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June Wishlist

Hi Guys! Wow, as if it's already the last day of June! It's gone by so quickly, it's ridiculous! I've really enjoyed taking part in the Wildlife Trust's 30 Days Wild Challenge, although it's been very hard to keep up over the last few days. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen my posts explaining how crappy I was feeling; my pelvis and back have been causing me a lot of pain and it's probably all down to my fibromyalgia, ugh. It's been really difficult to get anything done, as I was in agony if I sat or stood for a long period of time. This especially affected my ability to blog so I'm sorry for the lack of posts! Since I'm feeling a slight decrease in pain today, I'm trying my best to power through and check as much off my blog to-do-list as I can. So here's my June Wishlist :) I hope you all enjoy reading! 

June Wishlist 2017

1. Set of Three Pastel Skull Candles I've been lusting over these absolutely gorgeous candles for the last few months, ever since I followed the Ember Candle Co. facebook page. They just look so very pretty and eye-catching, very well designed and come in so many lovely colours! As a lover of pastel shades and all things macabre, these candles are perfect for me! 

2. Sarah's Scribbles Collection: Adulthood is a Myth Sarah Andersen is one of my favourite artists; I really love her cute and very relatable comics and illustrations. They always make me giggle :) I would really like to own any of the books from the Sarah's Scribbles Collection to look through whenever I'm feeling gloomy to cheer me up! Who else loves Sarah Andersen's work?

3. Urban Decay 'All Nighter' Setting Spray I've been meaning to try out setting spray for a while now, versus the translucent powder I currently use to try to keep my make-up on during the humid weather or a night out partying. I keep seeing the Urban Decay 'All Nighter' spray popping up all over social media with good reviews, so I'd love to try this one out as soon as I can, which claims an impressive 16 hours of make-up kept perfect. I need to test this out for myself! 

4. Paperchase Flyaway Neon Gel Pens There are so many wonderful stationery items available at Paperchase right now; I want so many of them! However, most of them would be more suited for my monthly Kawaii & Geeky wishlist so I'll let you know what else I'm after soon. When browsing through the Paperchase website, this super vibrant gel pen set caught my eye and I remember that I actually wanted to build up a collection of gel pens after I spotted that my mom has been using gel pens for her colouring books, and the illustrations always look great when they are completed. I'd love to start up my collection with these, because just look how bright they are! Colours make me happy :) 

5. Whittard's Alice In Wonderland Teapot How gorgeous is this teapot!? Oh my gosh, I'm so sad that I can't buy it like right now. It's so pretty and perfect for tea parties and the original illustrations covering it are just perfect. I love the shape of it, too. It's expensive but would be great to have if you're a fan of tea parties or just to have on display in your kitchen :) I'm just slightly obsessed with afternoon tea crockery. I love the book quote from the Mad Hatter's tea part scene a long the bottom of the pot. I think it's a cute little detail. 

6. Whittard's Alice In Wonderland Mini Caddy This item was in fact what brought my attention to the entire Alice In Wonderland Tea Party collection at Whittard's. I instantly fell in love with the design of this caddy and was curious about how about the price, and then I was greeted with an selection of other Alice In Wonderland themed items. I was over the moon! English Breakfast is my preferred type of tea so although there's a set of three mini caddy with a different tea in each, I would only purchase this one. Blue is one of my favourite colours so I'm glad that the English Breakfast caddy comes in this colour. Did you guys know that today is National Cream Tea Day too?

7. Lush 'Yellow Submarine' Bath Bomb It's very rare for me not to have Lush products make it to my wishlist each month, because I'm just a really big fan of their bathbombs and I want to try almost every kind that they produce. Is it strange that I am more likely to buy an item if it comes in a specific colour? There's just something about yellow that instantly makes the item more appealing to me! So of course, my attention was captured by this Yellow Submarine bath bomb. I then discovered that the ingredients include some of my favourite fragrence, circus fruit and lemongrass. I now have a mighty need to get my hands on one (or ten!) of these. 

8. Lush 'Green Party' Bath Bomb I have to admit that my original reasoning for wanting this bath bomb was purely based on the fact it was named after the Green political party and although I recently voted the Labour Party in the election, it was a tactical decision to try to get the horrid Tories out! My policital party of choice is however the Green Party. It's a bonus that the oils added to this bath bomb are citrus and ylang ylang, both of which I really like. 

9. New Look Wild and Free Chalk Board I will soon be getting my own bedroom and so something that is on my mind a lot lately is how I'm going to decorate. I am quite into the idea of putting up a mini chalk board by my desk or on the back of my bedroom door, somewhere were I am not going to be able to miss it, to write important to-do notes on. The design of this chalk board from New Look is great, and I'm also lovin' that it's circular.   

10. Yellow & Grey Floral Cold Shoulder Cami Top Since it's now Summer, it's about time I added a very little amount of non-black clothing to my wardrobe, haha! I'm very much liking tops at the moment that hang off the shoulders, probably motivated by the boiling weather we had earlier in the month. I love the pale pastel shade of yellow of this shirt and that it's nice and long. I'm not sure how I'd feel about the thin straps since I haven't worn a cami style top since I was a kid and they annoyed me back then. Hopefully, the nice design will make up for any annoyance it may cause. I'm curious, what's everyones go-to colour for Summertime? 

Thankyou for reading!

 What's on your wishlist this month?

Also, I'd love to know what the highlight of June was for you! 
Let me know in the comments. Have a wonderful July everyone :)

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