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Super Cute Pin Club by Stami Studios | Review

Happy Friday guys! Yay, the weekend is almost here! Although the thing that's most exciting for me today is the fact that Netflix is releasing Season 2 of The OA!! We've been waiting for almost three years for another season of this brilliant sci-fi/fantasy show and I cannot wait to find out what's in store for all of the characters and where the storyline is going to take us next :) And well, I get to watch Jason Isaacs, too! *all the heart-eyed emojis*. Anyone else a fan of The OA? I'd love to know who your favourite character from S1 was? But before this post accidently ends up as a review of The OA, on with the topic at hand :D 

Last month, I signed up to my first pin badge subscription! I've been looking for a subscription like this for years but I just couldn't find one that I was really drawn to, until I came across Stami Studios and their monthly 'Super Cute Pin Club', that is! I've been so looking forward to blogging all about it and sharing the cuteness with you all Enjoy! 

Stami Studios' Monthly Pin Badge Subscription

It's clear to see just from the card above just how adorable the artwork by Stami Studios is! I was so delighted that this was the first thing that I was greeted with when I reached into the padded envelope and pulled something out :) The cats are so sweet and the colour scheme is gorgeous! I was very intrigued to see what I would get for my first pin!

To explain a little about the Super Cute Pin Club subscription... it's only £7 a month, with free shipping within the UK (although they ship worldwide). I thought this was an absolutely marvellous offer after browsing through all of the products on the Stami Studios website and seeing how good they looked! I had been following them on Instagram for a while, admiring their pins and 'gameboy' ita bags (which is how I first came across them), but I didn't realise that they had a pin club until I decided to have a nosey on their website one day in February. I'm so glad I did!

I couldn't resist signing up and giving this pin subscription a try considering it was only £7! I was too curious not to after seeing the range of pins created by Sam Rostami, the artist behind Stami Studios; there was so much variety and lots of designs inspired from fandoms/franchises that I love, like Pokemon, Nintendo & Studio Ghibli. I saw that the pins were limited editions too so that intrigued me. So which pin did I get in the March Super Cute Pin Club? 

Magical Girl Kit enamel pin, from monthly pin subscription

Here's what I received! It's a Magical Girl Kit pin! I think it's a lovely, unique idea for a pin and I love how much detail it has :) The quality is fantastic, and I was super impressed considering the subscription was cheaper than the price of pins available to buy on the website. I love how colourful the pin is, it's very bright and eye-catching! I wouldn't usually choose a 'girly' pin like this, but I actually really like it! It's nice to get a new pin for my collection that I've never seen anything similar to before. Let's take a closer look at it... 

Magical Girl Kit enamel pin, from monthly pin subscription

I love all of the gold stars dotted about all over the pin! They remind me of a particular star emoji that I love and use a little too much, haha! It's more of a sparkle than a star in my opinion and I like it a lot. I also love that this pin features some sceptres/staffs resembling the moon sticks from the anime series Sailor Moon. 

Despite all of these pretty things, my favourite detail of the pin is the paper scroll that says 'Magical Girl Kit'! I very much like its curled over edge and the colour of it; it's great that it stands out against all of the more vibrant shades surrounding it. Not only does this pin look like as it's described, a magical girl kit, but I also see it like a dressing-up box for children and that just makes it even more of a sweet pin! What do you all think of this pin badge?

Magical Girl Kit enamel pin, from monthly pin subscription

I really like the backing card for this pin too. I was unsure whether or not the pin would come on a backing card as it would if I was to purchase a pin individually from the online store for example, but it did and I was very glad about that. The pin is a great size, meaning it is more likely to get noticed and also I'm less likely to forget that I'm wearing a pin and somehow manage to knock it off when moving my hair or bag strap, etc., oops! I've done that a few times whilst wearing pins >.< My new magical girl kit pin is also double backed and the backs are made of a nice, smooth rubber material so they are less likely to irritate my skin or scratch at my clothing. Double backs are always better for securing the pin, and giving it that extra attachment so it's less likely to come off. I was really happy to see these backing features on my new pin. It is seriously worth so much more than £7, and who doesn't love getting more for their money!? :) 

Have you guys noticed from my photo above that there's the back of another pin there too?!! 

Stami Studio' Pin Badge Subscription

I was so surprised when I received another pin inside my package! I had completely forgotten that the website said that all new subscribers would be sent an extra pin from one of the previous monthly Super Cute Pin Club's. How awesome is that though!? Firstly the subscription is a fabulous price and then I get a free pin just for signing up! How lovely that it also came inside this wonderful presentation card :D 

Cute little demon pin badge by Stami Studios

I have no idea if this character has any relation to a fandom... does anyone know? I instantly thought of something like Dungeons and Dragons because of all the different types of dice! Whatever it is, I absolutely adore it! The colour scheme is beautiful and this little demon dude is very cute! I really like the little wings coming out of its hair, and the sparkle in its eyes. What a excellent pin! 

Cute little demon pin and magical girl kit pin by Stami Studios

Overall, I am very happy with my new pins from Stami Studios and my first impressions of the Super Cute Pin Club is that it's awesome! Not only are the pins really nice and fabulous quality, but the attention to detail that has gone into all of the presentation is brilliant too! I am so looking to April's edition of this subscription ^.^ I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Thankyou for reading!


Which is your favourite pin of the two I received?

Are you also a pin badge collector? 
I'd love to hear all about any new pins you've been buying lately!



  1. Oh wow the packaging is so damn cute for this! :D The pins are such amazing quality too and you can see lots of thought and designing went into them. ^_^

  2. Oh wow that Magical Girl pin is so cute and detailed I love it xoxo


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