Saturday, 3 August 2019

July 2019 Kawaii & Geeky Wishlist

Happy Saturday! I hope you're all having a fabulous start to the weekend, and the new month, too! There were so many things that I wanted to do last month, but it just wasn't to be, like my monthly kawaii & geeky wishlist! Oops, it's here now though! At this point, I may as well get 'it's better late than never' tattooed on me because it's turning out to be my own personal catchphrase :D I've started this month off in a much more productive way, and I have the fullest of intentions of continuing this way, so fingers crossed I can maintain it! I hope you all have the best months. Here's to August being a time for us to all get some stuff completed that we've been putting off for ages (self-projection much). Enjoy reading my July wishlist, even if it is late, haha! 

1. The Magician Tarot Notebook I have always loved the design of artwork on tarot cards. I think they are beautiful! My love for the tarot cards aesthetic first started when I was in my early teens and discovered Wes Craven's The People Under the Stairs, which soon became one of my favourite horror movies and still is! At the beginning of the movie, it features tarot cards, but I don't want to spoil things so I won't explain why :) You should totally check out this movie if you're into 80's horror though. Anyhow, this notebook really caught my eye because of its fantasy and horror theme. As an alternative person, the cover is right up my street! It is part of a series, too, featuring other tarot card cover designs, and to be honest I just want them all. 

2. Llama Lap Warmer How adorable is this fluffy llama lap warmer!? Alpacas are one of my favourite animals and with llamas being in the same family as them, I can't help but love them too! I know that it's not the season for hot water bottles or warmers of any kind, but I would love to pick up this lap warmer to put away for those cold Autumn nights. I have been after a lap warmer style plushie for ages now, because all the ones that I've ever come across seem to be lavender scented, and I am personally not a fan of the smell of lavender at all. I just find it too overpowering and it makes me feel sick, so the fact that this Llama one is unscented (as far as the item description has me to believe) makes me so glad. Plus, it just looks super soft and snuggly! 

3. Funko Rainbow Troll Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko needs to calm down making so many amazing Pop! Vinyl lately because I already own 104 Pops and I would appreciate having some money left in my bank account after each payday! However... I need this new Rainbow Troll in my life :D Just looking at it hits me with so much nostalgia and its multi-coloured hair looks fabulous. I have a mighty need to add it to my collection, but my bank account is safe for now because it's only available on pre-order at the moment. Who else had trolls toys when they were a kid? 

4. What The Duck Psyduck Pin This pin by I am Luna Sol is so sweet!! I've always thought that Psyduck was a pretty cute Pokemon, especially when it turned its head side-to-side in confusion like you see dogs do, but this pin just makes me see Psyduck is a much more adorable light! The little sparkles in its eyes are lovely, and I love the yellow and gold combination. I think it's super pretty! But my favourite thing about this pin is the 'what the duck' slogan :D It's so relatable, and grouped with Psyduck's confused expression just reminds me of myself reacting to stupid things I see happening on the internet, or takes me back to my mathematics lessons at school... because Psyduck's expression perfectly reflects my own when dealing with the mindfuck that is numbers, haha! 

5. Sass & Belle Roarsome Dinosaur Backpack There's not one Sass & Belle product that I don't love! They make the most wonderful things, and I would happily buy them all if I had more spending money. However, there are some items that I just have to have, and that includes this backpack! As much as I love my trusty Vans X Hello Kitty backpack that has been with me for years & years now, I do feel like it would be nice to have a variety of backpacks to choose from and to coordinate with my outfits and/or mood on a particular day :) I am a big fan of dinosaurs, and even more so, when they are colourful, and even though I don't 100% trust myself not to ruin something white, I want this bag so much! Fellow dinosaur lovers, I would love to know your favourite in the comments. 

6. Animals of Farthing Wood A4 Print The artwork created by Sushi Studios never fails to awe me. It is honestly incredible, and I cannot wait until the day when I get my own place where I have all the walls available to cover with their work! Right now though, I can definitely find a space to fill with this beautiful A4 piece based on the 90's cartoon show, The Animals of Farthing Wood. Not only did I enjoy this show as a small child (listening to the theme song still makes my heart happy), but I have had a lifelong love for forest animals (maybe this show is one of the reasons for that!) so there is just so much that appeals to me in this print! It's only £6 as well, which is great considering it's A4 :) What were your favourite cartoons when you were a kid? 

7. Pusheen Dinosheen Mystery Series If you've been a regular reader of my blog for a while, you will be well aware of how much I am a fan of Pusheen the cat. I can't imagine that I'm never not going to love anything that is made by the creators of Pusheen! One of my favourite versions of this adorable chubby kitty that has been made is the Dinosheen, and I just found out last month that they have released a mystery series of plush keyrings, with 7 different prehistoric Pusheens to collect. Oh my gosh, I have to have them all! 

8. Unicorn Die-Cut Magazine File I am someone who constantly writes notes on loose sheets of paper or on random memo pages (even though I own way 'too many' notebooks) and then accumulates massive piles of them all over her room. Therefore, I am certainly in need of some sort of file or whatever they are called to throw them into, so I can stop having to dig through papers to get into my drawers or actually get back some of my floorspace :D I own ring binders and such, but it's so much easier to have a box to put things into, and this one from Paperchase is gorgeous! It has unicorns and stars and moons and all the galactic colours so what's not to love about it!? 

9. Watercolour Turtles Phone Case The final item that I'm including in my monthly wishlist is probably the one I am in most need of, and is the item I need to prioritise getting the most, as much as I have a mighty need for everything I have featured in today's post. I usually have a chibified fandom-related design on my phone, but I wanted to opt for something a little different this time. This design by PooSparkles (what an awesome name!)on Etsy is super pretty and is done in watercolours, which I absolutely love! I like how the colours are mild but still very eye-catching, and it has a reptile on it so it is impossible for me not to love it! 

Thankyou for reading! 


Do you have a favourite item that's featured in my post? 

What's on your wishlist this month?


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  1. Aww that llama lap warmer looks amazing! I love stuff like that for when I'm on my period. :') I could really do with one that doesn't involve using the microwave, as I don't have one at work. :(

    The llama one is super cute though and it makes a change that it isn't scented!

    The Animals of Farthing Wood! I loved that show as a kid! Brings back so many memories. :')


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