Saturday, 15 July 2017

July Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Happy Saturday! How have you spent the first day of your weekend? I'd love to hear all about it :) After watching South Park until 4am, oops... I spent my Saturday in bed until noon. I was gutted to discover that the weather outside was miserable, as I had planned to take some photography in the garden. I've instead spent the day watching TV, playing with the dog and writing up some blog post notes. My mom came back from shopping and surprised me with a super cute RSPCA hedgehog pin badge and one of the Tsum Tsum charms from those £1 machines, which I'm collecting. I got Hamm the piggy bank from Toy Story! So, on with today's post... my monthly Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist. My wishlist is actually huge this month as I seem to be stumbling upon so many adorable items lately. It was super tough to narrow it down to just ten items to feature in this post. I hope you all enjoy reading!

1. Ah Jeeze We're a Pin Rick & Morty Pin Badge This awesome geeky merch website (Geek La Chic) was brought to my attention when the lovely Estelle from over at Estellosaurus shared about it on her instagram. I had a nosey and there were so many new items added to my wishlist. The fantastic animation show Rick & Morty is a relatively recent discovery of mine, and I think it's hilarious. As a collector of pin badges, I was instantly drawn to this one as soon as I spotted it. I love the colours and the captions made me giggle as I heard them in Rick & Morty's voices in my mind :) 

2. Vulpix Pikachu Crossover Plushie How adorable is this plushie!? I neeeeeed it! Vulpix is one of my top five favourite pokemon and I really love the Pokemon Centre's range of Pikachu plushies wearing an outfit designed like another pokemon. There's so many cute versions. I love how eye-catching this particular plushie is! 

3. Horror Pint Sized Heroes As my regular readers will know, I am a big fan of collectable vinyl figures, especially those made by the company Funko. I've been after some Pint Sized Heroes blind boxes since the Superhero ones first came to my attention a few months ago. I recently saw the Horror Edition figures over on Funko's twitter. I love love love horror movies, and I adore chibli style classic horror characters so these figures are right up my street!

4. Fujifilm Pikachu Polaroid Camera This item hasn't actually been released yet; it's coming out at the Japanese Pokemon Centre on 22nd July, however I've fallen in love with it so I couldn't not feature it on my wishlist this month. Look at how cool it is! I've been after a polaroid camera for a long time now, and my colour of choice would be the yellow one so this pikachu one is perfect! 

5. Eeveelution Snow Globes One of the many Pokemon merch suppliers that I like to keep up to date with is the PokeCenterLoot website. They have recently added so many amazing Pokemon items, and these eeveelution snow globes are just one example of so many items I am lusting over at the moment. Vaporeon is my most favourite pokemon ever and so of course, this snow globe would be my first choice, but there's also an Eevee, Jolteon and Flareon one. I'd happily own them all. 

6. Disney Store Japan Ufufy Plushies I can't believe I only found out about these super sweet plushies last week! They are a newly released plush from Disney Store Japan, and are as cute as Tsum Tsums if not cuter! There's a range of sizes of the plushies just like with the Tsum Tsums, and I know there's at least 20 different of the standard sized Ufufy plushies. They look so so soft and they sit upright, instead of being stackable like the Tsum Tsums. *several heart-eyed emojis*!!!

 7. Spirited Away No Face 'Notice Me Senpai' Pin This pin badge from the Etsy store FoxParadox is so gorgeous! I really like the chibi expression that they've given No Face and the pretty little cherry blossoms surrouding him. I love how it has the common Anime phrase 'Notice Me Senpai' on it too because No Face as a character in the movie tries desperately to get Sen/Chihero's attention so I could just imagine him saying it! Senpai in Japanese means Senior and it's a name often given to people who are older or in a higher position of authority, that the person looks up to and admires. On anime cartoons, you usually hear this phrase being used by young school girls who are addressing an older student who they have a crush on. It's a cute phrase and I just really want to add this pin to my collection.

8. Spirited Away No Face Heart Necklace It's all about No Face for me this month, haha! I have seen so many cute items around on Etsy of No Face and he is one of my favourite Studio Ghibli characters. One day, I'm going to have him tattooed on me somewhere :)  This necklace is lovely; I really like the cherry blossoms and the pink bow but mostly I like that they've included some little Soot Sprites. I also like how they've included No Face's actual mouth, because most items I've seen of this character just show his mask. Everytime I see his real mouth, I remember the scene from the movie when he's stuffing his face with food and it makes me smile. 

9. Funko Pop The 100 Lexa Figure The 100 is one of the tv shows that I enjoy and there are several characters that I love, but Lexa was one of my favourites. Alycia Debnam Carey, the actress who played Lexa, is gorgeous, and I thought her character was awesome, fearless and a great warrior. The design of this figure is great. I like the 'war paint' around Lexa's eyes and her sword. I would love to have this figure in my ever-growing Funko Pop collection :)

10. Harry Potter Hogwarts Vinyl Notepad This notebook is amazing! I love the beautiful Hogwarts crest on the front cover and the lovely colour, it reminds me of old parchment or scrolls. My favourite kind of notebooks are the ones with multiple sections. I have loved them since high school when I would buy Pukka Pads for my lessons. Nowadays, I find these kinds of notebooks wonderful for keeping track of my blogging and as finance logbooks. How gorgeous are the little tabs for each section across the top of the notebook!? The designs on the dividers of the different Hogwarts houses are so nice too! I'll be in need of a new blog book soon, and this would be my top choice. Harry Potter fans, what house are you in? let me know in the comments. I'd love to know who my fellow Ravenclaws are.

Thankyou for reading!

What's your favourite item on my wishlist?
What are some things on your own wishlist this month? 

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  1. YES! So much stuff you have on your wish list is also on mine! :D

    I've wanted a Instax camera for years but never got one as I could never settle on which colour or style I wanted. I really want the Pokemon Center one though now! I've worked out that it's £60 something and with import on top it'd be roughly £80. :)

    I really want the notice me senpai pin badge too, it's so adorable. :D I love No Face so damn much. ^_^

    As usual keep up the amazing content sweetie. <3

    1. Aww that's great! :) Me too, they look so awesome! Oh great, £80 is not a bad price considering how adorable it is, yay!

      Thankyou so much <3 x

  2. Ahhh! I love all of this. I especially want that Rick and Morty pin - I can't wait for the new season. It feels like it's been forever waiting for it. Awesome wish list hun. Treat yourself! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  3. Everything is soooo cute! I love the Vulpix Pikachu and the No Face pin haha! xoxo


  4. Adore the Studio Ghibli stuff and the Pikachu Polaroid! I always love your wish lists, I always find something I desperately want to buy!

    1. Thankyou lovely :) I'm so happy that you enjoy my wishlists! Oops hehe x


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