are a traditional sugar candy known as Konpeito, a name derived from a Portuguese word that was used historically by a missionary travelling to Japan to describe these once luxurious sweets. Sugar used to be a expensive item back in those days and so the sweets were only eaten for special occassions, whereas nowadays they are often given by Japanese people as gifts. They are popular all over the world too, and something that was probably a major influencer for their rise in global popularity was their appearance in an animation movie made by Studio Ghibli. Any fans recognise them yet? These pretty little candies were first brought to my attention when I saw them on the movie 'Spirited Away', in this adorable scene...

I absolutely love the Soot Sprites (Susuwatari) on this movie, and one day I'm determined to get a tattoo of them, of course with the Konpeito candy in hand! In this scene, the Soot Sprites who work for Kamaji, The Boiler Man, are given these sweets on their work break and they are so excited :) About as excited as I was when I received my packet of Konpeito in the post!! I ordered mine from the UK kawaii store, Tofu Cute, and you can find them here

Konpeito Japanese Candy

Konpeito Japanese Candy

These sweets looked almost too lovely to eat and I was tempted to keep them unopened forever, which might actually have happened if I hadn't recently re-discovered that I had them, haha. However my curiosity got the better of me... I just had to see what they tasted like. Especially since I'd read that they were mostly unflavoured. From the look and feel of them, I expected them to be something similar to British rock because that too is made almost entirely from sugar. I was pretty impressed by how many sweets were inside the packet, although I know that it won't be long until I've eaten them all! I just love the packaging design of most Japanese products because I'm in love with all things Japanese! I really liked how bright this Konpeito packaging was, and that it has a zip-lock to reseal it :) 

Konpeito Japanese Candy

Konpeito Japanese Candy

I will forever be fascinated by just how cute these sweets look! I really like how they come in a mix of different colours, as well as their unique texture/shape. These tiny 'balls' of sugar are covered in little bumps that make me think of mini asteroids or meteors! What do they resemble to you? I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture of these sweets. They are unflavoured but taste so so sweet and delicious! They remind me somewhat of those mint crumble sweets, because of the way they dissolve in your mouth. I'm definitely gonna have to buy some more of these :)

Konpeito Japanese Candy

 I couldn't not get a photo of this adorable sugar candy with some of my Studio Ghibli character plushies! These amazing Japanese animations are some of my most favourite movies ever. They have such awesome storylines and in-depth characters as well as some of the sweetest animals and 'mythological' creatures. If you've never watched a Studio Ghibli movie before, you need to fix that! I recommend starting off with 'Spirited Away', although my personal favourites are 'Princess Mononoke' and 'Howl's Moving Castle'. Thankyou Mr Miyazaki and colleagues for creativing such wonderful movies, and for introducing these yummy sweets into my life haha! If you all haven't tried them before, you definitely should!

Thankyou for reading! 

Have you ever tried Konpeito candy? If so, what did you think?
Also, what's your favourite Studio Ghibli movie?

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