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Stami Studios Super Cute Pin Club | Review

Hey everyone! Today's post is one for my fellow pin badge lovers & collectors! Due to the fact that I can't even blogger, I decided to wait until I'd received a few months worth of my Stami Studios Super Cute Pin Club subscriptions, and then do a 'big' post all about the fabulous pins I'd received! If you'd like to see the first ever pin I got from this awesome monthly subscription, check out this post. Now, without further ado, it's time to show you guys what I was sent! Enjoy! 

A photo of a kawaii cloud notebook with a Stami Studios leaflet on top

I just wanted to give you all a little information about the Stami Studios Super Cute Pin Club before I show you my pins from March, April, May and June This subscription as I mentioned is a monthly one. For just £7.00 each time, you are sent a surprise pin, designed by Sam Rostami, the artist behind Stami Studios. It's been really fun to get a pin each month with no particular theme advertised/set beforehand (well, you can see a teaser/preview over on Instagram, but I like to avoid them if I can). Who doesn't love surprises!? I think that the price is AMAZING! The pins are always of a great quality, and shipping for me here in the UK is free, although it's very affordable for shipping to other countries. Anyhow, you're all here to see the pins, so before I start rambling... here they are! 

A pin badge of an Animal Crossing girl in a basket of turnips

How flippin' adorable is this 'Turnip Lover' pin!? This was the pin that I was sent in March :) I think it's absolutely gorgeous, so bold and eye-catching! It is now also the largest pin in my ever-growing collection, and is super sturdy. I love it! If you're a fan of the fabulous game that is Animal Crossing, you'll be able to see that the design is based on that! I really adored playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on my Nintendo DS when I was a teenager, and will forever adore the characters because they are all so sweet! 

My favourite thing about this pin has to be the cheerful, excited expression on turnip girls face! It just reminds me of how hyper I get when I am excited, and it makes me smile everytime I look at the pin :D Hopefully when I wear it out and about, it will have the same effect on each person who sees it! I also really love the shade of pink used for the characters hair. It reminds me of candyfloss! What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this particular shade of pink? Let me know in the comments :) I went through a phase when playing Animal Crossing, of refreshing the introduction part of the game until my character had pink hair so this pin is super nostalgic. I'm really happy with it! 

A pin badge of an Avocado with cute kittens inside

The next pin that I was sent, in April this year, was this superb Avocado cat, or Avocato! Because of this pin design, I am now going to forever think of these sweet little kitties everytime I see an avocado, haha! I am yet to try this fruit, but if I open one and I'm not greeted by two cats then I'm going to be disappointed :D This pin is quite small which I like, and it is he most subtle of all the pins that I've received from Stami Studios so far, but I very much like that about it. I appreciate simplicity, especially when something is simple yet very cute, just like this pin badge. 

What I love most about this pin are the solemn expressions on the cats faces... I don't know why but I have always found things with almost sombre looks on their faces that much more adorable! Who agrees? I also like that the kitties are holding hands, and think that this design adapted into two separate pins, one for each half, would make fantastic friendship pins! Did any of you guys used to have friendship necklaces or bracelets with your best friend back when you were at school? 

A pin badge of a cute tiger cub sitting in a bunch of colourful leaves

LOOK AT THIS LITTLE TIGER CUB!! Isn't it one of the most cutest things you've ever seen? Those sparkly blue eyes make me melt from cuteness overload! And those paws, and that tiny fang poking out of its mouth ^ . ^ Oh my gosh, this pin that I was sent in my April subscription is just wonderful! It was a lovely change to receive a pin badge designed in bright shades, rather than pastel (even though I still prefer pastel colour schemes). I'm lovin' the vibrant colours used for the leaves, as they make me picture a tiger cub hiding in a tropical jungle. As a nature nerd, I adore flora as much as fauna and leaves especially, so even though the tiger is lovely, I actually think the leaves are my favourite detail on this pin! Overall, the pin is so colourful that it really grabs your attention, and so I can't wait to wear it :)

A pin badge of a girl cosplaying as pikachu

The final pin that I have to show you guys today is this marvellous 'Pika Girl' that arrived through my letterbox in June! It was perfect timing to receive a cosplay themed pin as June is the month that my local MCM Comic Con event is held. I usually go every year, however this year I couldn't attend and therefore couldn't cosplay myself >.< so the next best thing is to get a cosplay pin, right? The first time I attended Manchester MCM four years ago, I cosplayed as Pichu so this pin seems like it was made just for me! When I first saw it, it brought back all those memories of my first convention, of being in awe of everyone's epic cosplay and how delighted I was to be in a huge hall filled with all kinds of nerdy and kawaii goodness! 

It's so tough to choose one favourite thing about this pin because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I really like the colour yellow, how inviting and happy it is, and I think the yellow and gold combination goes so well together. I love the fact that Pika girl is starry-eyed, because again it just takes me back to how wowed I was at my first con! The stars/sparkles are a really nice addition to her look, which I think is rather cheeky :D This is another reason I like the pin. She could be cosplaying or she could totally be dressing up in a sexy Pikachu costume XD I like her big rosy-red cheeks, too, and how the tail looks heart-shaped. Seriously though, what's not to love about this pin?? 

A collection of four pin badges made by Stami Studios

So those are my last four months worth of Super Cute Pin Club arrivals :) I'd love to know which is your personal favourite and why? It was a challenge for me to choose between Turnip Lover and Pika Girl, but to be honest, Pika has to be the winner for me! I am over the moon with all of my new pins though, and I cannot recommend this subscription service enough. It's really nice to have random pins sent to me every month, and even though I've been a subscriber since February, I still can't believe how inexpensive it is! If you love pin badges, then you should definitely sign yourself up :) 

A photo of a presentation card holding a pikachu girl pin badge

Before I finish up my post, I wanted to show you all how each of my pins arrived. They come inside a simple, plain padded envelope, and inside is the card that you can see the cover of in my first photograph. Opening up this card, you are greeted by a little thankyou note and your pin. The kawaii cats printed on this card are sooooo cute, and I love the oranges, yellows and pinks. Makes me think of fruit salad sweets :D The sparkles are pretty too! 

As a member of the pin club, you get 20% off any order on the Stami Studios website, plus access to special member shop where you can purchase some pins that are not available to non-subscribers, as well as the cutest free downloadable wallpapers for your phone. Anyhow, I hope you all enjoyed checking out these gorgeous pin badges. Have a wonderful week, lovelies! 

Thankyou for reading! 

Are you a pin collector?

If so, what new pins have you been buying lately? 

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  1. These are such adorable pins, the subscription sounds like really great value to, I love the Avocato and Tiger pins, actually I like them all they're such cute designs xoxo



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