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The Best Friend Tag

Hi guys! It's the start of a new week and officially five days until Comic Con! Yay!! Yesterday, I watched so many youtube videos of 2016's MCM Comic Con in Manchester and it's got me even more excited! It's a bit of a shame that this year I can't make a new cosplay outfit, but I love being Totoro so I'm not too bothered. I feel super cute as Totoro anyhow! What are you all looking forward to this week? For today's post I'll be sharing another tag with you all. The lovely Natalee over at There Might Be Coffee recently tagged me to do the Best Friend tag so here goes. Go check out Nat's awesome blog :) Enjoy! 

The Best Friend Tag

I really like this tag! I think it's really different from other tags I've done because it's for two people to answer. My best friend is called Jessica, and we've been best friends since we were 13 years old. I'm going to represent my answers with an S and Jess' with a J. I hope you all enjoy reading our answers!

(1) How and where did you meet? 
J: We met in high school, we was in year 8 before we actually spoke to each other properly after a mutual friend was off sick. We discussed Busted (very serious topic) and our friendship started from there. 
S: As Jess said, we met in Year 8. She had another best friend at the time who she had gone to Primary School with, and I made friends with her best friend. We all shared lessons together back then. One day, our mutual friend didn't come to school and so we sat together awkwardly at break time. Both shy and both having never hung out without our friend before, we didn't speak for a while. So when I spotted a Busted keyring on Jess' backpack, I thought yay! Conversation topic! :D We chatted about Busted for ages and our love for Matt Willis, and our friendship blossomed from there...

(2) What's your favourite memory together? 
J: Ooh... I would have to say attacking her with a fork when we was on a holiday in Yorkshire. 
S: Haha! She did indeed harrass me with a random fork that she found in the grass on a cliffside. Thanks pal XD Omgosh! I can't pinpoint a favourite memory! I have so many lovely memeories with her: gig memories, school trips, hanging out with our fellow alternative friends in town when we were teenagers.... hmmm... one memory that always comes to mind whenever I think of our friendship is this one. 

Nearby to Jess' house, there's a little woods known locally as 'Bluebell Woods'. I'd been there with her before but always out of season for the bluebells. One day in Spring I was over at her house and we planned to go to the woods. It was absolutely stunning when we arrived. I was in awe! We hung out in the woods for a few hours, relaxing on the grass between the bluebells and chatting. We also just chilled there and I got lost in whimsical thoughts about fairies :) It was really beautiful; there was a carpet of bluebells as far as the eye can see. To make it even better for a nature nerd like me, two pheasants showed up before we were gonna head home. It was wonderful to get to see them so close up, to look at their pretty plumage and watch their behaviour, even if it was two males fighting. I'll never forget that day

(3) Describe each other in one word

J: Geek

S: Dork 

(4) What's her dream job?

J: She used to want to have a ranch in USA (is it called a ranch?) with loads of animals. She would probably like to work in a zoo with all the reptiles.

S: She's wanted to be lots of things over the last 10+ years! I'm sure that her dream job now would either a professional music/gig reviewer, or something in content writing and/or media. I still want that ranch :p just picture it with alpacas everywhere, because it's gonna happen! 

(5) What's her favourite make-up brand?

J:  I don't know really... she wears Revolution eyeshadows a lot so I think she likes them haha!

S: I have no idea... I don't think she even knows :D We really need to get more make-up savvy!

(6)  What's something that annoys you about the other person?

J: I guess the lack of confidence she has, she's intelligent, a really good friend and really pretty she just needs to believe it a little more.

S: Awww :') you've made me cry girl ♥ I also wish that she had more confidence in herself; I wish she wouldn't underestimate herself as much as she does. She's gorgeous and funny and passionate about the things she believes it. She's just so bloody awesome! I couldn't ask for a better best friend. 

(7) If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be?

J:Probably Germany, we've been somewhat learning German so it could be good to try it out. Plus there is this thing called ''M'era Luna Festival'' that be awesome to see. 

S: JA! GERMANY WOULD BE AWESOME! We've always said that we'd go back to Belgium, to the town we visited when we were on our High School history trip. We want to go back to Ieper, to this cute little cafe which sold the most delicious vanilla milkshake especially :)

(8) Favourite inside joke?

J: HAHA Feet

S: (omg fu!) We have so many. Our friendship has been made up of constantly teasing one another and aiming to make each other blush (which really isn't hard, like at all) ... Shut up Jess, go listen to your favourite knife play songs! 

The Best Friend Tag

(9) Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

J: Probably me... I am usually late for things (eek!)

S: Definitely Jess

(10) Favourite Season?

J: I would say Autumn for both of us. More things to do in autumn with Halloween and bon fire night.

S: We are both Autumn babies :) Virgo & Libra, which actually is supposed to be one of the most compatible of friendships, if you believe that kind of thing. 

(11) Favourite Song?

J: Jesus of Suburbia I know that's her favourite from Green Day.

S: Since we are going with a Green Day theme, her favourite Green Day song is 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'. We have A LOT of favourite songs. 

(12) What is it like being best friends with someone who is obsessed with blogging?

J:  It's good she helps me out whenever I am stuck, we proof read each other's work.

S: Thanks for being my designated proof reader from the start! Jess has just recently started blogging, and it would be awesome if you guys could go check out her blog. As for my answer... I bet it's been interesting for her dealing with my constant photo taking for years, like not being able to start eating her meals at restaurants until I've taken a photo, etc :) Also, I've constantly used our facebook messenger chat to send photos from my laptop to save them onto my phone quickly (sorry!). It's nice that we can share this hobby together now. 

(13) Heels or flats? 

J: Flats for both, I don't think I have seen her wear heels, ever.

S: Flats. Yeah, I don't do heels. I would most likely break an ankle in about ten minutes wearing heels XD

(14) Comedy, horror, or click-flicks?

J: She loves her horrors.

S: Thanks for watching all those horrors with me over the years ♥ Hmm, she enjoys comedies but I'm going to say click-flicks and hope I'm not wrong!

(15) What is something weird that she eats?

J: I am not sure, she is quite a fussy eater like me so I can't really say I find anything weird lol.

S: Being the ridiculously fussy eater that I am, I think everything I don't eat that other people do is weird :D 

(16) You guys have anything matching?

J: I know we have matching MCR and Green Day tops!

S: We used to have some of those cute best friends merch when we were teenagers but they have gotten lost over the years, oops. We both have hello kitty and a charmander build-a-bear plushies :) 

The Best Friend Tag
Some oldies!
Well, that's the end of the Best Friend tag. I hope that you all enjoyed it :) Whenever I read posts about friendship, it makes me feel emotional and it's nostaglic too. When I read about other friends memories and special moments together, it makes me think back and reminisce about my own with Jess. This girl means the absolute world to me, and I don't know what I'd ever do without her :') *insert more soppy words*. I hope that whilst reading my post, you all thought about your best friend. You should totally go tell them how much they mean to you... do it! 

Thankyou for reading!

I'd love to hear some cute best friend stories, let me know in the comments how you met your best friend.  

Also, what's your favourite thing about your best friend?

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  1. Awww, this is lovely. There's nothing nicer than having that one friend who you can share so much with. I love inside jokes between friend groups too, there are so many things that will set me off and only my closest friends will understand why! Love that you both have matching band t-shirts too! And I hope you enjoy Comic-Con - I'd love to go one year, it looks amazing! Also, thank you for all of the amazing comments you've left me recently, they really made me smile. - Tasha

    1. Thankyou so much :) Aww thats awesome! hehe yeah we are cheesy like that :D haha! I had such an awesome time, thanks! You should definitely go! Definitely visit an MCM official one, they are the best :) But there's also little ones in a few towns and cities across the country too. No worries lovely <3 x

  2. Aww wow I am loving the answers! :D I'm so pleased you had a go at this tag yourself. ^_^

    1. Thanks!I'm so glad you enjoy my answers :) It's an awesome tag & I loved reading your answers too x

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing. Friendship is so important. Have you seen this cute friendship necklace? What do you think?


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