Saturday, 19 September 2015

Fluffy Bunnies!

We've had such a lovely, bright day in my hometown! It was 16°C for most of the afternoon & felt more like summer than autumn, but my bunnies were delighted because they could play out in the rabbit run and sunbathe on the grass. I thought it would be great opportunity to introduce you all to my adorable baby bunnies! There's 5 of the little cuties, and today they are 11 weeks old :)

Lionhead Bunnies

How gorgeous are my fluffy bunnies? They are double-maned lionheads

Lionhead Bunnies

I've given them all nicknames with an 'F' theme. This little poser is called Fifi. Her sisters are called Fae, Fuchsia & Foxy, and Fern is her brother

Lionhead Bunnies

 Here are Foxy & Fuchsia. Foxy has such a cheeky and curious personality, and Fuchsia is a really sweet bunnie who loves cuddles :)

Lionhead Bunnies

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my baby bunnies!

I'll post more about my other rabbits in the future.

Who else has a bunny? 
I'd love to hear all about yours!


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