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Autumn 2018 Pusheen Box | Review

Hello guys! Ugh, hasn't the weather just been dreadful lately!? It's making me long for Spring to arrive! And I know that will bring with it 'April showers' but along with those we'll get flowers blossoming and trees growing buds and all the baby animals! Thinking about the fact it's going to be officially the start of Springtime tomorrow made me realise that I'm yet to show you guys what I got in my last two Pusheen subscription boxes! I was terrible last year at blogging, if you're a regular reader you'll know why, and for that I'm sorry guys, but to be honest, considering the theme of the box I am going to show you all today, I feel like it's perfect timing :) The theme is a cosy one, and with all this miserable weather in the aftermath of Storm Gareth (I love that they name storms like this! haha), I'm sure we've all been trying to make ourselves as comfy and snug as possible, pretty much hibernating in our homes! Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy reading this long-awaited post! 

The Box of the Pusheen Box Autumn 2018

The Autumn 2018 Pusheen Box doesn't list a theme but some of the descriptions on the little information card they give you in each box say relax so that's what I'm going to asumme it is! Although I'd maybe call it more of a self-care box. You can decide for yourselves :) 

Before I show you guys what items I received, I should explain a little more about the Pusheen Box for anyone who's not heard of it before. This super awesome subscription is a quarterly one, which means that subscribers are sent a box every season/three months or so, and the boxes are themed in association with the corresponding season :) You can check out my Summer 2018 Box here for more insight into the themes and such. 

Every box comes with an exclusive vinyl figure that matches the theme in some way, but all of the other 7-9 items are a surprise! The subscription boxes are pretty pricey but considering you get a big box of excellent quality, and mostly exclusive, items, and you pay the same 'in bunk' as what you'd pay anyway over three months if you were subscribed to a monthly box of a similar quality, it's really not bad at all. I love the Pusheen Box, and I'm always super happy with the items I'm sent so I don't really mind the price, which works out at around £55 (that's including the shipping) plus the silly customs fee if you live in the UK like me. So, without further ado, here is the contents of the Autumn 2018 Pusheen Box... 

A photo showing all the items from the Pusheen Box Autumn 2018

I am in love with the pastel shades colour scheme of this version of the Autumn Pusheen Box! As much as I love the browns and rusts associated with this wonderful season, my most favourite season of the year, it makes a nice change to have something a little different, plus it makes the items even more useful because you can use them all year round, not that I wouldn't anyway, but I know a lot of people like to keep their home d├ęcor and such matching whatever season it is. Me, on the other hand still has some of my Halloween decorations displayed around my bedroom XD The pastels also go perfectly with the overall theme of the box because they set the mood for relaxation, don't you think?

There were eight items in this Pusheen subscription box, and I think that whoever packs these boxes needs an award because they manage to fit so much in the space available, and I have no idea how they do it! Because I can never get every single item back into the box! But maybe that's just me being crap at packaging :D Anyhow, the items were: Pusheen stress ball, a toothbrush cover and toothbrush, a hand towel,  a loofah, an exclusive themed plushie, a Lazy Pusheen vinyl figure, a soap dispenser, and... 

A photo showing a dressing gown from the Pusheen Box Autumn 2018

A Pusheen dressing gown/robe! Seriously how pretty is this item!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I am always super delighted whenever Pusheen Box include a jumper, but this is even better! Each box usually contains some type of wearable, from t-shirts to flip-flops, and Pusheen Box unlike so many other subscription boxes has more than like two plus sizes, so I can actually wear the clothes I receive! (I'm looking at you geeky subscription boxes... -_-). I never expected to get a dressing gown though and oh my goodness, it's so bloody soft, and feels really nice to wear! I've only tried it on thus far because it's so lovely that I'm a little worried that I will somehow ruin it. I am in the habit of ruining clothes with my clumsiness and  epic lack of hand-eye coordination skills :D 

A photo showing the dressing gown design from the Pusheen Box Autumn 2018

You can literally see just how lovely the quality of the material is just from the picture :) It's lush! I really like the shade of blue that they've chosen too as it's one of my favourite colours, it seems more summery than autumn vibes, but I don't care, it's fabulous! I am such a fan of fluffy white clouds on a blue background designs, so I can't not adore this dressing gown, and as if that's not enough, it is covered in the most adorable Pusheens! The balloon ones reminds me of Disney's Up which is a wonderful movie, and they add the perfect splash of colour. The Pusheens that have a speech bubble saying 'Hi!' just make me think of that high-pitched meow that cats give you when they're greeting you, and that makes my heart happy :3 

A photo showing a Pusheen stress ball from the Pusheen Box Autumn 2018

This item is more of a squishy than a stress ball, which is fine because I love squishies :) I don't own that many so it's awesome to have received an adorable, good quality one. I'm curious to see if it will help my anxiety, because I know that a lot of people use them for that. I'll let you guys know if it does! 

This item seems a little random when compared with the other items in the box, which together seem to make up a bathroom or bathtime box! The reason why I would consider it a self-care box is because each of the items help you to look after your well-being in some way. I think the theme of this box is fantastic! Even though this stress ball could be seen as more of a filler item, it's still useful and when compared with the kinds of filler items that I've been sent in other subscription boxes in the past, it's a great item! I like that it's the original Pusheen too, who is forever adorable in her simplicity. 

A photo showing two items from the Pusheen Box Autumn 2018, a loofah and a soap dispenser

A photo showing a cute Pusheen loofah from the Pusheen Box Autumn 2018

How sweet is this rubber tag attached to the loofah!? I absolutely love the design of it! I imagine that I look something like this Pusheen when I put on the dressing gown that I received XD Chubby and cute, with the same expression of pure joy on my face because of how soft the dressing gown is! As you can see from my group photo of all the items above, it also matches the plushie that I was sent too which is awesome. When I've finished with the loofah, I can cut the rope 'handle' and keep this tag, put it on a keyring or whatever :) It's brilliant quality too. The loofah is just a standard loofah, but I'm happy to receive an item that is actually useful. 

As for the soap dispenser, I very much like that it's simplistic in design, and I can see it going well with any bathroom colour scheme. The reasons that I love Pusheen so much is because a) she's a cat and cats are amazing!, b) she's chubby and adorable and looks so huggable, c) I love grey animals! & d) I really like her simple design, it just really appeals to me! So, I am always very glad that so much Pusheen merch just keeps to her original design, and although it's nice to have Pusheenicorns and Pusheenosaurus, etc., plain, grey Pusheen will always be personally my favourite. And so the soap dispenser suits my tastes, and again, it's something that I can get a lot of use out of. The Pusheen Box is so fantastic because it appeals to lovers of kawaii, but unlike other kawaii boxes, it is designed more with adults in mind, and thus includes items that are practical and handy, but still super adorable! 

A photo showing a plushie from the Pusheen Box Autumn 2018

Even though the dressing gown just has to be my favourite item in the entire box, it is closely followed by this spectacular plushie! I am a collector of plushies, I have loved them all of my life and while a lot of people grow out of them as they get older, I just found that I wanted to buy more now that I was an adult (Pfft XD) and had money that I could spend on whatever I wanted... apparently I wanted a lot of plushies! Despite the fact that I am sooner or later going to be overrun with plushies and have no room left to actually sleep in my bedroom, I am always happy to get more to add to my collection! Who else is the same? 

I have received three mini plushies now from Pusheen Box and I adore them all, but this one might be the best in my opinion. I just love the colours, the sky blue goes so nicely with the grey, and I love that me and Pusheen will be twinning when I'm wearing my new dressing gown. The plushie is just as soft and so squishy and ideal for cuddling! I like that the plushies are mini as it makes them easier to display and store, and I wouldn't mind receiving more in future boxes so I can create a little army of Pusheens! (and they can help me finally achieve world domination, who knows! :') … that sounded funnier in my head, I tried!). 

Behind the plushie you can kind of see the toothbrush cover, I would have taken a photo of it on it's own but I feel like my blog posts are always so picture heavy and I don't know if that makes them annoying to read or whatever, I'd really appreciate your feedback on this guys! But yeah, I was certainly happy to receive this item because I was just going to buy some more anyway, and I usually purchase the boring, clear plastic ones, so it will be a lovely change to be greeted by Pusheen each time I brush my teeth :) It's cool that they threw in a toothbrush as well, plus I love the colour of it, it's like a mint green/turquoise-ish shade. 

A photo showing a lazy Pusheen vinyl figure from Autumn 2018 Pusheen Box

Finally, it's time to talk about the vinyl figure! As a collector of vinyl figures (yes, I collect a lot of things...), I always enjoy getting new figures and I love that these ones are exclusive to the subscription boxes. I wasn't really a fan of the design of the vinyl figure from the previous box I received so I was hoping the Autumn box would bring with it a figure that I loved. I was not disappointed! This vinyl figure is the smallest of all of the ones I've been sent, and I really like how Pusheen is laying on her side. I also love that she's winking, so cute! I can't wait for an opportunity to use this little cutie for my toy photography page, which you can have a nosey at over on Instagram

I said finally, but then I realised that I almost forgot to share my thoughts on the hand towel that was included in the Autumn 2018 box. I was impressed with the size of it, because upon first glance I assumed it was a flannel but it's a typical sized hand towel. I like that it's made from a thin material because it won't take up too much room in a suitcase or overnight bag. It's a lovely colour, although I usually opt for darker colours on account of the colours fading with each wash, some pale towels don't take many washes to look completely faded. It's still a really nice towel though and I don't even know if I'm going to be able to bring myself to use it yet! There's always one item that I receive in each Pusheen Box that I find myself saying this about, but it's true. They are too cute and precious and I don't want to wreck them. Especially this towel because the design on it is incredibly adorable. It's Pusheen sleeping on a cloud! There's always one item in the box that directly relates to the details on the outside of the actual box, and this is the one for 2018's Autumn edition. 

A photo showing all of the items from the Autumn 2018 Pusheen Box

Here's a better look at the toothbrush cover guys! I'd love to know what your favourite item is in this box, and what you think of the overall theme in general. Let me know in the comments! I hope that you all love reading about the Pusheen subscription box as much as I enjoy sharing it with you all. It is such an exciting box to get in the post, which makes up for the nice customs fee that comes along with it >.<. I still think it's worth it as it's the only subscription box that I've always found to have such a consistent standard and quality. I know that I will like the majority of the items I get, that they will always be well-made and something that I can actually get use out of! (or will make a lovely present for one of my loved ones who will). Even if the theme ends up being one that isn't really my cup of tea, I know that I will still enjoy the items themselves, because it's Pusheen and I love her character! 

It won't be long until the Spring Box arrives, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the theme will be! Back in 2016, I got my first ever Pusheen Box and it had a very food-oriental theme. Then I missed 2017's Spring box because I was going through some money issues and had to unsubscribe for a while, and that box had a Pusheen Easter bunny on the front so I was gutted that I couldn't get it! Last Spring, the box had a celebration theme to commemorate the 10th Pusheen Box, including items of gold, turquoise and pink, featuring very Pinterest worthy designs. So I have no inkling what this year's theme will be and I love surprises! Before it arrives, I'll make sure to blog all about my last box of 2018, Winter's Pusheen Box. Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone! 

Thankyou for reading! 

What's your favourite thing about Autumn? 

Are you more of a fan of original Pusheen or Pusheenicorns/Pusheenimals/etc.? 


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  1. Aww if there is one blog post I always love to read from you, it's the Pusheen box ones! :D I love seeing each season the goodies you get inside each box.

    Bloody hell though a dressing gown/robe?! That's AMAZING! :D

    I love the soap dispenser too! :D Clearly autumn with a sort of pamper/self care box. :P



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