Friday, 25 September 2015

My Best Friend ♥

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that me & my best friend Jess are having a joint celebration for our birthdays this year. It's so exciting....we haven't been able to celebrate our birthdays together in what seems like forever since I'd have to move back to uni around this time for the last 3 years, so it's been great spending so much time together now that I've graduated. Another reason why this year feels so special is because we have now been best friends for 10 years! We met in high school; we were in the same set and shared our lessons together and once we started hanging out in Year 8, we were inseparable!

Time has flown by so fast & I have so many awesome memories!  I have to thank the band 'Busted' for the start our friendship. Back at the beginning of high school, everyone loved Busted! Who was your favourite member? We had a mutual love for Matt Willis :) Jess had a Busted keyring on her school bag, which gave me the inspiration to start a conversation with her about the band & this was enough for 13 year old me to decide this girl was going to be my new bestie, hahaha! We soon found out that we basically had the same interests in almost everything and we were both shy kids wanting to express ourselves and go against the social norms around us! We brought out a confidence in one another & began to explore more things. Meeting her was truly one of the greatest things that ever happened to me

 At 14, we were both in love with My Chemical Romance & Green Day (but to be honest, I'm still in love with Green Day!). This is when we discovered our alternative side and started to hang out with a massive group of people every weekend. Together, we met lots of awesome friends & had great fun; I have so many amazing memories of this time and for both of us, it was when we 'found ourselves'. It sounds so cheesy but it's true, our personalities really blossomed back then! On November 11th 2007 we went to see My Chemical Romance & Mindless Self Indulgence in Newcastle with Jess' mum and our friend Emma, and it was my first ever concert. One of my favourite memories from high school was the first time I went abroad. In 2008, we went on a trip to Belgium & France with our GCSE History class and it was a fantastic, yet emotional, trip since we visited the monuments and tributes to WW1. Me, Jess and Emma shared a room throughout the trip and it was just such a great experience that I will never forget. 

The end of high school was another very emotional time! After spending 4 years together every day, we were going to different colleges and it was so scary to think about not being together. Since I wanted to work with animals, I went to an agricultural college outside of my hometown whilst all my friends went to the local college. I remember towards the end of the summer holidays, we were hanging out in the park with a group of our friends and we were sitting listening to Jess' iPod and like most best friends, we have a song that we have coined 'our song'. With the iPod on shuffle, our song came on & we started crying as though we would never see each other again! It was so dramatic, but we were so apprehensive about the change. I don't know what we were scared about! It's been 6 years since we left school & although during that we've had very busy lives, made new friends and studied at different universities, we've always been there for one another through all our struggles, heartbreaks and life's general up's and down's, and we are even closer than ever now!

I know this post is something more personal than I've posted before, but I just wanted to share with you all how much my best friend means to me. I hope you've enjoyed reading & seeing the mixture of new and old photographs. Bring on tonight! I'm so excited! 

Thankyou for reading!

What's one of your favourite memories you have with your best friends?
Do you have an 'our song'? 


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