Saturday, 30 June 2018

June 2018 Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Hi lovelies! I literally blinked and it's the end of June! What is even happening this year!? I've been saying this at the dawn of every new month so far in 2018, but it's just ridiculous how quickly these days are going by... don't you agree!? It's been a pretty good week for me, probably because it's been filled almost entirely with reading :) It's seriously been too hot to have the motivation to do anything else. Everytime I move, I am achy and all hot and flustered and I just can't be bothered doing much of anything! I'm sure that everyone is feeling this way to be honest, unless you love the sunshine then you'll have been having the time of your lives in this current heatwave we've got going on in the UK! As much as I like the sunshine, and the way it makes the natural world come to life with little creatures and vibrant colour, it makes my chronic illnesses flare up and thus I am left sore and lethargic, making the novelty of the improved weather conditions fizzle away after about a day of actually having to deal with it!  

So I'm not having the greatest fun, but all in all this week has been nice, I've been lost in a magical world between the pages of the current Harry Potter book I've been reading, and on Wednesday I hung out with my best friend. We ventured over to Bolton to The Light Cinema for a one-day-only screening of a new Japanese movie called Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms, which was a wonderful movie, although a definite tearjerker (no, you cried three times!). My best friend had never been to see a movie like this one at the cinema, so I was happy I got to share the experience with her. It is still making me giggle that we spent the entire train journey talking about nothing but Harry Potter #nerrrrds :D It seems to be all that's on our minds lately, and I was over the moon yesterday to finally get tickets to the Harry Potter convention happening next month! Eeeee!! I'll stop talking about Harry Potter now guys... but not for long haha! On with this month's kawaii & geeky wishlist... 

June 2018 Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

1. Funko Pop! Vinyl The Lost Boys David figure I have been a fan of the 1987 horror movie The Lost Boys for as long as I can remember. I was pretty young when I first watched it and I just loved it so much! I have always been a fan of spooky stories which progressed to a love of horror movies in my early teens, and back then vampires were my thing! Because of this, I thought that The Lost Boys was awesome, and still do to this day :) It was also the first time I laid eyes on Kiefer Sutherland, who has been a MCM of mine ever since and after each role I've see him play, his character David, leader of a gang of teenage vampires, is still my favourite (80's trench-coat wearing, motorbike riding, bad boy Kiefer is just too hot, haha!). You can imagine how happy I was when I spotted that Funko had released three new Pop's from the movie, including this one of David with the noodles (which is a movie reference!). I NEED it! 

2. Pusheen Surprise Plush! Series 7 Pusheenimals There's always some kind of blind box on my wishlist! I just love surprises so much, especially when they come in the form of cute collectibles! Even though figures are one of my most favourite things to collect, I cannot resist the adorable plush keyrings that GUND keep releasing! Lately I've been spotting a lot of merch from them with Pusheen dressed as another animal, and I am such a fan of that kind of them... like I love Hello Kitty in cute animal costumes! Then, these new series 7 plush keyrings appeared on my Pinterest feed and I squealed with joy, because omg they are so flippin' cute! I would be happy to unbox any of the animals available, and I am going to try and get one as soon as I find them available on a UK store :) 

3. Pusheen Lion Plushie As I just mentioned, these latest Pusheen designs are being brought to my attention, and there's quite a few things available :) I am hoping to see some stationery soon, but for now this is my favourite of all of the recent releases that I've seen. How cute is Pusheen as a lion though!? This plushie reminds me of those lion's mane hat things that are made for cats! If you haven't seen a cat wearing one of these yet, you need to have a google because it's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen!! I have a lot of plushies, but I can't see myself stopping buying them any time soon. They just keeping making more and more amazing ones, and I cannot help but need them in my life :D I have a problem! 

4. Louis Theroux Tee If you're a regular follower of mine, then you'll already know how much I love crime documentaries or those that are about controversial/taboo topics, and we all know that the King of this genre of media is Mr Louis Theroux! It makes me happy to know that there are lots of fellow fans of Theroux out there, and there is quite a lot of merchandise available online for dorks like me who want to show how much they love his work! Usually most of the items I find online that I would love to buy end up being either on a US website so shipping cost is off-putting or the clothing isn't available in my size >.< However I just came across this shirt on Truffle Shuffle with an awesome slogan on the front that is available up to a 3XL. I would love to get one! 

5. Official Ravenclaw House Tie I have said this before on my blog, but just in case you've missed it, I am a Ravenclaw and am full of house pride! I'm curious to know what Hogwarts houses my wonderful readers are in, so let me know in the comments guys :) Anyhow, each year I go to Manchester Comic Con, and for this year's convention I was thinking of cosplaying as a Ravenclaw student so I've had my eye on this tie for a while now. Now that I have tickets to the Harry Potter convention, I really need to get myself this tie, alongside with all of the other elements needed to put together my Hogwarts uniform so that I can cosplay and live out my dream of going to Diagon Alley to get my school supplies... the con will apparently be set up like Diagon Alley!! The fangirl in me is getting giddy just writing about it!

6. Typo Flipout Notepad I have always wanted to visit a Typo store since the first time I ever heard of it whilst watching YouTube videos. For a stationery lover like me, it sounds like heaven, and I was always a little envious when watching people's stationery haul videos, because I really wanted to check out a store for myself! Little did I know that they had an online store, but my lovely friend Stacey from over at Simply Stacey, told me about it and I am so happy! This alien notebook is just one of the items that caught my eye, just because I love colourful alien prints, especially those with iridescent and/or psychedelic-looking themes. I have been lusting over so many items ever since I was able to have a nosey on the Typo website, and I am desperate to do a haul... hopefully I can soon! I can't believe that I never thought to check if they had an online store so thankyou Stacey!! 

7. Bloomsbury Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Ravenclaw Edition Did you guys know that this Monday is the 20th anniversary of the date that the Chamber of Secrets (the second book of the Harry Potter novels) was published?! That's so long ago! It's amazing to think that the Harry Potter novels have inspired the lives of fans for so many years! I was in Year 6 at Primary School when I read the Chamber of Secrets (as a kid I only ever read the first two books, but I am reading them all now as an adult, haha it feels weird to call myself an adult because I sure don't feel like one :D but yeah, I'm on the 6th book at the moment!). So it feels pretty nostalgic to remember my first impressions of the book, and to recall how much I giggled when I read Dobby's parts... I loved them so much that I made my mom read them aloud to me because it just made them sound so much more funnier! I have been meaning to get the first anniversary edition that Bloomsbury released for Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone for a while now, but to be honest I wasn't a huge fan of the black cover, however these next Hogwarts House editions are just so pretty with their bright, solid colour covers! I would love to build up a whole set of these as Bloomsbury release more over the next several years :) 

8. Funko Harry Potter Mystery Minis Series 3 This month's wishlist has almost been taken over by Harry Potter themed items (sorry not sorry!) and there were quite a few items that I didn't include on this wishlist too because then it might have well been June 2018 Harry Potter Wishlist :D This item was actually the first thing that I remember thinking OH MY GAWD YES MIGHTY NEED this month. I love Funko Mystery Minis and I have collected a few of the figures from Series 1 and Series 2 of the Harry Potter editions, mostly because I was after my favourite characters from each set but when I started getting other characters I decided to just collect as many as possible, and so whenever I get the chance I pick up another of the blind boxes. With the new release of Series 3 HP Mystery Minis, we get Remus Lupin, whom I adore and so I need to get that figure, as well as Filch's cat Mrs Norris who I want because the cat in the movie is so pretty :) I love that Funko Mystery Minis always include some of the more secondary characters (is that even what they are called!?), I hope that makes sense... but they don't just give you a chance to get the main characters. I'm going to run out of room to store all of my figures soon! These Mystery Minis are only available for pre-order right now, so I'm going to probably have accumulated even more figures before I even get my hands on these, oops!

9. Pokemon Centre Summer Life Pikachu Plushie So we've come to the final item on my Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist this month, and I've saved one of the best until last! The Pokemon Centre have been creating so many fabulous collections lately and I just wish so much that I lived in Japan so that I visit the store for myself T_T Like have you guys seen the new Pikachu wedding collection!? I'm not getting married anytime soon considering I'm a single pringle but omgosh who could resist those gorgeous items! Another collection that I'm lovin' right now is the Summer Life one; I mean how could you not fall in with this plushie of Pikachu in an adorable floral dress with a big sunflower in her hand? There's another version of this plush available too, with Pikachu in a pair of super cute dungarees carrying a net. It reminds me of bug collecting on Animal Crossing! I wasn't gonna include this plushie to my wishlist at first because I'd already added the Pusheen one, but it was too sweet not to! 

Thankyou for reading! 

What do you think of the items I've featured in today's post? 

What products are you guys lusting over right now? 

Also, remember to look after yourselves in this current weather everyone!! Lather on that suncream, so you don't get sunburnt like I have (It hurts!!), and remember to drink lots of water/juice/whatever... just stay hydrated! :) 



  1. As much s I am enjoying the warm weather here the hayfever had really been taking it's toll on me so I'm just hiding indoors haha! Love this list of geeky goodness that Pikachu plush is just the sweetest thing xoxo

  2. Aww glad you got to have an online mooch at Typo. Normally any other store I like are non existent or limited to the world of online shopping. Is brilliant Typo you can order online, great prices too. They have got Harry Potter lego coming out. I just got Josie Hermoine Brick Head. We are off to Harry Potter in Watforf for her birthday. Can’t wait

    Stacey xx

  3. Ahh so cute. I'm definitely reordering a surprise pusheen animal. I love the surprise pusheen boxes. We need a pusheen/pokemon/sanrio crossover and I'll be so happy.

    Tea in the Tub

  4. Typo is amazing! Ive got a big wish list for there lol. Love the Pikachu plush. I always enjoy your wishlists. xx


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